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Achievement Item Rewards

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Achievements primarily award you points. Sometimes you will receive an additional reward, such as a special Title or a unique item. In order to actually receive the item rewarded after completing a qualifying achievement, you'll need to travel to to Old Gridania and talk to Jonathas at Apkallu Falls and select the Share a tale dialogue option.

Here is a complete list of the Achievements which reward items. There are currently 113 rewards.

Achievement Reward
A Blacksmith's Life for Me Hammer of the Luminary Icon.pngHammer of the Luminary
A Botanist's Life for Me: Eorzea Axe of the Luminary Icon.pngAxe of the Luminary
A Carpenter's Life for Me Saw of the Luminary Icon.pngSaw of the Luminary
A Fisher’s Life for Me: Eorzea Rod of the Luminary Icon.pngRod of the Luminary
A Goldsmith's Life for Me Gavel of the Luminary Icon.pngGavel of the Luminary
A Leatherworker's Life for Me Knife of the Luminary Icon.pngKnife of the Luminary
A Life of Adventure II Warlord's Crown Icon.pngWarlord's Crown
A Life of Adventure Paragon's Crown Icon.pngParagon's Crown
A Life of Cooking Pan of the Luminary Icon.pngPan of the Luminary
A Line in the Glade IV Serpent Warsteed Horn Icon.pngSerpent Warsteed Horn
A Line in the Sand IV Flame Warsteed Horn Icon.pngFlame Warsteed Horn
A Line in the Storm IV Storm Warsteed Horn Icon.pngStorm Warsteed Horn
A Load of Verminion II Shalloweye Icon.pngShalloweye
A Miner's Life for Me: Eorzea Pick of the Luminary Icon.pngPick of the Luminary
A Weaver's Life for Me Needle of the Luminary Icon.pngNeedle of the Luminary
An Alchemist's Life for Me Alembic of the Luminary Icon.pngAlembic of the Luminary
An Armorer's Life for Me Mallet of the Luminary Icon.pngMallet of the Luminary
Behind Enemy Lines I Logistics System Identification Key Icon.pngLogistics System Identification Key
Between a Rock and a Hard Place III Field Commander's Gloves Icon.pngField Commander's Gloves
Between a Rock and a Hard Place II Field Commander's Boots Icon.pngField Commander's Boots
Between a Rock and a Hard Place IV Field Commander's Slops Icon.pngField Commander's Slops
Between a Rock and a Hard Place I Field Commander's Helm Icon.pngField Commander's Helm
Between a Rock and a Hard Place V Field Commander's Coat Icon.pngField Commander's Coat
Bosom Buddies III Chocobo Suit Icon.pngChocobo Suit
Breaking Bo Plumed Barding Icon.pngPlumed Barding
Bump on a Log: Arcanist Master Arcanist's Ring Icon.pngMaster Arcanist's Ring
Bump on a Log: Archer Master Archer's Ring Icon.pngMaster Archer's Ring
Bump on a Log: Conjurer Master Conjurer's Ring Icon.pngMaster Conjurer's Ring
Bump on a Log: Gladiator Master Gladiator's Ring Icon.pngMaster Gladiator's Ring
Bump on a Log: Immortal Flames Mammet 003U Icon.pngMammet 003U
Bump on a Log: Lancer Master Lancer's Ring Icon.pngMaster Lancer's Ring
Bump on a Log: Maelstrom Mammet 003L Icon.pngMammet 003L
Bump on a Log: Marauder Master Marauder's Ring Icon.pngMaster Marauder's Ring
Bump on a Log: Order of the Twin Adder Mammet 003G Icon.pngMammet 003G
Bump on a Log: Pugilist Master Pugilist's Ring Icon.pngMaster Pugilist's Ring
Bump on a Log: Rogue Master Rogue's Ring Icon.pngMaster Rogue's Ring
Bump on a Log: Thaumaturge Master Thaumaturge's Ring Icon.pngMaster Thaumaturge's Ring
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Dark Knight) Panther Bell Icon.pngPanther Bell
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Paladin) Warlion Horn Icon.pngWarlion Horn
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Warrior) Warbear Horn Icon.pngWarbear Horn
Challenge Accepted Clockwork Twintania Icon.pngClockwork Twintania
Destiny's Child Paragon's Gown Icon.pngParagon's Gown
Everybody's Darling Gilded Armor Identification Key Icon.pngGilded Armor Identification Key
Fatal Feast Goten Pipe Icon.pngGoten Pipe
Frontline Fury Ginga Pipe Icon.pngGinga Pipe
Furious Fatalities Raigo Pipe Icon.pngRaigo Pipe
Go Big or Go Home X Ironworks Fishing Rod Icon.pngIronworks Fishing Rod
I Caught That III Master Fisher's Ring Icon.pngMaster Fisher's Ring
I Caught That V Blessed Tacklekeep's Rod Icon.pngBlessed Tacklekeep's Rod
I Found That: Botanist III Master Botanist's Ring Icon.pngMaster Botanist's Ring
I Found That: Botanist V Blessed Fieldkeep's Hatchet Icon.pngBlessed Fieldkeep's Hatchet
I Found That: Miner III Master Miner's Ring Icon.pngMaster Miner's Ring
I Found That: Miner V Blessed Minekeep's Pickaxe Icon.pngBlessed Minekeep's Pickaxe
I Got This! Gambler's Crown Icon.pngGambler's Crown
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me III Expeditioner's Flyers Icon.pngExpeditioner's Flyers
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me VI Astrope Whistle Icon.pngAstrope Whistle
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me V Dragon Monocle Icon.pngDragon Monocle
I Made That: Alchemist III Master Alchemist's Ring Icon.pngMaster Alchemist's Ring
I Made That: Alchemist V Blessed Cauldronkeep's Alembic Icon.pngBlessed Cauldronkeep's Alembic
I Made That: Armorer III Master Armorer's Ring Icon.pngMaster Armorer's Ring
I Made That: Armorer V Blessed Hammerkeep's Beetle Icon.pngBlessed Hammerkeep's Beetle
I Made That: Blacksmith III Master Blacksmith's Ring Icon.pngMaster Blacksmith's Ring
I Made That: Blacksmith V Blessed Forgekeep's Hammer Icon.pngBlessed Forgekeep's Hammer
I Made That: Carpenter III Master Carpenter's Ring Icon.pngMaster Carpenter's Ring
I Made That: Carpenter V Blessed Millkeep's Saw Icon.pngBlessed Millkeep's Saw
I Made That: Culinarian III Master Culinarian's Ring Icon.pngMaster Culinarian's Ring
I Made That: Culinarian V Blessed Galleykeep's Frypan Icon.pngBlessed Galleykeep's Frypan
I Made That: Goldsmith III Master Goldsmith's Ring Icon.pngMaster Goldsmith's Ring
I Made That: Goldsmith V Blessed Gemkeep's Mallet Icon.pngBlessed Gemkeep's Mallet
I Made That: Leatherworker III Master Leatherworker's Ring Icon.pngMaster Leatherworker's Ring
I Made That: Leatherworker V Blessed Hidekeep's Knife Icon.pngBlessed Hidekeep's Knife
I Made That: Weaver III Master Weaver's Ring Icon.pngMaster Weaver's Ring
I Made That: Weaver V Blessed Boltkeep's Needle Icon.pngBlessed Boltkeep's Needle
In a Blaze of Glory V Aerodynamics System Identification Key Icon.pngAerodynamics System Identification Key
Kumite Kumite Kumite Shantotto Card Icon.pngShantotto Card
Leaving a Better Impression II Parade Chocobo Whistle Icon.pngParade Chocobo Whistle
Leaving a Better Impression I The Best Gown Ever Icon.pngThe Best Gown Ever
Leaving a Good Impression III Partisan's Crown Icon.pngPartisan's Crown
Leaving a Good Impression II Princely Hatchling Icon.pngPrincely Hatchling
Leaving a Good Impression IV Sovereign Barding Icon.pngSovereign Barding
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Butcher's Crown Icon.pngButcher's Crown
More Inventory Slots, Please Whisper A-go-go Key Icon.pngWhisper A-go-go Key
Out of Sight Out of Mind Fledgling Apkallu Icon.pngFledgling Apkallu
Out of a Bind I Wind-up Louisoix Icon.pngWind-up Louisoix
Pedigree Champ Racing Chocobo Mask Icon.pngRacing Chocobo Mask
Ride to the Challenge I Race Barding Icon.pngRace Barding
The Brass Scales Tipping Scales Earrings Icon.pngTipping Scales Earrings
The Bronze Scales Tipping Scales Ring Icon.pngTipping Scales Ring
The Greatest Tales Ever Told Chronicler's Crown Icon.pngChronicler's Crown
The Ironwood Leaf Lily and Serpent Bracelet Icon.pngLily and Serpent Bracelet
The Jade Mast Crimson Standard Ring Icon.pngCrimson Standard Ring
The Leader of the Band III Defender of the Realm Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngDefender of the Realm Orchestrion Roll
The Leader of the Band II Ultima Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngUltima Orchestrion Roll
The Leader of the Band I Prelude - Discoveries Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngPrelude - Discoveries Orchestrion Roll
The Leader of the Band V The Seventh Sun Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngThe Seventh Sun Orchestrion Roll
The Mahogany Leaf Twin Adder Escutcheon Icon.pngTwin Adder Escutcheon
The Mythril Scales Immortal Flames Escutcheon Icon.pngImmortal Flames Escutcheon
The Onyx Oars Crimson Standard Earrings Icon.pngCrimson Standard Earrings
The Road of Verminion I Penguin Prince Icon.pngPenguin Prince
The Ruby Anchor Maelstrom Escutcheon Icon.pngMaelstrom Escutcheon
The Silver Scales Tipping Scales Bracelet Icon.pngTipping Scales Bracelet
The Sycamore Leaf Lily and Serpent Earrings Icon.pngLily and Serpent Earrings
The Turquoise Cannon Crimson Standard Bracelet Icon.pngCrimson Standard Bracelet
The Willow Leaf Lily and Serpent Ring Icon.pngLily and Serpent Ring
Triple Team III Haurchefant Card Icon.pngHaurchefant Card
Triple Team II Squall Leonhart Card Icon.pngSquall Leonhart Card
Triple Team V Heavensward Y'shtola Card Icon.pngHeavensward Y'shtola Card
Triple-decker IV Midgardsormr Card Icon.pngMidgardsormr Card
Triple-decker VI Heavensward Thancred Card Icon.pngHeavensward Thancred Card
Triple-decker V Vidofnir Card Icon.pngVidofnir Card
Wheel of Fortune V Vaan Card Icon.pngVaan Card
You Are What You Eat IV Gloria Ignition Key Icon.pngGloria Ignition Key
You Must Needs Befriend Them All Whisper-go Key Icon.pngWhisper-go Key