Following in His Footsteps

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 45   Following in His Footsteps
White Mage Quest Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Guaranteed Rewards
Healer's Gloves Icon.png Healer's Boots Icon.png Healer's Culottes Icon.png Healer's Circlet Icon.png 
Informationicon.png Description
Raya-O-Senna would send you on a pilgrimage.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • /pray before the grave of A-Towa-Cant in the Serpent's Tongue.
  • /pray before the grave of A-Towa-Cant in the Tangle.
  • /pray before the grave of A-Towa-Cant in Raubahn's Push.
  • Speak with Raya-O-Senna at Camp Tranquil
  • /pray before the grave of A-Towa-Cant near Proud Creek.
  • Return the unenchanted gloves to Raya-O-Senna.
  • /pray before the grave of A-Towa-Cant near the Kobold Dig.
  • Report to Raya-O-Senna
Issuing NPC: Raya-O-Senna
South Shroud -Lower Paths -Rootslake (18-27)
Type: Job Quest
Unlocks: Sidequest1 Icon.pngYearn for the Urn
Class: White Mage
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngO Brother, Where Art Thou
Required Items
New White Mage's Robe Icon.png New White Mage's Boots Icon.png New White Mage's Circlet Icon.png New White Mage's Culottes Icon.png New White Mage's Gloves Icon.png 
Items Involved: New White Mage's RobeNew White Mage's BootsNew White Mage's CircletNew White Mage's CulottesNew White Mage's Gloves
  • Raya-O-Senna explains that in order to withstand the fury of the great one while performing the Quieting, you must clad yourself in garb imbued with the powers of your forebear. Take the items of clothing she has given you and pray before three of A-Towa-Cant's resting places—In the Serpent's Tongue, the Tangle, and Raubahn's Push—that you might obtain the great mage's blessing.
  • You have successfully received the blessing of A-Towa-Cant for the three pieces of garb entrusted to you. Return and speak with Raya-O-Senna.
  • Raya-O-Senna would have you travel to yet another of A-Towa-Cant's resting places, near Proud Creek in the North Shroud.
  • The grave by Proud Creek has been defiled and A-Towa-Cant's remains stolen, leaving you unable to obtain the great mage's blessing. Return the unenchanted gloves to Raya-O-Senna.
  • Incensed upon hearing that A-Towa-Cant's grave has been robbed, Raya-O-Senna nevertheless sends you on the last leg of your pilgrimage. Travel to the Kobold Dig in outer La Noscea, where the great mage is said to have perished.
  • The final piece of your mage's garb having been blessed, return to Raya-O-Senna.
  • Raya-O-Senna explains her reasons for sending you on the pilgrimage. It was not merely for the purpose of enchanting your ritual garb, but because she wished for you to see with your own eyes the suffering of the realm, as A-Towa-Cant once did. Angered by the defilement of the great mage's resting place, she vows to find the culprit.

Praying at the Serpent's Tongue rewards you with the Healer's Gloves. Praying at the Tangle rewards you with the Healer's Boots. Praying at Raubahn's Push rewards you with the Healer's Culottes. Praying at Proud Creek would reward you with the Healer's Robe if it worked. Praying at the Kobold Dig rewards you with the Healer's Circlet.