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Fleece Icon.pngFleece  Levequest Icon.pngMob Family Icon.pngExplorationicon.pngExplorationicon.png
Soft white wool sheared from a sheep.
Stack Size: 99
Sells for: Gil Icon.png x 5 HQ Icon2.png6
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
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Acquisition Uses
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Potential Reward from Levequests (12)
Levequest Level
A Matter of Import 40
After the Smock-down 40
And a Haircut Wouldn't Hurt 45
Big in Mor Dhona 45
Bundle Up, It's Odd out There 45
Cool to Be Southern 40
Full Moon Fever 45
Glad As a Hatter 45
I'll Swap You 40
No Country for Cold Men 40
Party Animals 40
Seeing It Through to the End 45
Dropped by Monsters (4)
Name Levels Location
Downy Dunstan 36 FATE Icon.png Dragonhead
Mad Karakul Ewe 34-38 Leve Icon.png Dragonhead
Mad Karakul Ram 34-38 Leve Icon.png Dragonhead
Ornery Karakul 35 Zoneicon.png Dragonhead
Ornery Karakul 35 Zoneicon.png Providence Point
Ornery Karakul 35 Zoneicon.png Whitebrim
Acquired from Field Exploration Venture
Field Exploration VII
Acquired from Hunting Exploration Venture
Hunting Exploration Venture Level 35
Recipes using Fleece (5)
Item Skill
Chimerical Felt Icon.png Chimerical Felt
Weaver Icon 5.png
Felt Lining Icon.png Felt Lining
Weaver Icon 5.png
Sheep Rug Icon.png Sheep Rug
Leatherworker Icon 5.png
Undyed Felt Icon.png Undyed Felt
Weaver Icon 5.png
Woolen Yarn Icon.png Woolen Yarn
Weaver Icon 5.png

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