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Colibri Genus Icon.pngColibri
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

     Toco Toco

Common Drops

(&0000000000000135000000135) Gil Icon.png Gil
(&00000000000000010000001) Raincatcher Nectar Icon.png Raincatcher Nectar
(&00000000000000010000001) Rainbowlip Oyster Icon.png Rainbowlip Oyster
(&00000000000000010000001) Lorikeet Egg Icon.png Lorikeet Egg
(&00000000000000010000001) Lorikeet Down Icon.png Lorikeet Down

Recently flown ashore in La Noscea these curious pink birds add to the tropical flair of Costa del Sol, and a dapper accessory to the fashion forward pirate captain in Limsa Lominsa.
Name Levels Zone Info
Chamrosh 81 Thavnair - The Perfumed Rise  (11-13)  Aggressive.png
Colibri 30 Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Colibri 30 Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore  (32-24)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Colibri 33 Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore  (29-24)  Aggressive.png
Moonfire Colibri 27 Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Myradrosh 50 Upper La Noscea  Passive.png
Orn Kite The Dravanian Hinterlands - The Answering Quarter  (16-26)  Aggressive.png
Painted Colibri 32 Brayflox's Longstop (Zone)  (12-11, 10-11, 9-12)  Aggressive.png
Painted Colibri 50 Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) (Zone)  Aggressive.png
Rainbow Lorikeet 73 Il Mheg - Voeburtenburg  (25-9)  Aggressive.png
Southern Seas Colibri 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Zone)  Aggressive.png
Toco Toco 59 The Sea of Clouds - The Blue Window  (21-7)  Aggressive.png
Wild Chamrosh 80-90 Thavnair - The Perfumed Rise  (9.9-12.3)  Aggressive.png
Common Actions
Name Description
Loop Tail whip an enemy, dealing slashing damage.
Slowcall Let out a soporific song, slowing enemies in a frontal cone.

Additional actions may be used by specific Species or specific Mobs. See specific species/mob pages for additional actions.


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