Antling Sentry

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Level Range 7-12
Antling Sentry.png
The vast majority of antlings in a colony are classified as workers or soldiers,[1] which can be identified by three-pronged carrying mandibles or two-pronged shearing mandibles, respectively. However, some workers are seen acting as sentries and soldiers in certain colonies.[2]. Soldiers tend to be lighter in color than workers, and high in a colony's hierarchy, hues can even shifts towards green (in the case of the health-restoring marshal) or blue (in the case of the princess). The egg-laying queen possesses abdomen that is visibly distinct in the genus.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Central Thanalan - Black Brush (16-14)
  FATE Icon.pngFor the Queen
 7 Aggressive.png

Central Thanalan - Black Brush - Hellsbrood Holes (16-15)  12 Formic Acid Icon.png Formic Acid (???%) Aggressive.png
Hunting Log (2)
Name Rank
Hunting Log: Pugilist 13 2
Hunting Log: Thaumaturge 13 2
FATEs (1)
Name Level Location
For the Queen 9 Black Brush
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