For the People

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 80   For the People
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png1,339
Optional Rewards
Exquisite Beef Stew
Exquisite Beef Stew
Pixieberry Cheesecake
Pixieberry Cheesecake
Kukuru Rusk
Kukuru Rusk
Lemon Curd Sachertorte
Lemon Curd Sachertorte
Nightworld Silver Piece
Nightworld Silver Piece
Informationicon.png Description
With furrowed brow, Alphinaud carefully considers where best to look next.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Alphinaud: Eulmore - The Buttress - The Path to Glory (x:11.2, y:9.3)
Type: Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Unlocks: Finding Good HelpMainquest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngA Notable Absence
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:For the People
NPCs Involved: AlphinaudKai-ShirrHastelotChai-NuzzTristolWrenden

Alphinaud in Eulmore - The Buttress - The Path to Glory (x:11.2, y:9.3)
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Kai-Shirr in Eulmore - The Buttress - The Path to Glory (x:11.2, y:9.3)
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Hastelot in Kholusia - Shadow Fault - Wright (x:15.6, y:29.6)
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Alphinaud in Kholusia - Scree - Top Rung (x:12.1, y:20.8)
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Kai-Shirr in Kholusia - Scree - Top Rung (x:12.1, y:20.8)
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Chai-Nuzz in Kholusia - Scree - Amity (x:18.3, y:17.2)
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Tristol in Kholusia - Scree - Amity (x:19.1, y:17.7)
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Alphinaud in Kholusia - Scree - Amity (x:19, y:17.7)
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Kai-Shirr in Kholusia - Scree - Amity (x:19, y:17.7)
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Chai-Nuzz in Kholusia - Scree - Amity (x:19, y:17.6)
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Wrenden in Kholusia - Scree - Pit 8 (x:20.3, y:12.4)
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Chai-Nuzz in Kholusia - Scree - Pit 8 (x:20.3, y:12.5)
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Wrenden in Kholusia - Scree - Pit 8 (x:20.3, y:12.4)
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Kai-Shirr in Kholusia - Scree - Pit 8 (x:20.3, y:12.4)
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Alphinaud in Kholusia - Scree - Pit 8 (x:20.3, y:12.5)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Chai-Nuzz in Kholusia - Scree - Pit 8 (x:20.3, y:12.5)
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It didn't take long for folks to start moaning after Vauthry left. Now everyone in Eulmore's got something to complain about. Wouldn't want to be in Master Chai's shoes, having to keep that lot happy...
All we know for certain is that Master Chai has shown great concern not only for Eulmore, but its surrounding settlements.

It seems logical, then, that having consulted those within the city walls, he would wish to do the same to those without.

Forename, if you would go and make inquiries in Wright, I shall do likewise in Stilltide. Gatetown I leave to you, Kai-Shirr.
Fair enough. Where should we meet when we've finished?
Well...Top Rung would seem to me to be his next most likely destination.
Let us reconvene there. With any luck, one of us will have stumbled upon him by then, but if not, we will be well-situated to continue our search.
With Vauthry gone, I had hoped things would change for the better, but this place seems little different from before. Perhaps they need more time...
Don't worry, Forename. I know Gatetown like the back of my hand. If Master Chai's here, I'll find him in no time.
...No, the name doesn't ring any bells. But there was a rather dapper-looking Mystel gentleman here not long ago. He wanted to talk about relations between Wright and Eulmore--or rather the lack of them.

We lost a great many people to their promises of meol and the chance of a lavish life among the free.

And Vauthry thought to take even more from us, conscripting the few able-bodied men we had left to guard his paradise.

I needn't tell you what happened when the sin eaters came... Such things are hard to forgive.
But Vauthry's gone now, and we're curious to see what will become of Eulmore in his absence.
That's what I told your friend...Chai-Nuzz, was it? And I'm sure the others said the same. Not what he wanted to hear, I suppose, because he left soon after. And that was that.
I hope we didn't do anything to give him offense, but you can't blame us for being wary. Not after all that's happened. If Eulmore one day shows signs of real change, perhaps we'll lend him a friendlier ear.
Turns out Master Chai was over in Gatetown too. He spoke to a few of the residents, apparently. They told me they'd never seen a posh bloke look so miserable.
So he paid a visit to both Wright and Gatetown as well, did he?

I see. Kai-Shirr and I gleaned much the same.

He seems determined to salvage what goodwill might yet remain among the settlements of Kholusia, the only likely place he has left to go being Amity.

Come. If we are quick, we may yet catch up with him.
Forename! Alphinaud! Kai-Shirr! Wh-What are you doing here!?
We might ask you the same, Master Chai. We have been looking all over for you.
Looking for me? Whatever for?
Lady Chai has been nigh inconsolable in your absence. She claims you disappeared without so much as a word, and bade us return you to her side.
What in blazes are you talking about? I left a letter for her in our chambers.
Though I suppose she could have overlooked it... And when she gets an idea into her head... <sigh> I can only apologize.
We were told you had been elected mayor, and from what we have gathered from the nearby villages, you have been inquiring about the peoples' grievances.
Is it safe to assume you mean to take office?
Now, now, let's not jump to conclusions!

I did seek to learn about the problems faced by the people of Kholusia, that much is true. But I am by no means sure I am the man to solve them.

Tackling our many challenges will require resources, and until I have secured them, it would not be right to assume the role of mayor.
I see. And you believe said resources can be found here?
Indeed. The peoples' grievances are many, but in the course of my inquiries, I have already met with several individuals willing to lend their aid in addressing them.
However, there remains one individual crucial to my plans. A man whose counsel might yet make a mayor of me.
With respect, such forethought is, in itself, proof of your suitability.
The city needs you, Master Chai. And I am certain this man of whom you speak--whoever he may be--will reach the same conclusion. For what little it is worth, we will vouch for you should he require convincing.
What will you say?
Whatever you need, you can count on us.
We believe in you, Master Chai!
I...I don't know what to say...
I...I don't know what to say...
You don't need to say anything. You've got your actions to speak for you.

For as long as I can remember, all I ever wanted was to make it into Eulmore. But that dream's gone now, burst like a bubble--or a boil, more like.

Anyway, outside of repaying Master Alphinaud, I haven't had a clue what to do with myself. Spent most days in a daze. But you? You've been running up and down, trying to find a way to fix this mess for everyone.

And I reckon you can do it. You got this lot up Mt. Gulg, didn't you? How hard could mayoring be? You're going to steer Eulmore to a better future, I know it.
And I want to help. Properly help. Do something that makes a difference.
I don't know what it is yet, but I'll work it out on the way. If you let me come with you, that is.
You give me entirely too much credit, the lot of you...but I can't deny it gives me heart. Come, then. Let us press on together.
Thank you, Master Chai!
But we mustn't get ahead of ourselves. Eulmore needs more than a man with good intentions. Which is why I am here--to find one with the experience needed to see the city thrive.
Who is this man, exactly, and are you certain he's here in Amity?
Wrenden is his name, and yes, he is. Or was. I had scarcely begun to explain myself when he decided his time was better spent elsewhere.

He served as chief advisor to Vauthry's father when he was in office.

If Ran'jit was the mayor's right hand, one might say Wrenden was the left, and between them, they kept Eulmore on the road to prosperity.

The city needs more than a mere man of business--which is why I must find him.
But even if you do, what makes you think he will listen?
Before giving chase, might it not be wise to speak with those who know him, here in Amity? They may be able to shed some light on his reason for rejecting your overtures out of hand.
Yes, I suppose that makes sense. Perhaps we should start with Tristol, then. As I recall, you made rather a favorable impression on him. I'm certain he would be willing to talk to us.
I reckon Eulmore could learn a thing or two from Amity about standing on its own two feet. Then again, so could I.
According to Master Chai, this Wrenden fellow occupied a position of considerable influence in the Eulmoran leadership. Which begs the question: why did he choose to leave?
I realize it was me who suggested speaking with Tristol, but who's to say he will be any more receptive than Wrenden? Why should any of them give me the time of day? ...Bah, that's no way to think. Ignore me.
Greetings, friend. And to you too, Master Chai. I presume you are here to ask after Wrenden? I couldn't help overhearing your
Yes, well...with Vauthry gone, Eulmore wants for a leader. Should no one rise to the challenge, the city could very well collapse. I came here seeking Wrenden's counsel in the hope that we could build a better Eulmore together--and that is still my wish. But given how abominably you were mistreated there, I will quite understand if you choose not to help.
Worry not, Master Chai. I bear no grudge against you or the people of Eulmore, and I would not see you suffer for Vauthry's villainy.

As you no doubt gathered from your meeting earlier, Wrenden can be rather uncompromising. He has his principles, you see, and little patience for anyone he deems less committed to their own.

Your desire to right the wrongs of your past, of Eulmore's past, is quite admirable. But I fear the guilt you bear on the city's behalf works against you.

I can see it in your eyes, in the way you carry yourself. It goes without saying he sees it as well. You must let those feelings go, Master Chai. Be more assertive--commit to this course--and prove to him Eulmore has the resolve to change.
The resolve to change...
I believe he was heading towards Pit 8 when he left. If you plan to go and speak with him, I suggest you be firm and clear in your intentions.
Very well. To Pit 8 we shall go. And I will not take no for an answer. Nay, not even a maybe!
Despite our previous...artistic differences, I do believe Master Chai means what he says. But until he starts believing it, I fear it won't amount to an awful lot.
Well, well... It's you again...
And I see you've invited your friends. Need them to fight your battles for you, do you?
I didn't invite them, as it happens...though they are indeed my friends. Not only mine, but every true Eulmoran's.
They are the ones who awakened us to the truth--to Lord Vauthry's villainy. The famous Warriors of Darkness.
Are the now...
Yes. They are. It would be no exaggeration to call them our saviors. We owe much and more to their kindness. But we cannot depend on that kindness forever.
To do so would be little different from entrusting our affairs to Lord Vauthry. Nay, we must learn to stand on our own two feet, and I would have them present to witness my attempt.
Here, here, Master Chai!
Your sentiments are admirable. Yet admirable sentiments do not a nation make.

In my capacity as advisor, I once strove to build a better Eulmore. Gave honest consel to my superiors. Drafted laws for the benefit of one and all...

But in time, my values fell out of favor.. There was no need for them in this paradise Vauthry was creating. And so I left my homeland behind.

But you, Chai-Nuzz--you were content to wallow in indolence under Vauthry's auspices. And so I cannot help but ask myself what manner of nation you intend to build.
I...I can offer no simple answer to that question.

But this much I will say...

It is my hope that Eulmore can become a nation which her citizens might freely choose to build together.

A great many people--myself included--flocked to Eulmore seeking sanctuary. The alternative being to live in fear and die in pain, it seemed an easy choice.
And sanctuary we found. As much food and drink as we could ever want, secured at the cost of the surrounding villages. Little wonder the people fathered at our doorstep, begging to work among the bonded.

The free were blind to it all, of course. Content to --as you say--wallow in indolence. In ignorance...

Were I mayor, I would first take stock of the city's resources, and see that they were assigned equitably. Our days of reckless consumption are behind us.

The distinction between free and bonded died with Vauthry. The needs of rich and poor alike must be considered if our nation is to survive.
To which end, I would take steps to secure channels for supplies, rekindle relations with nearby settlements, reestablish industry, reach out to neighboring nations...and the list goes on and on.

But I am no ruler, nor even a politician--I am an entrepreneur.

My expertise lie in planning and profit. I haven't the knowledge or experience to run a nation.

Please, Wrenden. Will you not help me? Together, we could solve the city's problems. Build a Eulmore for the people.
A Eulmore for the people...

I rather like the sound of that.

But before I offer you my counsel, I would be certain of your ability to perform the duties of office.
You would?
You ask me to help you solve Eulmore's problems, but first, I would see you solve one on your own. Accomplish that, and you will prove both to me and the people that you are a man worth following.
Imagine it... A Eulmore that even a bloke like me could help to build...
People cannot be brought together on the strength of high ideals alone. This I know from painful experience. Wrenden was right to demand proof of Master Chai's commitment.
It remains to be seen if his words will translate into deeds, but I shall endeavor to keep an open mind.
Ahem! Right, then. Is there a particular issue you would have me resolve?
You seem to have conducted an assessment of the problems Eulmore now faces. I assume you will agree, therefore, that the matter of dwindling food stores is the most pressing.
Ah, yes... Meol being neither a desirable, nor less sustainable option, I assume alternative foodstuffs are now required to fill the void.
And a man who hungers is not like to contribute much to violence, perhaps.
So tell me: how do you propose to solve this problem? Give me a satisfactory answer, and I will consider offering you my counsel.
Hmmm... A combination of measures would seem to be in order. One to address the immediate issue of supply, and another, that of production.
Go on...
For the present, Eulmore's coffers can be used to purchase food from our neighbors. This would afford us time to address the underlying problem that affects us all--the long-standing neglect of agriculture.

The villages that once served as sources of trade for foodstuffs must be repopulated, their means of production restored.

This assumes, of course, that we can rekindle relations with our neighbors, guarantee security and stability in the region, and most importantly, find people willing to leave the city and take up the rebuilding effort.
My, my... Think of that all by yourself, did you?
Well...yes. It began as a rather abstract plan I drafted some time ago, after speaking with the peoples of Eulmore and the nearby settlements.
Hmph. ...You've impressed me, Chai-Nuzz.
Uh-- I have? Well, that is a relief!
Oh, you haven't secured my support just yet. Only my attention. Grand plans will not be enough to persuade the masses. If you would ask them to rebuild, you must provide them the means to do so.
A fair point, Wrenden. And one to which I have given much thought. I propose the use of Talos to aid in the establishment and maintenance of these settlements. Their employment should drastically improve efficiency, and ultimately increase production.
Talos? But Daedalus Stoneworks closed their doors years ago. Without a ready supply of the necessary equipment, the people would starve before your plans could be put into effect.
Well, as the heir to Daedalus Stoneworks, it just so happens that Talos are my field of expertise.
And with a little help, I'm quite certain we can acquire what we need in no time at all.

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