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Unlike the wamoura which dine on the humours of the dead, the achamoth prefers its meals fresh, and will disperse clouds of magicked scales to paralyze victims before attaching itself to their backs and draining them of their life energies until naught is left but withered husks. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) (Zone)   Aggressive.png
Achamoth uses the following abilities:
Attack Name Description
Neuro Squama Places clones of each player that do a huge cone AoE which inflicts Vulnerability Up. Turn to the wall before it finishes casting, facing away from the boss and other players, and wait for the clone to appear before turning back around.
Psycho Squama Large cone that causes a curable Confusion debuff.
Toxic Squama An orb tethers to a player and follows them, spawning a pool of pollen if it reaches them. Run away from it until it disappears.

Advice and Tips

  • There is a short delay between the end of Neuro Squama's cast and the clones appearing; make sure you're looking away until you see your clone appear to ensure you don't turn your clone's AoE's on your group.
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