A Fine Finish

Sidequest2 Icon.png Lv. 50   A Fine Finish
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil Relations
Expicon.png148,800-374,976 Gil Icon.png600 Moogle Relations Icon.png 50
Guaranteed Rewards
Wind Crystal Icon.png x20 Carved Kupo Nut Icon.png x1-3 
Informationicon.png Description
Mogek the Marvelous is gesturing for you to come over.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Mogek the Marvelous
The Churning Mists -Four Arms -Bahrr Lehs (15-28)
Type: Moogle Quest
Repeatable: Daily
Reputation: Friendly
Required Items
Veneer Component Materials Icon.png
NPCs Involved: Mosaicist MoogleMoping Moogle
Items Involved: Veneer Component MaterialsVeneer Component
  • Mogek learns from Whei Ahf that the Monsterie ruins were also once the center of production for the former Zenith plaza. A lot of the equipment from the bygone era is still functional, and the Mogmenders decide to take full advantage of this opportunity. While many of the moogles rejoice, immediately setting about their tasks, Mogek is worried that the streak of bad luck they have recently faced may continue, and would like for you to make sure they stay out of trouble.
  • The lead stonemason tells you that the equipment they salvaged from the Monsterie has helped them make considerable headway, but their rate of production has surpassed their supply of raw materials. Now short on items used to put the finishing touches on their tiles, he bids you craft a high-quality veneer component and deliver it to his assistant.
※In the event you lose the materials or the synthesis ends in failure, you may try again by speaking with the mosaicist moogle.
  • The moogle assistant is upset that production has halted because they are out of materials. You present him with the veneer you have made, and he thanks you profusely, resolved to be extra careful with the supplies you have provided.
  • Mogek is relieved to hear that both you and his stonemasons are safe. He turns his attention to other matters, delighted that a ray of good fortune has finally shone through the black clouds hovering over them.
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