Empty Heart

Zoneicon.pngEmpty Heart
A small spring that bubbles up on the Gods' Grip, Empty Heart's waters are fresh and pure. Such sources are a rarity, and many are the monsters that come to slake their thirst—so many, in fact, that they are known to fight amongst themselves. [1]
Area: The Gods' Grip
Zone: Lower La Noscea
Region: La Noscea
Landmass: Vylbrand
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Body of Water
Aetheryte: Moraby Drydocks
Weather: Clear Skies icon.png (Clear Skies)
Clouds icon.png (Clouds)
Fair Skies icon.png (Fair Skies)
Fog icon.png (Fog)
Rain icon.png (Rain)
Wind icon.png (Wind)
Expansion: Original
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Location POS Level Type Requirements
Empty Heart 21-34 15 Freshwater
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  1. Encyclopaedia Eorzea pg. 107