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  Roegadyn / Sea Wolf / Male

Zone(s): Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Moraby Drydocks (26-33)
Affiliation: Limsa Lominsa
Occupation: Local GuideShipwright

Have you ever seen anything so grand? It pains me that I'll have to let her go one day...

Son of Ahtzapfyn the Absorbed

Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Body Type Adult
(~90.7 inches)
Muscle Tone
Jaw Option 2
Eye Shape Option 1
Iris Size Small
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 4
Nose Option 2
Mouth Option 4
Facial Features/Tattoos/Ear Clasp/Face Paint




Starts Quests (2)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Without a Doubt &000000000000001200000012&000000000000001800000018 10500 196 Main Scenario Quest
Do Angry Pirates Dream &000000000000001300000013&000000000000002000000020 12320 220 Main Scenario Quest
Involved in Quests (5)

Additional Dialogue
Tell me about yourself.
If I told you I'd made my peace with my Da—or myself—after the incident, I'd be either a liar or a fool. Still, I've chosen my path—the path of the shipwright. I've plotted my course and set sail, and this is no time to think about returning to harbor. For the Maelstrom needs the Victory, and the Victory needs me. Worry not, friend, I'll see that your brave deeds do not go in vain.

What are you building?
Here at the Moraby Drydocks, we build and repair ships at the behest of Naldiq & Vymelli's. It used to be that no one outside the Armorers' Guild was allowed within a malm of the facilities. This was mainly to prevent the thalassocracy's enemies from sabotaging her ships. The flames of the Calamity, however, changed all that. Now, we must look to adventurers, freelancers, even pirates to see that all the work is completed. And it is my job to make certain that everyone remains in line...which, in the case of adventurers, freelancers, and pirates, is rarely ever.
His name means "Eight Tree"
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