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(&0000000000000129000000129) Gil Icon.png Gil
(&00000000000000010000001) Zonure Skin Icon.png Zonure Skin
(&00000000000000010000001) Horde Skull Icon.png Horde Skull
(&00000000000000010000001) Drake Scales Icon.png Drake Scales
(&00000000000000010000001) Biast Scales Icon.png Biast Scales

Drakes are large, ferocious monsters, 18 fulms (over 5 meters) in length, that are known for relentlessly pursuing their prey. Appearing in many regions across Eorzea, these massive lizards can strike with lightning-breath and do serious damage with their mace-like tail. Their bodies are covered in rock-hard scales, and it is said the hide of a venerable Drake can break a steel sword.
Name Levels Zone Info
Aery Biast 55 The Aery - Aery Exterior  Aggressive.png
Aery Drake 55 The Aery - Aery Interior  Aggressive.png
Ashdrake 32 Eastern La Noscea  (11-9, 8-8, 9-7)  Aggressive.png
Augmented Battle Drake 25 Southern Thanalan - Broken Water  (16-12)  Aggressive.pnglink=Harder%2C Bigger%2C Faster%2C Stronger
Biast 45-47 Coerthas Central Highlands - Boulder Downs  (11-29, 11-25, 16-29)  Aggressive.png
Blizzard Biast 41-43 Coerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim - Whitebrim Front  Aggressive.png
Blizzard Biast 41-43 Coerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim - Whitebrim Front  Aggressive.png
Dravnian Outwalker 41 [[]]  Aggressive.png
Firedrake 13-17 Eastern Thanalan - Drybone  (17-22)  Aggressive.png
Firedrake 24-28 Southern Thanalan - Broken Water  Aggressive.png
Flame Zonure 77 Amh Araeng - Nabaath Areng - The Pristine Palace of Amh Malik (27-35)  Aggressive.png
Gore Horde Battle Drake 40 Eastern Thanalan - Sandgate - Amalj'aa Encampment (19-27)  Aggressive.png
Grey Draco 71 Lakeland - Weathering  (35-11)  Aggressive.png
Greywine 45 Coerthas Central Highlands - Providence Point  (23-8)  Aggressive.png
Inferno Drake 32 Eastern La Noscea  Aggressive.png
Lava Drake 44 Dzemael Darkhold - Inner Hold  Aggressive.png
Liegedrake 55 The Aery - Aery Apex - Nidhogg An  Aggressive.png
Mists Biast 55 The Churning Mists - Eil Tohm  (34-32)  Aggressive.png
Mists Drake 55 The Churning Mists - Ohl Tahn  (12-17, 15-16)  Aggressive.png
Mud Biast 32 Eastern La Noscea  (12-9, 9-7)  Aggressive.png
Rimy Biast 48 Coerthas Central Highlands - Boulder Downs  (10-29)  Aggressive.png
Rongeur 45 Coerthas Central Highlands - Boulder Downs - Daniffen Pass (13-23)  Passive.pngFATE Icon.png
Sundrake 32 Southern Thanalan - Sagolii Desert  (25,38)  Aggressive.png
Tempest Biast 32 Eastern La Noscea  Aggressive.png
Thunderclap Guivre 20 Halatali - Hall of the Secutores  (7-8)  Aggressive.png
Zahar'ak Battle Drake 48 Southern Thanalan - Zahar'ak  (30-19)  Aggressive.png
Zanig'oh 50 Southern Thanalan  Aggressive.png
Raimdelle Codex
"A drake is a manner kind of dragon that dwelleth in divers climes; now in crags, now in fens, now in holts. He hath a fierceness and hardihood and taketh heed of prey and pursueth him over sea and mountain with a great rese pight to catch his prey. Lightning is gendered without the drake that melteth a man and melteth not the drake."
Name Description
Burning Cyclone Delivers a blast of Fire to enemies in a frontal cone.
Electrify Spit Lightning on enemies in an area of effect.
Levinshower Breath Lightning on enemies in a frontal cone.
Smouldering Scales Wreath self in flames, gaining damaging spikes.


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