A Chocobo Carol

Starlight Celebration Event Icon.png Lv. 15   A Chocobo Carol

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Amh Garanjy: Old Gridania - Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre (x:10.2, y:9.5)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: New Gridania → Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
080106.png15All I Want for StarlightStarlight Celebration Event Icon.png All I Want for Starlight (Level 15)

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 15)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Certificate of Good Cheer
Certificate of Good Cheer
Certificate of Good Cheer
Certificate of Good Cheer
058723.png Starlight de Chocobo
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Amh Garanjy is ready to get the show on the road.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with the saturnine Starlight celebrant or the splendiferous Starlight celebrant.
  • Speak with Nalipponcque.
  • Report to Amh Garanjy.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
080106.png15A Star Shines OnStarlight Celebration Event Icon.png A Star Shines On (Level 15)

  • Amh Garanjy is ready to get the show on the road.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • Amh Garanjy cheerfully reports to you that Lartonphe and his chocobo companion are prepared to take the stage whenever you are. She further elaborates that the crowd is being divided into two groups, with a Starlight celebrant assigned to each. For better or worse, the festival staff have wildly differing approaches in their pre-perfomance banter, with one guide exaggerating the musical ability of the choir to ridiculous extremes. As a result, that particular group's expectations are considerably higher than the other, and a more complex and challenging song is required to satisfy them. Thankfully, you are free to choose which collective of spectators you will perform for first.
※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • Thanks to Lartonphe's soaringly sonorous voice, his chocobo companion's charming cavorting, and─last but certainly not least─your skilled direction, the Starlight concert was a resounding success. As warmth fills the hearts and smiles adorn the faces of all in the audience, you seek out Nalipponcque to hear his impressions of his father's inspired performance.
  • Nalipponcque, as hoped, was simply overjoyed with the performance, and even happier to discover that his father is friends with a most charming specimen of his favorite bird. Moved by the words of his dearest son, Lartonphe expresses remorse for his deception, asking the boy to forgive him. Nalipponcque requires no apology, and his mood brightens even further when he is offered a ride atop his father's feathered companion. His friends soon join him, and all present share in the warmth of the moment. Nalipponcque then surprises his father by expressing an interest in music, asking if he, too, might learn how to sing. The surprised quiverman happily acquiesces, and the chocobo joins in the fun by demonstrating how easy and fun it is to raise one's voice in song. United by their love of chocobos and music, the family shares in a Starlight miracle that will be one to remember.

Edit A Chocobo Carol's Dialogue
Lartonphe and his feathered friend have finished their preparations, so we're ready to raise the curtain whenever you are!

I heard the two rehearsing just before, and─without spoiling the surprise, of course─I must say, I was most impressed. For a man and his chocobo to pursue the musical arts so profoundly─all while keeping the Twelveswood safe from harm─why, it's truly an inspiration to behold!

Which is not to minimize your role in all this─heavens, no! As a humble token of our appreciation, we intend to reward you with special certificates of good cheer, which can be exchanged for a whole host of delightful seasonal goods specially procured by Black Rabbit Traders.

If that sounds agreeable to you, let's get down to business─the business of putting smiles on the faces of every sweet little boy and girl in our audience.

Needless to say, this means we need to be at our absolute best from the moment the curtain rises until the very last note is sung. Why, if even a single boy or girl got bored and left mid-performance, they'd have every right to revoke my Starlight celebrant credentials!

Fortunately, I can be certain that would never happen─not with an accomplished adventurer like you conducting the performance! Lartonphe has assured me that master and chocobo both are prepared to follow your every lead, so all I ask is that you keep the tempo rousing and upbeat.

It would seem an enthusiastic audience has already begun to assemble. As soon as you feel ready, you need only speak to one of our two celebrants stationed nearby, each of whom has been tasked with gathering together a crowd for the performance.

I should give you fair warning, however. One of my colleagues has─how shall I say it?─a tendency to be a touch overenthusiastic about things.

I overheard her speaking to the spectators just before, and she was talking in no uncertain terms how this concert was sure to be “the stuff of legend” and feature “the most remarkable performers since Mih Khetto herself took the stage.”

Let it suffice to say that those in earshot of her will have high expectations for the performance, which means that there will be little room for error. Not that I doubt your ability to deliver a worthy show, of course─I simply suggest that you prepare yourself accordingly.

And with that, I do believe it's time we gave our audience what they wanted. Thank you again, friend─I, too, can scarcely wait to see what you and the performers have in store for us!

Feeling a bit of stage fright, friend? If you find yourself having doubts, just remember─it's all for the children!
Does it surprise you that I agreed to be a part of the performance? Well, it should not. I have talents beyond bow-bending, after all.
None other than Bowlord Lewin himself appointed me to my post, and our guild has cooperated with the Quiver ever since its inception. This Starlight performance shall be no exception.
You were able to find Lartonphe, I trust? He returned not long ago. And it's good thing, too! We were starting to worry we might have to delay the performance!
I'll thank you not to tell anyone that the fearless leader of the White Rams will be taking the stage this Starlight.
Finished your preparations? That's good. <sigh> I've been struggling to keep the younglings amused while they wait. Then I told them that only the most well-behaved child would receive a present, and they soon settled down. Anyway, it's about time we got started. This way, please.
Oh, it's you again this year? Very well. <sigh> The younglings are as restless as ever. I told them that if they didn't settle down, the saint's little helper would be bringing them a lump of goobbue dung for Starlight. Anyhow, I suppose we might as well begin. This way, please.
Do you wish to begin the cantabile?
You will earn two certificates of good cheer for successful completion of this piece.
Yes. Not yet.
Having second thoughts? I don't blame you. I wouldn't be caught dead up on that stage in front of all those expectant and eager faces. Oh, well...I suppose I'll just have to keep the children amused a while longer. Do come back when you've mustered the nerve, yes?
Oh, that wasn't bad at all, now was it? I try not to get my hopes too high, but I'm pleased to say you surpassed my decidedly modest expectations.
There was one boy in the crowd who seemed particularly taken with the performance. Is it true that was his father up on the stage with the dancing chocobo?
What a lovely performance, my friend! I never doubted you for a second. I only hope that our little friend Nalipponcque was as pleased with the performance as all the other smiling children.
Well? What did you think of my performance? I told you I was a bowman of many talents, did I not?
To tell the truth, I was a bit anxious to take the stage, but I must say there's something positively infectious about bringing joy to others through song. I finally feel as if I understand why Jehantel chose the path he did.
I'll thank you not to ask meow to sing while I'm on duty, mind you.
Not meow─meow. Gah! Why do the words come out so much more easily when I'm singing!?
Hark! The conductor beyond compare makes his grand entrance! The crowd can barely contain their excitement! Are your preparations complete, maestro?
Lo and behold! The conductor of legend makes his most triumphant return! Worry not, maestro─I have assured your adoring audience that this year will mark the arrival of your magnum opus! Are you ready to share the gift of your musical genius with one and all?
Do you wish to begin the capriccio?
You will earn three certificates of good cheer for successful completion of this piece.
Yes. Not yet.
Say no more, maestro! You require another moment or two to summon your muse before gracing the audience with the profound depths of your genius? Then it shall be so! Worry not─they and I both would wait until nigh the end of time for the legendary performance you will inevitably bring to them!
Bravo! Oh, bravo! Why, it was as if the Twelve themselves descended from the heavens to grace our mortal ears with a harmony of sheer beatific bliss. No doubt our children, and their children, and their children to come will sing of the legendary performance they bore witness to this day.
Why, there was one child in particular who seemed above all to appreciate your singular genius. If I recall, they said his name was Nalipponcque, and his father was in the choir. I would be most interested to hear his thoughts on the wonders he heard.

Oh, Father! That was the best! I had no idea you were such good friends with your chocobo!
Oho! Enjoyed the show, did we? I suppose all those hours your father spent rehearsing were not for naught! Ahahaha!
Rehearsing? You mean you weren't on emergency guard duty after all?
I am sorry, Nali. I only meant to surprise you, but it seems my deception went too far. Can you forgive your fool of a father for saddening you...and during Starlight of all seasons?
It's fine, Father. I wasn't that sad, after all. More than that...when do I get to ride the chocobo!?
Well, that depends on her, doesn't it now. What say you, my friend? Would you be amenable to giving my dear boy a ride?
Caroling Chocobo
She says...it would be her pleasure.
All right!
Whoa! That looks fun!
I want to ride the chocobo, too!
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh! Kweh!
She says come one, come all! The more the merrier!
Your father is the best, Nali!
You bet he is!
Actually, Father...there's one more thing.
What is it, boy? If it's within my power to grant, you need but say the word.
I was wondering...maybe you could teach me how to sing? I never enjoyed music much until I heard your voice, but...seeing you up on stage, it just looked like so much fun!
But of course, my boy! Though I must say, there's really nothing to learn. Raise your voice and sing from the heart, and you're sure to bring joy to any and all who hear it! Isn't that so, my friend? Why don't you show Nali how it's done?
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh! Kweeeeeeh!♪
Ahahaha! She's singing! The chocobo's singing! I knew it─this is the best Starlight ever!
Song is truly one of the greatest gifts the gods bestowed on us. Nothing else quite has the power to bring together people of all ages, all heritages, and all walks of life. Thanks to you, I was finally able to share my love for music with my son, and I will be forever grateful for it.
I know! Next year, why don't we sing together? That would be so much fun!
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh! Kweeeeeeh!♪
If you haven't noticed, the audience is calling out for an encore. I told them not to get their hopes up, but if you wouldn't mind obliging, perhaps you should speak with Amh.
Maestro! You have heard the voices, yes? Your adoring fans are calling out─nay, desperately pleading for an encore from the depths of their souls! Surely you will not deny them your genius, yes?
To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure what to think when a choir of bowmen took the stage, but it would seem my worries were misplaced. That was truly a most moving performance!

Why, just look at all those smiling faces! You and your friends have filled many a child's heart with cheer this Starlight. And not just that, you've brought together a father and his son...with a little help from their feathered friend. I daresay the saint himself would be proud.

You've more than earned yourself a rest, I'd say. So why not take some time to enjoy the festivities? And if you'd be willing to oblige your adoring fans with an encore before the season is through, simply say the word!

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