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"To discern the true nature of man, one need look no farther than the palm of his hand."
- from
Treatise on the Principles of Self-Actualization, Rhylsygg Bhirlonsyn

The Armoury system is one of the foundations of the Final Fantasy XIV experience, simultaneously being both the impetus behind character development and a key factor determining individual gameplay.

By merely equipping any of a variety of weapons or tools, players can instantly change their active skills, thus enabling them to dramatically alter their style of play as well as their character's outward appearance. To take an example, let us follow a day in the life of Leeroy.

Leeroy recently chose to begin the journey down the path of the gladiator, trying his hand at the age-old art of swordplay for the first time. Even today, he woke at dawn to spend the daylight hours drilling relentlessly on the tiny wildlife just outside of town. Alas, opportunities often present themselves when least expected...

Without prior notice, some friends invite Leeroy to partake in an expedition in some nearby ruins. Upon joining their ranks, however, he observes that the other party members are seasoned warriors and accomplished mages all. Dismayed yet not given to despair, Leeroy sheathes his sword and takes up his well-worn staff, assuming the role of thaumaturge, his most advanced class. He bids farewell to the rodents and worms and races to meet his companions, basking in the confident light of his spellcasting abilities.

The party members go their separate ways following a successful outing, and while following the river back to town Leeroy is suddenly taken by the urge to fish. He secures his staff to his back in a deft, practiced motion, and on the recoil pulls out his beloved fishing rod. The gladiator and thaumaturge are gone now, and all that remains is Leeroy the fisherman. Three shining trout! Not a bad haul.

Upon arriving home, Leeroy puts aside his fishing rod and takes up his trusty hammer, blacksmithery having ever been one of his passions. He knows, as does any adventurer, that preparation is the key to any battle, and so sets to working the dents out of his armor and sharpening the edge of his blade. It's all in a day's work.

This is but a mere sample of what players can expect from the Armoury. With flexibility of gameplay and effective use of time at its core, the system is designed with emphasis on not only the in-game lifestyles of characters, but those of the players themselves as well. The Armoury awaits you!