Duskwight Elezen

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Race: Elezen
Making their home in deep forest caves and caverns for centuries, the Duskwight Elezen are the descendants of those who parted ways with their brethren after the founding of Gridania, choosing instead to remain in the stone-hewn chambers of Gelmorra or seek out new subterranean sanctums. Shunning the fetters of government and society, a great majority of the Duskwight keep a wide berth of the city-states, with some even resorting to brigandry as a means of survival. As a result, they are often looked upon with scorn by the citizens of Gridania, and those who have chosen to make their home in the city often suffer undue discrimination at the hands of their neighbors.[1]

Distribution: The Black Shroud[1]

Physical Attributes:
Similar in height and build to their Wildwood cousins, the defining trait of the Duskwight is the color of their skin, which has come to take on darker hues after generations of calling shadowy caverns home. For the selfsame reason, they also possess an evolved sense of hearing—their ability to ascertain the source of a sound with unerring accuracy, unaffected by echoes or reverberations, is often likened to that of the shadow-dwelling bat.[1]

Sharing similar roots in the old tongue, Duskwight names closely resemble those of their Wildwood cousins, though after years of enmity between the two clans, any once-shared names have long since been claimed exclusively by one clan or the other. Upon examination, similarities between Hyuran (Louis, Hilda) and Elezen given names can often be observed. While some scholars attribute this to a common ancestry shared between the two races, such theories have been roundly dismissed by the proud Elezen.[1]

The customs of the subterranean city of Gelmorra are still practiced by the Duskwight to this day, from architectural advances developed to stake out comfortable residences in the dank, humid caves to mystical wards that serve to stave off the fury of the elementals. The Duskwight-fashioned pomanders—urns engraved with mystic glyphs of great power and filled with fragrant herbs—are an art without parallel in the realm. Duskwight cuisine is famous for its use of Mun-Tuy beans, a staple food in the subterranean depths, where they grow in abundance with no need for sunlight. That these dishes have come to be considered a Gridanian delicacy is an ironic twist, given the history between the two clans.[1]

Starting Statistics
Strength +20
Vitality +19
Dexterity +20
Intelligence +23
Mind +21

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