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First Umbral Calamity

Mob19 Icon.pngFirst Umbral Calamity  HISTORICAL EVENT

The First Umbral Calamity, also called the Calamity of Wind, was the cataclysmic event that began recorded history, ending the period in which the Twelve were thought to have walked the world of Hydaelyn.

It was not until the advent of the Sixth Umbral Era that, by the process of elimination, scholars were able to declare with certainty that the elemental calamity which ushered in the First Umbral Era was indeed connected in some way with wind—possibly in the form of terrible hurricanes, tempests, or tornadoes.

Recent dealings with the moogles of Moghome in which village elders have spoken of a wind-driven disaster previous to the first five calamities serve to further reinforce this theory.
Period: Unknown
Preceded by: Time of the Twelve
Followed by: First Umbral Era
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