Category:Field Operations Achievement

Name Achievement Reward Points
000121.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000026870000002,687Lost and Found I000121.png Lost and Found I Have 10 forgotten fragments appraised. 5&00000000000026870000002,687Lost and Found I
000121.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000026880000002,688Lost and Found II000121.png Lost and Found II Have 100 forgotten fragments appraised. 5&00000000000026880000002,688Lost and Found II
000121.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000026890000002,689Lost and Found III000121.png Lost and Found III Have 500 forgotten fragments appraised. 5&00000000000026890000002,689Lost and Found III
000121.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026900000002,690Lost and Found IV000121.png Lost and Found IV Have 1,000 forgotten fragments appraised. Bozjan Earring Icon.png Bozjan Earring 10&00000000000026900000002,690Lost and Found IV
002629.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026830000002,683Missing an Angel002629.png Missing an Angel Defeat Gabriel in a duel at the Bozjan southern front. Titleicon.png (Males): Gabriel's Downfall
Titleicon.png (Females): Gabriel's Downfall
10&00000000000026830000002,683Missing an Angel
002629.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026840000002,684Lyon's Share002629.png Lyon's Share Defeat Lyon the Beast King in a duel at the Bozjan southern front. Titleicon.png (Males): Queller of Beasts
Titleicon.png (Females): Queller of Beasts
10&00000000000026840000002,684Lyon's Share
002629.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026850000002,685Burn Baby Burn002629.png Burn Baby Burn Defeat Sartauvoir quo Soranus in a duel at the Bozjan southern front. Titleicon.png (Males): The Death of Flame
Titleicon.png (Females): The Death of Flame
10&00000000000026850000002,685Burn Baby Burn
003004.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000026760000002,676No Man's Land I003004.png No Man's Land I Successfully complete 10 skirmishes in Bozja. 5&00000000000026760000002,676No Man's Land I
003004.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000026770000002,677No Man's Land II003004.png No Man's Land II Successfully complete 50 skirmishes in Bozja. 5&00000000000026770000002,677No Man's Land II
003004.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000026780000002,678No Man's Land III003004.png No Man's Land III Successfully complete 100 skirmishes in Bozja. 5&00000000000026780000002,678No Man's Land III
003004.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026790000002,679No Man's Land IV003004.png No Man's Land IV Successfully complete 500 skirmishes in Bozja. Titleicon.png (Males): Skirmisher
Titleicon.png (Females): Skirmisher
10&00000000000026790000002,679No Man's Land IV
064612.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000022270000002,227We're on Your Side I064612.png We're on Your Side I Clear the Baldesion Arsenal. Demi-Ozma Icon.png Demi-Ozma 5&00000000000022270000002,227We're on Your Side I
064612.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000022280000002,228We're on Your Side II064612.png We're on Your Side II Clear the Baldesion Arsenal 5 times. 5&00000000000022280000002,228We're on Your Side II
064612.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000022290000002,229We're on Your Side III064612.png We're on Your Side III Clear the Baldesion Arsenal 10 times. 5&00000000000022290000002,229We're on Your Side III
064645.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000026910000002,691No Need for Triage I064645.png No Need for Triage I Resurrect another player in a Save the Queen area 10 times. 5&00000000000026910000002,691No Need for Triage I
064645.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000026920000002,692No Need for Triage II064645.png No Need for Triage II Resurrect another player in a Save the Queen area 100 times. 5&00000000000026920000002,692No Need for Triage II
064645.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026930000002,693No Need for Triage III064645.png No Need for Triage III Resurrect another player in a Save the Queen area 500 times. Titleicon.png (Males): Guardian Angel
Titleicon.png (Females): Guardian Angel
10&00000000000026930000002,693No Need for Triage III
064824.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026800000002,680Operation: Eagle's Nest I064824.png Operation: Eagle's Nest I Clear Castrum Lacus Litore. 10&00000000000026800000002,680Operation: Eagle's Nest I
064824.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026810000002,681Operation: Eagle's Nest II064824.png Operation: Eagle's Nest II Clear Castrum Lacus Litore 10 times. 10&00000000000026810000002,681Operation: Eagle's Nest II
064824.png&000000000000002000000020&00000000000026820000002,682Operation: Eagle's Nest III064824.png Operation: Eagle's Nest III Clear Castrum Lacus Litore 50 times. Titleicon.png (Males): Siege Liege
Titleicon.png (Females): Siege Liege
20&00000000000026820000002,682Operation: Eagle's Nest III
064836.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026720000002,672Critical Role I064836.png Critical Role I Complete 10 critical engagements in Bozja. 10&00000000000026720000002,672Critical Role I
064836.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026730000002,673Critical Role II064836.png Critical Role II Complete 50 critical engagements in Bozja. 10&00000000000026730000002,673Critical Role II
064836.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000026740000002,674Critical Role III064836.png Critical Role III Complete 100 critical engagements in Bozja. 10&00000000000026740000002,674Critical Role III
064836.png&000000000000002000000020&00000000000026750000002,675Critical Role IV064836.png Critical Role IV Complete 500 critical engagements in Bozja. Titleicon.png (Males): The Decisive Blow
Titleicon.png (Females): The Decisive Blow
20&00000000000026750000002,675Critical Role IV
064836.png&000000000000002000000020&00000000000026860000002,686Close Encounters064836.png Close Encounters Obtain the achievements “Missing an Angel,” “Lyon's Share,” and “Burn Baby Burn.” Titleicon.png (Males): Sword of the South
Titleicon.png (Females): Sword of the South
20&00000000000026860000002,686Close Encounters
064856.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000027620000002,762Queen of Swords I064856.png Queen of Swords I Clear Delubrum Reginae. 5&00000000000027620000002,762Queen of Swords I
064856.png&00000000000000050000005&00000000000027650000002,765Savage Queen of Swords I064856.png Savage Queen of Swords I Clear Delubrum Reginae (Savage). Cerberus Horn Icon.png Cerberus Horn 5&00000000000027650000002,765Savage Queen of Swords I
064856.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000027630000002,763Queen of Swords II064856.png Queen of Swords II Clear Delubrum Reginae 10 times. 10&00000000000027630000002,763Queen of Swords II
064856.png&000000000000001000000010&00000000000027660000002,766Savage Queen of Swords II064856.png Savage Queen of Swords II Clear Delubrum Reginae (Savage) 5 times. Titleicon.png (Males): Delubrum Delver
Titleicon.png (Females): Delubrum Delver
10&00000000000027660000002,766Savage Queen of Swords II
064856.png&000000000000002000000020&00000000000027640000002,764Queen of Swords III064856.png Queen of Swords III Clear Delubrum Reginae 50 times. 20&00000000000027640000002,764Queen of Swords III
064856.png&000000000000002000000020&00000000000027670000002,767Savage Queen of Swords III064856.png Savage Queen of Swords III Clear Delubrum Reginae (Savage) 10 times. 20&00000000000027670000002,767Savage Queen of Swords III