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Removed Icon.pngAlfgar  MISSING
Missing NPC
Last Seen
Zones: Limsa Lominsa
Locations: The Drowning Wench
Last Words
Gender: Male
Race: Hyur
Clan: Midlander
Affiliation: Limsa Lominsa
Additional Dialogue
Seventh Moon Rising
Shouting in Town:

Hearken adventurers of Eorzea! Ware you the venomous words of false prophets!

When Engaged in Conversation:

Adventurer! I ask that you need not the foul lies of those claiming knowledge of future happenings!

In response to: Who are these false prophets?

They appear near aetheryte camps, bedraped in shadowy robes, preaching their untruths to any and all who will listen. Keep your distance, traveler, lest you become tangled in their web of deceit.

In response to: Are we in any danger?

We are all in danger, for fear can drive a man to terrible deeds, and it is seeds of fear that these false prophets wish to plant in our hearts and our minds. They are not the Archons of legend. They are not our saviors. They only foster unrest.

Imperial Withdrawal
Shouting in Town:

Hurrah! The imperial dogs have withdrawn!

When Engaged in Conversation:

There's no more call for worry, friend. The Garleans have withdrawn, and the area is secure.

In response to: We defeated the imperial forces?

Aye, I'm given to understand that a crew of brave adventurers ─ Twelve bless their hearts ─ leaped into the fray with steel singing and spells scorching! A fierce struggle ensued, which ended in victory for the defenders. Ah, what I wouldn't give to have witnessed it all!

In response to: What happens now?

Victory is ours, but don't believe for a moment that the Garleans have finished with us. They'll soon be at our throats again, sure as night follows day, and we must be ready to repel them.

Alfgar is an Anglo-Saxon name based on the old English Algar, which means Elf Spear.
When he first appeared, talking to Alfgar would unlock the "Seventh Moon Rising" achievement on the Lodestone. After the reformation of the Grand Companies and the beginning of the Garlean invasion, Alfgar appeared to announce when Camp Horizon falls under attack. He now appears in Limsa Lominsa to warn of invasions there.

Speaking with Alfgar now bestows no achievements. However, if one follows his directions to Horizon, the achievement "The Empire Strikes First" can be obtained by speaking with the Militia Outrider stationed there, and the achievement "A Taste of Victory" can be unlocked by vanquishing the imperial threat there.

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