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Area: Twinpools
Zone: Coerthas Western Highlands (8-10)
Region: Coerthas
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Landmark
Aetheryte: Falcon's Nest
Weather: varies
Expansion: Heavensward
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Monsters (1)
  • There are 1 Monsters in this location.
Sidequest1 Icon.png
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Quests (4)
  • There are 1 Hildibrand Sidequests in this location.
Harvesting (1)
Item Node (Slot) Node Req. Gathering Req.
Chysahl Greens 6 Level:60 Unspoiled
(8 AM/PM)
Level: 60
Perception HQ Icon.png 408
Edit Harvesting: Dragonspit
Mining (1)
Item Node (Slot) Node Req. Gathering Req.
Tungstite 4 Level:60 Legendary
(2 AM/PM)
Tome of Geological Folklore - Coerthas
Level: 60 ★★★
Perception HQ Icon.png 588
Edit Mining: Dragonspit
Fishing Holes (1)
Location POS Level Type Requirements
Dragonspit 8-10 60 Freshwater
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