Achievement Item Rewards

Achievements primarily award you points. Sometimes you will receive an additional reward, such as a special Title or a unique item. You can claim items awarded directly from your Achievement Log.

Here is a complete list of the Achievements which reward items. There are currently 182 rewards.

Achievement Category Type Reward Patch
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Warrior) Battle Battle Warbear Horn Icon.pngWarbear Horn 2.2
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Dark Knight) Battle Battle Panther Bell Icon.pngPanther Bell 3.0
Bump on a Log: Archer Battle Battle Master Archer's Ring Icon.pngMaster Archer's Ring 2.1
Bump on a Log: Conjurer Battle Battle Master Conjurer's Ring Icon.pngMaster Conjurer's Ring 2.1
Bump on a Log: Gladiator Battle Battle Master Gladiator's Ring Icon.pngMaster Gladiator's Ring 2.1
Bump on a Log: Lancer Battle Battle Master Lancer's Ring Icon.pngMaster Lancer's Ring 2.1
Tank You, Warrior III Battle Battle Battle Bear Horn Icon.pngBattle Bear Horn 4.0
Bump on a Log: Marauder Battle Battle Master Marauder's Ring Icon.pngMaster Marauder's Ring 2.1
Tank You, Paladin III Battle Battle Battle Lion Horn Icon.pngBattle Lion Horn 4.0
Bump on a Log: Rogue Battle Battle Master Rogue's Ring Icon.pngMaster Rogue's Ring 2.4
Bump on a Log: Thaumaturge Battle Battle Master Thaumaturge's Ring Icon.pngMaster Thaumaturge's Ring 2.1
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Paladin) Battle Battle Warlion Horn Icon.pngWarlion Horn 2.2
Bosom Buddies III Battle Battle Chocobo Suit Icon.pngChocobo Suit 2.1
Tank You, Gunbreaker III Battle Battle Battle Tiger Horn Icon.pngBattle Tiger Horn 5.0
Tank You, Gunbreaker II Battle Battle War Tiger Horn Icon.pngWar Tiger Horn 5.0
Destiny's Child Battle Battle Paragon's Gown Icon.pngParagon's Gown 2.1
Tank You, Dark Knight III Battle Battle Battle Panther Bell Icon.pngBattle Panther Bell 4.0
Savage Queen of Swords I Battle Field Operations Cerberus Horn Icon.pngCerberus Horn 5.45
Endgame Hunter Battle The Hunt Victor Whistle Icon.pngVictor Whistle 6.0
Out of a Bind I Battle Raids Wind-up Louisoix Icon.pngWind-up Louisoix 2.4
Nuts for Nutsy Battle The Hunt Triceratops Horn Icon.pngTriceratops Horn 5.0
Lost and Found IV Battle Field Operations Bozjan Earring Icon.pngBozjan Earring 5.35
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Battle Battle Butcher's Crown Icon.pngButcher's Crown 2.0
Bump on a Log: Arcanist Battle Battle Master Arcanist's Ring Icon.pngMaster Arcanist's Ring 2.1
Bump on a Log: Pugilist Battle Battle Master Pugilist's Ring Icon.pngMaster Pugilist's Ring 2.1
We're on Your Side I Battle Field Operations Demi-Ozma Icon.pngDemi-Ozma 4.55
True Blue Battle Battle Morbol Horn Icon.pngMorbol Horn 5.18
You Got Game Battle The Hunt Centurio Tiger Horn Icon.pngCenturio Tiger Horn 4.0
Open and Shut I Character Gold Saucer Phoenix Card Icon.pngPhoenix Card 5.4
A Life of Adventure I Character General Paragon's Crown Icon.pngParagon's Crown 2.0
Triple-decker IV Character Gold Saucer Midgardsormr Card Icon.pngMidgardsormr Card 3.0
Triple Team VIII Character Gold Saucer Vrtra Card Icon.pngVrtra Card 6.0
Everybody's Darling Character Commendation Gilded Armor Identification Key Icon.pngGilded Armor Identification Key 2.1
Pedigree Champ Character Gold Saucer Racing Chocobo Mask Icon.pngRacing Chocobo Mask 2.51
Open to Victory III Character Gold Saucer Gold Parasaucer Icon.pngGold Parasaucer 5.4
Open to Victory I Character Gold Saucer Shuffle or Boogie (Shadowbringers) Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngShuffle or Boogie (Shadowbringers) Orchestrion Roll 5.4
Triple-decker IX Character Gold Saucer Shadowbringers Urianger Card Icon.pngShadowbringers Urianger Card 5.0
A Life of Adventure III Character General Dynasty Crown Icon.pngDynasty Crown 4.0
Wheel of Fortune V Character Gold Saucer Vaan Card Icon.pngVaan Card 2.51
Leaving a Good Impression IV Character Commendation Sovereign Barding Icon.pngSovereign Barding 2.1
Leaving a Good Impression III Character Commendation Partisan's Crown Icon.pngPartisan's Crown 2.1
Leaving a Good Impression II Character Commendation Princely Hatchling Icon.pngPrincely Hatchling 2.1
Leaving a Better Impression II Character Commendation Parade Chocobo Whistle Icon.pngParade Chocobo Whistle 2.4
Leaving a Better Impression I Character Commendation The Best Gown Ever Icon.pngThe Best Gown Ever 2.4
Kumite Kumite Kumite Character Gold Saucer Shantotto Card Icon.pngShantotto Card 2.51
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me III Character General Expeditioner's Flyers Icon.pngExpeditioner's Flyers 3.15
A Life of Adventure II Character General Warlord's Crown Icon.pngWarlord's Crown 3.0
Ride to the Challenge I Character Gold Saucer Race Barding Icon.pngRace Barding 3.25
A Life of Adventure IV Character General Amaro Horn Icon.pngAmaro Horn 5.0
Challenge Accepted Character Gold Saucer Clockwork Twintania Icon.pngClockwork Twintania 3.1
Tile and Error I Character Gold Saucer Doman Distractions Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngDoman Distractions Orchestrion Roll 4.5
Triple-decker V Character Gold Saucer Vidofnir Card Icon.pngVidofnir Card 3.15
Breaking Bo Character General Plumed Barding Icon.pngPlumed Barding 2.3
Triple-decker VI Character Gold Saucer Heavensward Thancred Card Icon.pngHeavensward Thancred Card 3.4
Triple-decker VII Character Gold Saucer Krile Card Icon.pngKrile Card 4.0
Triple-decker VIII Character Gold Saucer Gosetsu Card Icon.pngGosetsu Card 4.3
Triple-decker X Character Gold Saucer Shadowbringers Thancred Card Icon.pngShadowbringers Thancred Card 5.3
The Road of Verminion I Character Gold Saucer Penguin Prince Icon.pngPenguin Prince 3.1
Triple-decker XI Character Gold Saucer Zenos Galvus Card Icon.pngZenos Galvus Card 6.0
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me V Character General Dragon Monocle Icon.pngDragon Monocle 3.3
Triple-decker XII Character Gold Saucer Venat Card Icon.pngVenat Card 6.35
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me VI Character General Astrope Whistle Icon.pngAstrope Whistle 3.3
A Life of Adventure V Character General Migratory Plume Icon.pngMigratory Plume 6.0
Triple Team VII Character Gold Saucer Ardbert Card Icon.pngArdbert Card 5.0
Triple Team VI Character Gold Saucer Lyse Card Icon.pngLyse Card 4.0
Triple Team V Character Gold Saucer Heavensward Y'shtola Card Icon.pngHeavensward Y'shtola Card 3.4
Triple Team III Character Gold Saucer Haurchefant Card Icon.pngHaurchefant Card 3.0
A Load of Verminion II Character Gold Saucer Shalloweye Icon.pngShalloweye 3.1
Triple Team II Character Gold Saucer Squall Leonhart Card Icon.pngSquall Leonhart Card 2.51
I Made That: Leatherworker V Crafting & Gathering Leatherworker Blessed Hidekeep's Knife Icon.pngBlessed Hidekeep's Knife 3.5
I Made That: Goldsmith III Crafting & Gathering Goldsmith Master Goldsmith's Ring Icon.pngMaster Goldsmith's Ring 2.1
I Made That: Leatherworker III Crafting & Gathering Leatherworker Master Leatherworker's Ring Icon.pngMaster Leatherworker's Ring 2.1
I Made That: Culinarian VI Crafting & Gathering Culinarian Blessed Galleyking's Frypan Icon.pngBlessed Galleyking's Frypan 4.5
I Made That: Culinarian V Crafting & Gathering Culinarian Blessed Galleykeep's Frypan Icon.pngBlessed Galleykeep's Frypan 3.5
I Made That: Leatherworker VI Crafting & Gathering Leatherworker Blessed Hideking's Knife Icon.pngBlessed Hideking's Knife 4.5
I Made That: Weaver III Crafting & Gathering Weaver Master Weaver's Ring Icon.pngMaster Weaver's Ring 2.1
I Made That: Goldsmith V Crafting & Gathering Goldsmith Blessed Gemkeep's Mallet Icon.pngBlessed Gemkeep's Mallet 3.5
I Made That: Goldsmith VI Crafting & Gathering Goldsmith Blessed Gemking's Mallet Icon.pngBlessed Gemking's Mallet 4.5
A Blacksmith's Life for Me Crafting & Gathering Blacksmith Hammer of the Luminary Icon.pngHammer of the Luminary 2.0
I Made That: Weaver V Crafting & Gathering Weaver Blessed Boltkeep's Needle Icon.pngBlessed Boltkeep's Needle 3.5
I Made That: Weaver VI Crafting & Gathering Weaver Blessed Boltking's Needle Icon.pngBlessed Boltking's Needle 4.5
Let Luck Be a Moogle I Crafting & Gathering All Disciplines Kupo Crown Icon.pngKupo Crown 5.21
Mine, Mine, Mine Crafting & Gathering Fisher Gull Icon.pngGull 5.5
Near, Far, Wherever Fish Are II Crafting & Gathering Fisher Mossasaurus Icon.pngMossasaurus 6.4
No More Fish in the Sea I Crafting & Gathering Fisher The Major-General Icon.pngThe Major-General 5.2
No More Fish in the Sea II Crafting & Gathering Fisher Hybodus Horn Icon.pngHybodus Horn 5.2
On a Boat IV Crafting & Gathering Fisher Much-coveted Mora Icon.pngMuch-coveted Mora 5.4
I Made That: Carpenter VI Crafting & Gathering Carpenter Blessed Millking's Saw Icon.pngBlessed Millking's Saw 4.5
A Botanist's Life for Me: Greater Eorzea Crafting & Gathering Botanist Axe of the Luminary Icon.pngAxe of the Luminary 2.0
I Made That: Culinarian III Crafting & Gathering Culinarian Master Culinarian's Ring Icon.pngMaster Culinarian's Ring 2.1
I Made That: Carpenter V Crafting & Gathering Carpenter Blessed Millkeep's Saw Icon.pngBlessed Millkeep's Saw 3.5
I Caught That III Crafting & Gathering Fisher Master Fisher's Ring Icon.pngMaster Fisher's Ring 2.1
I Caught That VI Crafting & Gathering Fisher Blessed Tackleking's Rod Icon.pngBlessed Tackleking's Rod 4.5
A Fisher's Life for Me: Greater Eorzea Crafting & Gathering Fisher Rod of the Luminary Icon.pngRod of the Luminary 2.0
I Caught That V Crafting & Gathering Fisher Blessed Tacklekeep's Rod Icon.pngBlessed Tacklekeep's Rod 3.5
A Goldsmith's Life for Me Crafting & Gathering Goldsmith Gavel of the Luminary Icon.pngGavel of the Luminary 2.0
A Leatherworker's Life for Me Crafting & Gathering Leatherworker Knife of the Luminary Icon.pngKnife of the Luminary 2.0
A Life of Cooking Crafting & Gathering Culinarian Pan of the Luminary Icon.pngPan of the Luminary 2.0
A Miner's Life for Me: Greater Eorzea Crafting & Gathering Miner Pick of the Luminary Icon.pngPick of the Luminary 2.0
I Found That: Botanist III Crafting & Gathering Botanist Master Botanist's Ring Icon.pngMaster Botanist's Ring 2.1
A Weaver's Life for Me Crafting & Gathering Weaver Needle of the Luminary Icon.pngNeedle of the Luminary 2.0
Go Big or Go Home X Crafting & Gathering Fisher Ironworks Fishing Rod Icon.pngIronworks Fishing Rod 2.4
Gathering in the Air Crafting & Gathering All Disciplines Malone Icon.pngMalone 5.21
An Alchemist's Life for Me Crafting & Gathering Alchemist Alembic of the Luminary Icon.pngAlembic of the Luminary 2.0
An Armorer's Life for Me Crafting & Gathering Armorer Mallet of the Luminary Icon.pngMallet of the Luminary 2.0
Castle in the Sky Crafting & Gathering All Disciplines Pteranodon Horn Icon.pngPteranodon Horn 5.21
Crafting in the Air Crafting & Gathering All Disciplines Laladile Icon.pngLaladile 5.21
I Caught That VII Crafting & Gathering Fisher Resplendent Tacklefiend's Rod Icon.pngResplendent Tacklefiend's Rod 5.5
I Found That: Botanist V Crafting & Gathering Botanist Blessed Fieldkeep's Hatchet Icon.pngBlessed Fieldkeep's Hatchet 3.5
Double-backwards Somersault Crafting & Gathering Fisher Dolphin Calf Icon.pngDolphin Calf 5.5
I Made That: Alchemist V Crafting & Gathering Alchemist Blessed Cauldronkeep's Alembic Icon.pngBlessed Cauldronkeep's Alembic 3.5
I Made That: Blacksmith VI Crafting & Gathering Blacksmith Blessed Forgeking's Hammer Icon.pngBlessed Forgeking's Hammer 4.5
I Made That: Blacksmith V Crafting & Gathering Blacksmith Blessed Forgekeep's Hammer Icon.pngBlessed Forgekeep's Hammer 3.5
I Made That: Blacksmith III Crafting & Gathering Blacksmith Master Blacksmith's Ring Icon.pngMaster Blacksmith's Ring 2.1
I Made That: Armorer VI Crafting & Gathering Armorer Blessed Hammerking's Beetle Icon.pngBlessed Hammerking's Beetle 4.5
I Made That: Armorer V Crafting & Gathering Armorer Blessed Hammerkeep's Beetle Icon.pngBlessed Hammerkeep's Beetle 3.5
I Made That: Armorer III Crafting & Gathering Armorer Master Armorer's Ring Icon.pngMaster Armorer's Ring 2.1
I Made That: Alchemist VI Crafting & Gathering Alchemist Blessed Cauldronking's Alembic Icon.pngBlessed Cauldronking's Alembic 4.5
I Made That: Alchemist III Crafting & Gathering Alchemist Master Alchemist's Ring Icon.pngMaster Alchemist's Ring 2.1
I Found That: Botanist VI Crafting & Gathering Botanist Blessed Fieldking's Hatchet Icon.pngBlessed Fieldking's Hatchet 4.5
A Carpenter's Life for Me Crafting & Gathering Carpenter Saw of the Luminary Icon.pngSaw of the Luminary 2.0
I Found That: Miner VII Crafting & Gathering Miner Resplendent Minefiend's Pickaxe Icon.pngResplendent Minefiend's Pickaxe 5.5
I Found That: Miner VI Crafting & Gathering Miner Blessed Mineking's Pickaxe Icon.pngBlessed Mineking's Pickaxe 4.5
I Found That: Miner V Crafting & Gathering Miner Blessed Minekeep's Pickaxe Icon.pngBlessed Minekeep's Pickaxe 3.5
I Found That: Miner III Crafting & Gathering Miner Master Miner's Ring Icon.pngMaster Miner's Ring 2.1
I Found That: Botanist VII Crafting & Gathering Botanist Resplendent Fieldfiend's Hatchet Icon.pngResplendent Fieldfiend's Hatchet 5.5
I Made That: Carpenter III Crafting & Gathering Carpenter Master Carpenter's Ring Icon.pngMaster Carpenter's Ring 2.1
A Complete History Exploration Duty Al-iklil Identification Key Icon.pngAl-iklil Identification Key 5.5
Dig Deep: The Sil'dihn Subterrane Exploration Duty Silkie Whistle Icon.pngSilkie Whistle 6.25
Good-willed Hunting Exploration Duty Spectral Statice Whistle Icon.pngSpectral Statice Whistle 6.51
Mononopeke Exploration Duty Burabura Chochin Whistle Icon.pngBurabura Chochin Whistle 6.45
Out of Sight Out of Mind Exploration Sightseeing Log Fledgling Apkallu Icon.pngFledgling Apkallu 2.28
Bump on a Log: Immortal Flames Grand Company Immortal Flames Mammet 003U Icon.pngMammet 003U 2.1
The Willow Leaf Grand Company Order of the Twin Adder Lily and Serpent Ring Icon.pngLily and Serpent Ring 2.0
The Turquoise Cannon Grand Company Maelstrom Crimson Standard Bracelet Icon.pngCrimson Standard Bracelet 2.0
The Sycamore Leaf Grand Company Order of the Twin Adder Lily and Serpent Earrings Icon.pngLily and Serpent Earrings 2.0
The Silver Scales Grand Company Immortal Flames Tipping Scales Bracelet Icon.pngTipping Scales Bracelet 2.0
The Ruby Anchor Grand Company Maelstrom Maelstrom Escutcheon Icon.pngMaelstrom Escutcheon 2.0
The Onyx Oars Grand Company Maelstrom Crimson Standard Earrings Icon.pngCrimson Standard Earrings 2.0
The Mythril Scales Grand Company Immortal Flames Immortal Flames Escutcheon Icon.pngImmortal Flames Escutcheon 2.0
The Mahogany Leaf Grand Company Order of the Twin Adder Twin Adder Escutcheon Icon.pngTwin Adder Escutcheon 2.0
The Ironwood Leaf Grand Company Order of the Twin Adder Lily and Serpent Bracelet Icon.pngLily and Serpent Bracelet 2.0
The Jade Mast Grand Company Maelstrom Crimson Standard Ring Icon.pngCrimson Standard Ring 2.0
The Bronze Scales Grand Company Immortal Flames Tipping Scales Ring Icon.pngTipping Scales Ring 2.0
Bump on a Log: Maelstrom Grand Company Maelstrom Mammet 003L Icon.pngMammet 003L 2.1
Bump on a Log: Order of the Twin Adder Grand Company Order of the Twin Adder Mammet 003G Icon.pngMammet 003G 2.1
The Brass Scales Grand Company Immortal Flames Tipping Scales Earrings Icon.pngTipping Scales Earrings 2.0
The Leader of the Band I Items Items Prelude – Discoveries Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngPrelude – Discoveries Orchestrion Roll 3.15
The Leader of the Band II Items Items Ultima Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngUltima Orchestrion Roll 3.15
The Leader of the Band III Items Items Defender of the Realm Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngDefender of the Realm Orchestrion Roll 3.3
The Leader of the Band V Items Items The Seventh Sun Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngThe Seventh Sun Orchestrion Roll 3.4
The Leader of the Band VI Items Items Prelude - Long March Home Orchestrion Roll Icon.pngPrelude - Long March Home Orchestrion Roll 4.2
I Got This! Items Materia Gambler's Crown Icon.pngGambler's Crown 2.0
Mama Said Knock You Out III PvP The Wolves' Den Hellpup Icon.pngHellpup 3.55b
Behind Enemy Lines I PvP Frontline Logistics System Identification Key Icon.pngLogistics System Identification Key 2.5
Furious Fatalities PvP General Raigo Pipe Icon.pngRaigo Pipe 3.5
In a Blaze of Glory V PvP Frontline Aerodynamics System Identification Key Icon.pngAerodynamics System Identification Key 3.3
How Can I Help III PvP The Wolves' Den Faepup Icon.pngFaepup 3.55b
A Line in the Glade IV PvP Frontline Serpent Warsteed Horn Icon.pngSerpent Warsteed Horn 2.3
A Line in the Sand IV PvP Frontline Flame Warsteed Horn Icon.pngFlame Warsteed Horn 2.3
One Steppe at a Time V PvP Frontline Construct VII Core Icon.pngConstruct VII Core 5.18
A Line in the Storm IV PvP Frontline Storm Warsteed Horn Icon.pngStorm Warsteed Horn 2.3
Between a Rock and a Hard Place II PvP Frontline Field Commander's Boots Icon.pngField Commander's Boots 3.05
Between a Rock and a Hard Place I PvP Frontline Field Commander's Helm Icon.pngField Commander's Helm 3.05
Fatal Feast PvP General Goten Pipe Icon.pngGoten Pipe 3.5
Between a Rock and a Hard Place III PvP Frontline Field Commander's Gloves Icon.pngField Commander's Gloves 3.05
Between a Rock and a Hard Place IV PvP Frontline Field Commander's Slops Icon.pngField Commander's Slops 3.05
Pack Man III PvP The Wolves' Den Eversharp Earring Icon.pngEversharp Earring 4.2
Pack Man IV PvP The Wolves' Den Eversharp Ring Icon.pngEversharp Ring 4.2
Pack Man V PvP The Wolves' Den Eversharp Wristbands Icon.pngEversharp Wristbands 4.2
Fame Fatale PvP General Goten Pipe Icon.pngGoten Pipe 6.1
Out of Hiding PvP Rival Wings Magitek Avenger A1 Identification Key Icon.pngMagitek Avenger A1 Identification Key 4.55
Die Another Day III PvP Rival Wings Magitek Avenger Identification Key Icon.pngMagitek Avenger Identification Key 4.15
Front and Center V PvP Frontline Safeguard System Identification Key Icon.pngSafeguard System Identification Key 4.3
Frontline Fury PvP General Ginga Pipe Icon.pngGinga Pipe 3.5
Pack Man II PvP The Wolves' Den Eversharp Choker Icon.pngEversharp Choker 4.2
Blood Born IV PvP The Wolves' Den Gloria Ignition Key Icon.pngGloria Ignition Key 3.15
Between a Rock and a Hard Place V PvP Frontline Field Commander's Coat Icon.pngField Commander's Coat 3.05
More Inventory Slots, Please II Quests Seasonal Events Jibanyan Couch Medal Icon.pngJibanyan Couch Medal 5.3
More Inventory Slots, Please I Quests Seasonal Events Whisper A-go-go Key Icon.pngWhisper A-go-go Key 3.35
The Greatest Tales Ever Told Quests Quests Chronicler's Crown Icon.pngChronicler's Crown 2.0
You Must Needs Befriend Them All I Quests Seasonal Events Whisper-go Key Icon.pngWhisper-go Key 3.35