Vrtra (Unending Codex)

Unending Codex Icon.pngVrtra
Acquired from: Alzadaal's Legacy
Unending Codex
Satrap of Radz-at-Han
This kind-hearted dragon is one of the seven sired by Midgardsormr in a time before mankind's memory. The talismans made from his green-black scales are treasured by those Scions and Alliance members fortunate enough to possess them, as they provide protection against soul-warping aether.

Vrtra took up residence on the cliffs of Thavnair long before the founding of Radz-at-Han. The Matanga came next to the isle, but they knew well enough to let sleeping dragons lie. They were followed by the Au Ra, who despite cultural differences maintained cordial relations with their new neighbors. It was not until the coming of Hyuran colonizers that Thavnair knew war─and it was Vrtra who emerged to quell it ere its flames consumed the land. The various tribes welcomed his intervention, yet he remained convinced that however grateful they may be, they would never be content to let a dragon lord over them─and there would never be lasting peace. And so he asked Alzadaal of the Au Ra to lead the people in public as Vrtra himself withdrew into the shadows...whence he would provide guidance to the satrap and his successors. Thus was the isle united under the banner of Radz-at-Han.

As Alzadaal and his descendants ruled the diverse Radz-at-Han for centuries, behind the scenes, Vrtra was no less devoted to her people. In fact, he was closer to them than they knew, for he oft embedded one of his eyes in alchemical simulacra of men that he might walk among them. Many of these simulacra would be sent abroad as representatives of the satrap at one point or another, there to be made permanent ambassadors─providing a convenient excuse for the wyrm to switch vessels.

When the Final Days came to his beloved home, twisting his people into beasts for whom death was a mercy, Vrtra realized that things could not continue as before. Loyal Ahewann, the erstwhile satrap, had fallen protecting the citizens, and to honor his final wish, Vrtra would have to become satrap in name as well as deed. With a little encouragement from Estinien, he at last revealed himself to the Hannish people as their longtime protector.

In the wake of an apocalypse averted, Thavnair began to rebuild under Vrtra's auspices. His simulacrum is frequently spotted out and about in Radz-at-Han, and while the public is no longer fooled by his diminutive guise, he is yet resolved to traverse the city as a man might, to better understand their plight and ensure that no quarter is left wanting.