Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   Foxfire
Astrologian SB Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png2,500
Guaranteed Rewards
Constellation Attire Coffer
Sleeve Draw
Achievement Rewarded
026041.png The Stars in Our Faults III
Informationicon.png Description
Kyokuho appears frantic...and Master Murakumo is nowhere to be found.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Defeat the spirits before they can harm the citizenry.
  • Weaken Kinko Kugane.
  • Weaken Kinko Kugane then heal her wrath and anguish.
  • Cast Aspected Benefic while under the effect of Nocturnal Sect to complete the barrier.
Issuing NPC: Kyokuho
Kugane -Kogane Dori  (13.2-12.9)
Type: Job Quest
Unlocks: Love, AstrologicallySidequest1 Icon.png
Class: Astrologian
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngBehind Door Number Two
NPCs Involved: KyokuhoLevevaCunning ConsortComplacent ConsortFrightened HinganUdokuPleading Hingan
Mobs Involved: Fleeting SpiritAngry SpiritKinko KuganeFury of the Golden FoxWrathAnguishEvil SpiritUnrest
NPC Locations
Kyokuho in Kugane (x:13.2, y:13)
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Udoku in Kugane (x:12.2, y:14.9)
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Kyokuho in Kugane (x:12.2, y:14.9)
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Kyokuho in Kugane (x:10, y:11.8)
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Leveva in Kugane (x:13.9, y:11.3)
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Kyokuho in Kugane (x:13.9, y:11.2)
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Kyokuho in Kugane (x:10.3, y:11.4)
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Leveva in Kugane (x:10.3, y:11.4)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Kyokuho in Kugane (x:10.3, y:11.4)
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  • Murakumo has yet to return from his survey of the southerly shrine, and Kyokuho has a bad feeling that his master may be in grave danger. Hurry to Rakusui Gardens and search the area.
  • Murakumo was not to be found in Rakusui Gardens. Kyokuho suggests you next visit the westerly shrine on the Short Pier.
  • You and Kyokuho arrive to find the aged master clutching a wound suffered at the hands of one of Kinko's minions. Murakumo pleads with his pupil to allow him to be the sacrifice that seals the barrier for good, but before any vital humours are spilled, Lady Leveva appears seemingly out of nowhere to offer a solution that will conveniently save the day, without having to resort to bloodshed. Hurry with Leveva and Kyokuho to Kugane Castle to set the lady's plan in motion.
  • Following a heated battle that takes you through the heart of Kugane, Kinko is finally defeated, her spirit cleansed and her anger quelled.
  • A new barrier has been erected using energies drawn from both land and heavens. With Kugane safe, Kyokuho must decide where his journey shall take him next. Speak with the geomancer atop Tasogare Bridge.
  • The prophecy has been fulfilled─friends new and old having joined to overcome disaster and achieve hope and new knowledge. One day, maybe the star-crossed companions' paths will cross again.
You'll begin alongside Kyokuho of the Wind and Water and Leveva Heavensreader. Three Fleeting Spirits will be fighting Udoku and a pair of consorts, while an Angry Spirit further on will be attacking a pair of hingans. You MUST defeat all four of these adds before they can defeat their victims, it can be helpful to use Aspected Benefic on them to help keep them up alongside attacking the monsters directly. The hardest part is keeping an eye on both groups, you likely won't have enough time to just deal with the fleeting spirits before the angry spirit.

Once the citizens are safe, cross the bridge to the Kogane Dori where Kinko Kugane will make an appearance and attack, focusing on Kyokuho. Beware of her Foxfang move which will do damage and Poison, and once she hits 75% HP she will teleport away to the Tasogare Bridge near the airship dock. Three Fleeting Spirits will hassle you along the way, deal with them as you see fit. Just before the bridge you'll face a Fury of the Golden Fox, which resembles the first boss of Sirensong Sea. It hits fairly hard, especially its targeted circle AoE Concussive Oscillation. Dodge as best you can and top off your allies who can't foresee the attacks. Only once it's defeated will Kinko Kugane appear once more.

During the fight, various adds will spawn. The first are a pair of Wrath balls that must be healed to defeat them. They'll occasionally use Burning Hate on you if left alive for moderate damage (Possibly worse effects if left for long). Next will be a pair of Anguish balls and three Evil Spirit adds. The Anguishes must be healed and the spirits defeated, the spirits being normal Bhoot monsters. If left alive, the Anguish will use Thorough Cursing, a line AoE that can be dodged.

Once reduced to 0% HP, Kinko will stop attacking and one last wave of adds will spawn, three Evil Spirits and two Wraths. Just focus on healing the Wraths, once topped off there will be a bright light and the spirits will vanish. An Unrest will spawn on Kinko, and you must use NOCTURNAL aspected benefic to proceed. Do so and the fight will end.

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