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Main Command 3 Icon.pngMidlanders
Race: Hyur
The most populous clan of the most populous race, comprising over half of all Hyur, Midlanders can be found in city-states and villages the realm over, earning their keep in myriad trades and vocations. A highly cultured people, Midlanders have traditionally compensated for their lack of exceptional physical prowess with enterprise and ingenuity, contributing to great advances in all manner of disciplines. Indeed, many of the realm's greatest inventors and innovators have been Midlanders. With some exceptions, a comparatively large number of Midlanders are educated in letters from a young age, giving rise to a healthy population of academics and intellectuals. [1]

Distribution: The world over [1]

Physical Attributes:
Midlanders are typically shorter in stature than their Highlander cousins, with any man exceeding seventy-two ilms seen as quite large, and even the tallest of women rarely reaching sixty-seven ilms. Compared to the other races, they are markedly average in build and physique. They often display a keen aptitude for magic, with Midlander mages adept in teleportation magic serving a vital role in many an adventuring party. [1]

Midlander names are composed of words in the common tongue, with surnames typically derived from the vocation, place of residence, or physical appearance of one's ancestor or ancestors. "Baker," "Miller," and "Fisher" are common examples of names rooted in the family trade, while a name like "Stone" may be traced to an ancestor who lived beside a rocky outcropping, or one with a stubborn personality akin to hard stone. [1]

Quick to adapt to local customs and traditions wherever they settle, Midlanders excel at acquiring and refining new knowledge. For example, it was a Midlander culinarian who created the popular dish known as bouillabaisse, inspired by the simple seafood stews favored by Sea Wolf fishermen. As befitting their status as contributors to the Eorzean alphabet, Midlanders show a proclivity for letters, and have made considerable contributions to literature through the ages. Such contributions also extend to the fine arts—Midlander artists, as one example, were the first to employ perspective in their paintings. [1]

Starting Statistics
Strength +22
Vitality +20
Dexterity +19
Intelligence +23
Mind +19

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