Fatter Cat Bugle

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Fatter Cat Bugle  Dollarsignicon.png
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This horn emits a playful honk that calls a rotund-yet-sprightly feline to your side.
Level 1
Item Level 1
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Acquisition Edit Fatter Cat Bugle's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Fatter Cat Bugle's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Available for Purchase via Mog Station
Mog Station Price
Mog Station ($24 / €16.80 / £13.80 / ¥2530)
Used to Summon

Mount Information
Fatter Cat (Mount) Icon.pngFatter Cat (Mount)Flying Mount 
Seeing as how this pursy pussy can defy the very laws of physics by propelling itself high into the firmament, it is very likely that the creature is either a voidsent using a bloated cat's corpse as its corporeal vessel, or a deceased pet reanimated by one well versed in the necromantic arts.
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The entire city would be overrun with large-testicled raccoon dogs and flying rainbow cats...
- Kyokuho

Acquisition: $24 USD from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.
Requires: Fatter Cat Bugle
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
The Merry Wanderer Waltz
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Lore Edit Fatter Cat Bugle's Lore
Do you find yourself staring at your fat cat and dreaming of something greater? Something...fatter? Well, dream no more! This magnificent beast is so large, so wobbly, that both the earth and the very firmament tremble as it trundles. Whence did it come? Don't worry about it! What's important is that, equipped with a saddle blanket lovingly knitted by an elderly woman who fondly dubbed it "Chubbs," this fantastical feline is ready for adventure as your majestic steed!
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