Allagan Runestone

The content of this article relates to gameplay from a previous version and is no longer present in game.
The inverse side of a runestone, no longer seen in-game.

The Allagan Runestones were a set of rewards sometimes earned for the completion of specific Faction Levequests. After obtaining these Unique and Untradable items from their respective reward chests, they could be traded to Rowena, along with specific materials, for the Harlequin, Templar, and Buccaneer sets of attire.


Almost nothing is known of the runestones' origin. The exact time of their creation is obscure, but likely occurred during the 3rd Astral Era, when the Allagan Empire was at its peak. Their purpose is even more mysterious, eluding perhaps all of Eorzea but for a single man: an anonymous Ishgardian noble who has tasked Rowena with collecting the lost pieces. Whatever their use, the aristocrat is willing to part with items of extraordinary value in exchange for the seemingly useless stones; in particular, three sets of antique armor exceptional in quality.

Acquisition and Use[edit]

 Stone Reward Faction Levequest Other Requirements
Allagan Runestone - Althyk Icon.png Buccaneer's Shirt Wanted: Mammoth and Master Woolen Yarn x 10
Silver Buckle x 20
Allagan Runestone - Azeyma Icon.png Buccaneer's Tricorne Operation: Shuteye Red Ochre Buffalo Leather x 4
Shark Oil x 10
Allagan Runestone - Byregot Icon.png Templar's Chain Coif Operation: Pulling Fangs Darksilver Buckle x 8
White Enamel x 2
Allagan Runestone - Halone Icon.png Templar's Tassets Operation: Shuteye Toad Leather Strap (Brown) x 6
Iron Buckle x 22
Allagan Runestone - Llymlaen Icon.png Templar's Sollerets Operation: Shuteye Raven-black Velveteen x 2
Mythril Wire x 3
Allagan Runestone - Menphina Icon.png Buccaneer's Boots Operation: Pulling Fangs Desert-yellow Buffalo Leather x 4
Iron Poleyns x 1
Allagan Runestone - Nald'thal Icon.png Harlequin's Acton Wanted: Mammoth and Master Wolf Fur x 2
Undyed Linen x 2
Allagan Runestone - Nophica Icon.png Harlequin's Cap Operation: Pulling Fangs Wine-red Velveteen x 3
Darksilver Square x 6
Allagan Runestone - Nymeia Icon.png Harlequin's Tights Operation: Shuteye Raven-black Velveteen x 3
Karakul Yarn x 9
Allagan Runestone - Oschon Icon.png Harlequin's Belt Wanted: Mammoth and Master Peiste Leather x 3
Storm-blue Boar Leather x 2
Allagan Runestone - Rhalgr Icon.png Templar's Haubergeon Wanted: Mammoth and Master Mythril Rings x 4
Electrum Rings x 3
Allagan Runestone - Thaliak Icon.png Buccaneer's Sash Operation: Pulling Fangs Undyed Linen x 2
Mythril Ingot x 1