Final Reckoning Nigh

Final Reckoning Nigh.png

Connecting all lands and peoples in her everlasting embrace, the sea bears to Limsa Lominsa the wisdom and voices of a thousand shores. In today’s edition, The Harbor Herald reports from our nation’s docks, which recently saw the combined Lominsan fleet launched ahead of what may be the final confrontation against the Garlean Empire.

Lominsan Fleet Makes Sail

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The morning mist shrouded the Lominsan docks, lending shape to the air of tension that reigned supreme. Arrayed in splendid black livery and wearing a look of mythril resolve, Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn strode up the gangway to take her place aboard the Triumph, the mighty galleass serving as the Maelstrom’s flagship.

Lovingly wrought by the master shipwrights of Naldiq & Vymelli’s, the newly christened vessel smelled of fresh paint and promise. Upon her yet spotless deck, beneath the rippling dragon galley ensign, stood score upon score of our nation’s stalwart defenders, who saluted their commander-in-chief as she performed the customary inspection. Nodding to them in acknowledgement, the Chief Admiral then bellowed the order to weigh anchor, her powerful voice piercing the solemn silence. So it was that the Triumph made sail to join her 28-strong fleet comprised of warships from the Maelstrom, the Lominsan Armada, and myriad pirating crews.

Bound for Destiny
Even as I put quill to parchment, this combined Lominsan fleet is en route to Vesper Bay, the maritime gateway to Thanalan, bearing a burden of soldiers. Upon making landfall, the Lominsans will merge with the forces of the Immortal Flames and the Order of the Twin Adder. Maelstrom officials have been tight-lipped about their plans thereafter, but all evidence suggests that the allied army will then march for the Carteneau Flats in Mor Dhona, where the VIIth Imperial Legion is presently entrenched. It would seem the final confrontation between the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean Empire is just beyond the horizon.

As the main Lominsan host traverses the Strait of Merlthor on its way to the fields of reckoning, a second is in the midst of being assembled. At the heart of this auxiliary force is the Foreign Levy, the Maelstrom unit formed of adventurers and specializing in land warfare. Thus far in the conflict, adventurers have been instrumental in dealing with Garlean presence across the realm. With their strength joined to the main host, the Maelstrom will reach the zenith of its might—the least we will need if we are to smite the imperial invaders once and for all.

I urge all Lominsans to join together in prayer for the good fortune and safe return of our fighting men and women. May the Navigator guide them to the shores of victory!

Yumah Molkot