Coming to Gridania

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 1   Coming to Gridania
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XP Gil
Expicon.png50 Gil Icon.png103
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To be recognized as an adventurer in the city–state of Gridania, you must first register yourself with the Adventurers' Guild.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Bertennant: New Gridania (x:13.6, y:14.1)
Type: Sidequest
Unlocks: A Good Adventurer Is Hard to FindSidequest1 Icon.png
Close to Home (Gridania)Mainquest1 Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Coming to Gridania

Bertennant in New Gridania (x:13.6, y:14.1)
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Mother Miounne in New Gridania (x:11.7, y:13.6)
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Mother Miounne in New Gridania (x:11.7, y:13.6)
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  • Wood Wailer Bertennant suggests that you speak with Carline Canopy proprietress Mother Miounne before you begin exploring.
  • Now that you have successfully registered yourself as an adventurer, you are ready to begin exploring Gridania. Speak with Miounne again to learn more about the city and the basics of adventuring.


Blue Badger Gate

Within these gates, you are bound by our laws─laws with which you are no doubt unfamiliar. Listen well, and I shall guide you.
Another green adventurer, I presume? I thought as much. We cannot allow strangers to wander Gridania unchecked and untested. Before you rush off and begin pestering every second citizen for work, I suggest you make yourself known at the Carline Canopy. That's the headquarters of the local Adventurers' Guild, in case you were wondering. The Carline Canopy is the building you see behind me. Speak to Mother Miounne within, and she will take you in hand.
Make yourself known at the Carline Canopy, where the local Adventurers' Guild is headquartered. Speak to Mother Miounne within, and she will take you in hand. So long as you are within Gridanian territory, you must abide by Gridanian laws. Go now, and do as I have instructed.
That's as far as you go, son. Head over to Bertennant, and mind you do as he says.
Where do you think you're going? The Adventurers' Guild is the other way!
I don't believe I've seen your face before. New to Gridania I take it? Then you're required to register at the Carline Canopy. Don't let me catch you strolling about until you've done so.
Halt! Unregistered outsiders are not permitted beyond this point. If you wish to remain in our city, you must obey our rules and proceed to the Carline Canopy at once.
You're not from around here, are you? You should probably speak with Mother Miounne first. She's over at the Adventurers' Guild counter.
Ah! Give a man a bloody fright, sneaking' up on me like that... Hm? Newly come to Gridania, are ye? Then I suggest ye continue on yer merry way to the Carline Canopy just behind me. Mother Miounne will want a word with ye.

The Carline Canopy

Elezen Patron
The tallest mug of your strongest ale!
Coming right up, love!
They say the Seventh Umbral Era is corrupting the wildlife in the woods—making the beast stronger, more aggressive.
Bland cuisine apart, I have begun to grow fond of this city and its people. The women, especially. I would not have believed the Black Shroud concealed such grace and beauty!
<crunch> Hm...? <crunch> Shouldn't you be speaking with... <crunch> ... Mother Moiunne? <crunch> <crunch> <crunch>
Gridania can be such a bore, sometimes. All the people talk about is trees and elementals... Perhaps I should try my fortune in a city with a touch more excitement. They say the streets of Ul'dah are paved with gold, and the pirates of Limsa Lominsa will slit your throat as soon as look at you!
New in town, eh? You and me, we must be fond of the road indeed to brave the journey to this godsforsaken city.
I thought a remote town like this would be the perfect place to turn a profit. But ti seems that no matter where you go, success is invariably achieved through the usual combination of labor and luck. Hmph.
Ah, a new adventurer! I do so love meeting fledgling heroes—so young, so daring, so ambitious! Tell me, have you made a will?
I care not one whit for your rules! I demand a room!
The number of visitors in Gridania is on the rise with every passing day. A pity their arrival seems to being an equal share of trouble...
I think I found us the perfect job!
Don't tell me... Squirrels again?
Another adventurer in search of work, are we? Ah, if you have but recently arrived in town, I must insist that you first register your presence with Moiunne.
Well, well, what have we here? A wide-eyed and wondering young adventurer, come to put your name down at the guild, I assume? Actually...haven't you registered with us already? There's something strikingly familiar about you, but I can't for the life of me remember when or where we might have met. Oh, I probably just have you confused with another adventurer─dozens of you come through here every day, after all. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Welcome. Miounne's my name, or Mother Miounne as most call me, and the Carline Canopy is my place. As the head of the Adventurers' Guild in Gridania, I have the honor of providing guidance to the fledgling heroes who pass through our gates. No matter your ambitions, the guild is here to help you attain them. In return, we expect you to fulfill your duties as an adventurer by assisting the people of Gridania. A fine deal, wouldn't you agree? To an outsider's eyes, all may seem well with our nation, but naught could be further from the truth. The people live in a state of constant apprehension. The Ixal and various gangs of common bandits provide an unending supply of trouble—trouble compounded by the ever-present threat of the Garlean Empire to the north. And that is to say nothing of the Calamity... Even now, the wounds have barely begun to heal. Ah, but I speak of it as if you were there. Forgive me. Five years past, Eorzea was well-nigh laid to waste when a dread wyrm emerged from within the lesser moon, Dalamud, and rained fire upon the realm. It is this which people call “the Calamity.” Scarcely a square malm of the Twelveswood was spared the devastation. Yet despite the forest's extensive wounds, not a soul among us can recall precisely how it all happened. I am well aware of how improbable that must sound to an outsider... It is improbable. But it's also true. For reasons we can ill explain, the facts surrounding the Calamity are shrouded in mystery. There are as many versions of events as there are people willing to recount them. Yet amidst the hazy recollections and conflicting accounts, all agree on one thing: that Eorzea was saved from certain doom by a band of valiant adventurers. Whatever else we've misremembered, none of us have forgotten the heroes who risked life and limb for the sake of the realm. And yet...whenever we try to say their names, the words die upon our lips. And whenever we try to call their faces to mind, we see naught but silhouettes amidst a blinding glare. Thus have these adventurers come to be known as “the Warriors of Light.” ...Ahem. Pray do not feel daunted by the deeds of legends. We do not ask that you become another Warrior of Light, only that you do what you can to assist the people of Gridania. Great or small, every contribution counts. I trust you will play your part. You have my gratitude! All that's left, then, is to conclude the business of registration. Here's a quill. Scrawl your name right there. Oh, and I would appreciate it if you used your real name—there is a special place in the seventh hell for those who use “amusing” aliases... Forename Surname, hm? And you're quite sure that isn't an amusing alias? Very well. From this moment forward, you are a registered adventurer of Gridania, nation blessed of the elementals and the bounty of the Twelveswood. The guild expects great things from you.
Wood Wailer
Look at what just arrived─another godsdamned adventurer...
Don't you start with that. Adventurers are the very salve that Gridania needs. The Elder Seedseer herself bade us welcome them with open arms. Do you mean to disregard her will?
Wood Wailer
Of course not! Lest you forget, it is my sworn duty to uphold the peace! Am I to blame if outsiders bring mistrust upon themselves? You—adventurer! Mind that you do not cause any trouble here, or I shall personally cast you out of this realm and into the seventh hell.
Ahem. Pay that outburst no mind. He meant only to...counsel you. Suspicious characters have been prowling the Twelveswood of late, you see, and the Wood Wailers feel they cannot afford to take any chances. As is often the way with folk who live in isolation, Gridanians are wont to mistrust things they do not well know, your good self included. Fear not, however—given a catalog of exemplary deeds, and no more than a handful of years, the locals will surely warm to you. On behalf of my fellow citizens, I welcome you to Gridania. May you come to consider our nation as your own in time. Now then, you may depend on old Mother Miounne to teach you a few things that every adventurer should know.

Possible reference to the 1988 movie, "Coming to America". Edit Coming to Gridania's Notes

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