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Fragments of Truth

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Fragments of Truth

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Urianger: The Waking Sands (x:6.1, y:5)
Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png50Alisaie's ResolveFeaturequest1 Icon.png Alisaie's Resolve (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Urianger would speak with you regarding your mission to prevent Bahamut's return.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Alisaie's assistant at the Burning Wall.
  • Rescue Alisaie's assistant at the Singing Shards.
  • Speak with Urianger at the Ceruleum Processing Plant.
  • Speak with Alisaie.
  • Speak with Erkenrad.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png50Alisaie's PathFeaturequest1 Icon.png Alisaie's Path (Level 50)

  • Urianger would speak with you regarding your mission to prevent Bahamut's return.
  • You have scarcely exchanged two sentences with Urianger when Alisaie appears seeking the Archon's counsel on how to gain entry to the remaining internment hulks. Urianger suggests that she return to the connecting fragments of Dalamud in your company, in hopes that your presence will set events in motion, as it has so often in the past. In the meantime, the Archon promises to seek answers of his own. Make your way to the fragment situated at the Burning Wall in eastern Thanalan, and speak with Alisaie's assistant who has been reconnoitering the site.
  • To your disappointment, Alisaie's assistant reports that he has been unable to identify a viable path to the fragment's exterior, let alone a means to access its interior. Just as you are about to leave for Mor Dhona, where the next fragment lies, he adds that he has lost contact with his brother there. Make haste to the Singing Shards, and ensure that the man does not come to harm.
  • You arrive at the Singing Shards just in time to prevent Alisaie's second assistant from coming to a sticky end. Unfortunately, the news he has for you is not good. If the fellow is to be believed, there will be no entering the fragment of Dalamud in Mor Dhona. Moments later, however, Urianger contacts you via linkpearl to notify you that he may have found a way to breach the remaining fragments. Make haste to the Ceruleum Processing Plant in northern Thanalan, where the Archon will furnish you with the details.
  • Urianger explains to you the method which he and certain other nameless individuals have conceived to reach the remaining internment hulks. Requiring that the laws of aetherial travel be bent to breaking point, the process entails considerable danger, but Alisaie is willing to take the risk. Meet her at the crystal formation known as Dalamud's Talons situated to the north of the plant.
  • Alphinaud arrives at Dalamud's Talons shortly after you do, revealing himself to be Urianger's mysterious collaborator. Having questioned his twin on the origin of her resolve, he declares that he will be joining your party on this descent into the Binding Coil. Speak with Erkenrad at the Ceruleum Processing Plant when you are ready to embark upon your mission.
  • Erkenrad acknowledges your readiness. At your word, you and your comrades will be transported directly inside the first of the two remaining internment hulks. Upon arrival, you must make your way to the main bridge and disable the coil responsible for Bahamut's regeneration. Spare no preparation and expect fierce resistance.
※The Final Coil of Bahamut can be accessed via the Duty Finder.

Man is wont to cast light wheresoever secrets lie hid in darkness─though that which he illuminateth seldom bringeth him joy. So it is with such unhappy truths as Bahamut's immense shadow doth conceal.
Yet ever onward forgeth Mistress Alisaie, undeterred by the burden of knowledge that weigheth heavy on her heart. 'Tis a perilous path she hath chosen, and a painful one. I prithee, Forename, remain by her side as her valiant blade, that she might see her quest to its conclusion.
Forename─it is well that you are here.
My lady. How might I serve you this day?
I have met with some difficulty in my mission, Urianger, and I should be grateful for your counsel.

As you know, Bahamut's physical form is regenerating beneath the Carteneau Flats even as we speak.

If we are to prevent his return, we must needs disable the two remaining internment hulks that sustain him.

Every moment our mission is delayed, the realm is pushed closer to the brink of destruction.
Alas, though I have determined the locations of the fragments of Dalamud leading to the hulks, I have been unable to find a way to enter them.
...And gaining admittance is but the first step in your perilous undertaking.

When last thou descended into Bahamut's subterranean fastness, thou didst discover, didst thou not, that the dread primal had bound the shade of Nael van Darnus unto his will.

And though thou didst consign the fallen legatus to blessed oblivion, thou mayest recall that the piteous wretch was not alone. Doubt not but that Bahamut's other thralls shall seek to hinder thy passage.
...You can say his name, Urianger. I have not forgotten that my grandfather is waiting for us.
My lady. I would remind you, as I must oft remind myself, that the man whom we both loved and revered is no more. What remaineth is but a shade which defileth his memory.
The vile verbiage that spilleth from his lips must not be heeded, for it cometh not from your grandsire, but from Bahamut himself.
You need not worry, Urianger. Come what may, I will not stray from the course.

I will not let Grandfather's sacrifice be in vain!

<sigh> But mere words will not take us whither we must go. As I said, I have been unable to find a way to enter the fragments of Dalamud...
My lady, might I suggest that you visit the fragments again in Forename's company? Full oft hath the Warrior of Light set events in motion by virtue of his presence alone. 'Tis possible that he may do so again.
I, the while, shall search for answers of mine own. By our efforts combined, full sure am I that the path shall be revealed to us ere long.
...Were it anyone else, I should question the wisdom of such advice. Yet I cannot deny that what you say about Forename is true... Very well, I shall do as you suggest.

...Assuming you have no objections, of course? Good. Now, we seek entry to two fragments of Dalamud. One lies at the Burning Wall in eastern Thanalan, and the other at the Singing Shards in Mor Dhona.

I left an assistant at each location with instructions to continue searching for a means of ingress. It is not impossible that they could since have found something useful to us. Let us begin by visiting my man at the Burning Wall. Deks, I think it was.

I say, are you not Master Surname, my lady's most faithful companion? Sinis, sir, at your service! And may I say what an honor it is to meet you!

How goes the survey, Deks?
Ahem. My lady! It shames me to say that I have found no viable path to the fragment.

Though it stands there, before our very eyes, the way thither has thus far proven impassable.

When the fragment fell and pierced the land, it caused a prodigious amount of aether to spew forth.

'Twas this that gave rise to the land's twisted lay, which seems destined to thwart our efforts.
Even were an opening to exist, I fear that we would struggle to reach it.
We cannot give up. Keep trying.
So near and yet so far... Well, it avails us naught to stand here and stare at the thing. Let us away to Mor Dhona, and try the other fragment. Perhaps Sinis has fared better.
Ah! U-Upon that note, my lady, there is something I must tell you. I am sorry to report that I lost contact with my brother just over a bell ago...
A-As you know, the Singing Shards are home to many fell creatures, ogres among them... While I do not wish to cause you undue alarm, I fear something unspeakable may have happened to Deks.
What!? Why didn't you─!? Give me strength!
We must hurry to my assistant's aid, Forename.
The Singing Shards are home to a host of fell creatures, ogres among them... If it would not be too much trouble, I should be most grateful if you would find my brother and keep my lady safe.

Thank you, adventurer! For a moment there, I feared that my bones were to be ground up and used to bake bread!
I am relieved to see that you are unharmed. It was wrong of me to press such a dangerous task upon you.
M-M-My lady! Your worries are wasted on me! 'Twas nothing at all, I assure you!

Ahem! If it please you, I shall report on my findings.

As you can see, though the tip of the fragment is exposed, the rest is encased in rock and crystal, rendering it impossible to enter the structure.

We might try excavating the area around the fragment, but that is like to take time─and there really is no telling how deep we may need to dig before we find a suitable point of ingress.

As such, I am forced to conclude that gaining entry to this fragment is unrealistic. Forgive me, my lady.
Confound it... We are losing precious time. What are we to do now?
'Tis I, Urianger. Glad tidings have I for thee and my lady.

For a blessing, a way hath been found by which thou mayest enter the remaining fragments of Dalamud.

Pray escort Mistress Alisaie to the Ceruleum Processing Plant in northern Thanalan. There, all shall be made clear.
Urianger has found a way!?
Then we must go to him at once!
You needn't linger on my account. Should Master Urianger's method prove viable, rest assured I shall put many malms between myself and this place.

Mine apologies for summoning you thus from afar, my lady, but 'tis here that your journey may finally begin.
I did wonder. To my knowledge, there are no fragments in northern Thanalan.
Nor are you mistaken, my lady. Yet a pathway doth exist─one which you yourself have made use of in the past.
At the conclusion of your several forays into the Binding Coil, 'twas at the crystal formation which lieth to the north of this place that you did emerge, was it not?
Yes. An aetherial stream bore us back to the surface─that much I had surmised. Are you suggesting that we can use it to return underground?
And even if that were possible, would it not simply bear us back to those places which we have already explored?
It need not, my lady. Pray allow me to explain. Upon the evidence of your experience, it seemeth plain that two internment hulks may share the selfsame aetherial egress. From this, we did infer that others may be connected in like wise. Thus did we labor long to verify the existence of further tributaries to the selfsame stream─in which task we were at length successful. 'Twas then but a matter of arriving at a solution to the problem of traveling to an unattuned destination...
That one might reach what we may call the headwater, we propose to employ a modified aetheryte which serveth to amplify such ripples as do originate from said source. By focusing one's essence upon these ripples, it should be possible to make the journey. Yet be fairly warned, my lady: as with all untried modes of aetherial travel, this method entaileth considerable danger. Merely to attempt the voyage could cost you your life.
That is a risk I am willing to take! You are brilliant, Urianger!
But I am curious... Did you have assistance in forming this plan? I could not help noticing your repeated use of the word “we”─unless you have taken to using the majestic plural in our absence?
...Ah. Ahem. Nay, my lady. As you have correctly surmised...I was not alone in this endeavor.
...Meaning there are others who are aware of our mission.
Well, it cannot be helped now. Preventing Bahamut's return is what matters. If some secrecy must be sacrificed to achieve our goal, then so be it.
Verily, 'twas not my wish to withhold knowledge of the aid I received... I pray that Mistress Alisaie will forgive me when she learneth of its source...
So that must be the modified aetheryte. But what are the Immortal Flames doing here...?
Those men may be sworn Flames of Ul'dah, but they are first and foremost faithful retainers of House Leveilleur.
Alphinaud!? So it was you who was helping Urianger!
Who else could it have been, dear sister?

Lest you worry, I have no intention of making the details of your venture public. Like you, I would prefer to avoid causing a panic.

But given that which is at stake─namely, the survival of the realm─one must be willing to accept help when it is offered. Would you not agree?

At the very least, do not be cross with Urianger─'twas at my behest that he kept silent.
Hmph! We will speak later!
Pray forgive me, my lady, but knowing full well your intent, I judged it meet that Master Alphinaud be informed.
Though your grandsire hath become Bahamut's thrall, his noble blood courseth yet through both your veins, and if he must needs be struck down─
Do you hear that, Alphinaud? I mean to strike down Grandfather! And when I have done so, I shall banish Bahamut to the aether!
Nothing you say will sway me from my course! I will protect Eorzea, and I will uphold Grandfather's legacy!
Grandfather's legacy...? So you still do not know what you yourself desire. Your actions are still driven by borrowed resolve.
Borrowed resolve!? What does that have to do with anything!?
Protecting Eorzea was Grandfather's goal, and we made it ours─both of us! That is why we came here, unless you have forgotten!
Gods forbid I should ever forget, Alisaie. But you misunderstand. I do not question your resolve, only whence it came. If it were your own, you would be able to tell me precisely why you desire so fervently to protect Eorzea.

Yet you cannot, for it is not your resolve, but Grandfather's. You may struggle to see the difference, but borrowed resolve shall never be as strong as that which springs from within.

...But let us speak of this another time. For now, preventing Bahamut's return is all that matters.

To be plain, I have no objection to striking down whatever is left of Grandfather. Know, however, that I will be accompanying you this time. As a son of House Leveilleur, I would be present for his final moments.
...Very well. You may join us...on one condition: I make the decisions.
If it please milady, the name's Erkenrad. Our preparations are just about complete.
When you're ready to embark on your mission, just give me the word. I'll be waiting for you at the Ceruleum Processing Plant.
Pay no heed to my brother. You can rely on me. We have come far together, you and I, and together we shall see our journey to its end.
I've been waiting for you, Master Surname. I'm pleased to say that the aetheryte's primed and ready.

As you know, the remaining internment hulks are connected to the fragments in eastern Thanalan and Mor Dhona. It's to the former that we'll be sending you first.

Now, you'll be starting inside the hulk, meaning you won't have to cover so much ground─the drawback being that you'll be fighting for your life from the moment you get there. Best be prepared for anything, for milady's sake if not your own.

And that's about all I can tell you. When your preparations are in order, just give me the word, and I'll send you on your way. I may even throw in a prayer for your speedy return just to be on the safe side.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
So this is how it looks on the inside...
This internment hulk still functions...

The teleportation was a success─we are come to the right place.

There is no telling how much further Bahamut has regenerated since we last beheld him.

Let us make haste to the main bridge and deactivate the coil.
There were receptacles similar to these in the previous hulk.

Those held chimerical beasts, but only the Allagans know what other abominations may be sleeping within.

They may well be part of Dalamud's internal defenses. We must stay on our guard at all times.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
By the Twelve... Dragons...and so many...

We were aware that the Allagans possessed the means to control the creatures, but to imprison them thus is...barbaric. I would not wish such a fate upon my worst enemy.

'Tis plain that no love was lost between the Allagans and the dragons, but was it truly necessary to keep so great a number here?

Dalamud did not want for defenses, this we have experienced firsthand. Such guardians as the Allagans created─both living and unliving─were surely no less capable of repelling intruders than these poor creatures...
Tell me something, Alisaie.
Have you not managed to determine by whose will Bahamut exists?
No, I have not. At first, I assumed that Bahamut had no people of his own─that the Allagans had perhaps discovered a way to simulate prayer itself.

However, Nael's words gave me cause to reconsider─specifically, the shade's mention of Bahamut's “beloved children.”

From that, I inferred that the primal is given form by the will of worshipers whom we have yet to─

Gods strike me down for a blind fool!

Bahamut's beloved children, right there before my very eyes... How could I be so stupid?

Who else but the dragons of eld would summon Bahamut? Who else but they could sustain him? And to think I wondered why the Allagans kept them imprisoned here!
Even should the flame of Bahamut's life go out, his faithful children would summon him back.

For this reason, the Allagan Empire kept an army of dragons here in a perpetual state of duress, that they might sustain the primal's existence.

Truly, the Allagans' ingenuity knew no bounds...and neither did their cruelty.
Small wonder that Bahamut was so enraged! Let no one deny that it was man who sowed the seeds of the Calamity!
Will you now turn your hatred towards our own kind, dear sister?
Do not patronize me, Alphinaud. I merely acknowledge our guilt.

Lest you be in any doubt, I have no intention of allowing Bahamut to lay the world to waste, regardless of the atrocities the Allagans committed against his kind. We have no choice but to eliminate all who worship him, be they his children or his thralls.

It seems reasonable to assume that the system responsible for the primal's regeneration is also responsible for sustaining the captive dragons. If we disable it, all should perish. Let us press on.
Why, this looks like...
A model of Dalamud, yes.

For millennia, Bahamut must have gazed at this unchanging view.

Trapped inside a prison that was scarcely large enough to contain him, unable to move, denied the release of death... How his hatred for man must have burned.

And that hatred found an ideal vessel in Nael van Darnus.
In many ways, Bahamut is to be pitied, not loathed. But knowing the true extent of his fury, I am more convinced than ever of the necessity of our endeavor.
Besides...his is not the only soul that cries out for vengeance!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Gods, he is almost whole again!
His size is staggering… I can scarce imagine how Grandfather stood against such a monstrosity.
This cannot be allowed to proceed any further. Let us disable the coil and move on.


No, that man is dead. I will not dishonor my beloved grandsire’s memory by calling you such.

You are but his twisted shade─the thrall of a mad primal.
You were foolish to disregard my warning, child. Are you so convinced of your own righteousness?
’Tis the rightness of our path that led us to return. Eorzea will never be safe whilst Bahamut remains to threaten all we hold dear.
What of the hero who gave his life in defense of the realm? Do you truly dispute the justice of our cause?
My poor ignorant grandchildren─your world is shaped by naught but recent conflict. Listen, and I will speak to you of “justice.”

‘Twas in the twilight of the Third Astral Era… The southern land of Meracydia suffered invasion at the hands of the Allagan Empire. With no atrocity too depraved for their purpose, the forces of Allag were unstoppable in their advance.

Desperate for salvation, the dragons prayed to one of the first brood─to their ancestor Bahamut. Infused with the power of their fervent supplications, Bahamut arosefrom the abyss of death and took wing as the Meracydians’ new born god.

Yet this great miracle would only serve to further the manical designs of the dragons’ imperial conquerors. The cruel fetters that bind my lord stand testament to the Allagans’ boundless greed and hubris.
I once summoned the Twelve in an attempt to forestall the advent of the Seventh Umbral Era.

What then did the dragons of Meracydia do that I did not? Wherefore are they accursed and I exalted?

‘Tis man’s overweening belief in his own primacy that blinds him to the commonness of his condition…and the truth of his own tyrrany.

As long as man is suffered to remain, the dragons shall never be at peace.

Only when the plague of people has been expunged shall the children of Lord Bahamut be free. Then shall the world know true justice.
Stop it! Grandfather would never say such things! His belief that people were worth saving never faltered!
He had faith in their strength…that they could stand together and push back the darkness seeking to shape them.
A false hope. ‘Tis folly to place one’s faith in so flawed a race.

“Stand together”? Hmph. They would first need to agree on which direction to face. If history teaches us anything, it is that man cannot find common ground between his own two feet.

Even you, twins whose veins run with the same blood, struggle to fathom each other’s reasoning. You hide your differing agendas behind the convenient banner of Eorzea’s salvation. Given your obvious self-interest, can you truly claim no kinship with the Allagans?

And though I hoped they might bring you closer, ‘twould seem the twin grimoires I bestowed upon you were a wasted gesture…
There may well be truth in your judgement of Alisaie and me… but such a one-sided tirade bemoaning the evils of man rings false coming from the lips of Archon Louisoix.

Tell me─do you champion the cause of dragons because Bahamut compels you as his thrall?

Or is it because you yourself have transcended the limits of man’s existence?
Ah, so the possibility did not escape your notice? What I prayed for, and what I have become…these are the keys that unlock the truth behind Eorzea’s rebirth.
If you would have them, then you must needs take them by force. Come, rend this divine form asunder and claim your answers!
But…I thought… He has become a primal!?
’Tis difficult I know, but you must accept it: that entity is no phantom or imposter─it is our beloved grandsire!
Please─for his sake and ours─you must defeat our grandfather!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Grandfather is truly gone this time. But better it end this way than the alternative…
I am yet here Alisaie. My dear sweet granddaughter…
I must thank you, Warrior of Light. Without your valor, I might never have broken free of Bahamut’s control.
These last few moments are mine to live as the man I once was.
This is all that I wanted. Yet now it is happening, I find myself struggling to believe it… is it really you?
Grandfather, pray forgive me my insolence. It was not my intent to demean you.
Forgive you? I am proud of you, child. You were wise enough to deduce the manner of creature I had become.
Alphianud, Alisaie. If any here should beg forgiveness, it is I.
Grandfather, I must ask… Will you not tell us befell during the Calamity?
Yes. Yes, of course. You have come far to hear the truth…

Let us then begin the tale at the Battle of Carteneau, where clashed the forces of the Garlean Empire and the Eorzean Alliance.

‘Twas there in the sky above the surging armies that the elder primal Bahamut broke free of the red moon, Dalamud.

In an effort to contain this avatar of destruction, I called upon the Twelve to aid me in the creation of a prison of aether…

But Bahamut would not be caged by such feeble bars─too vast was his might; too fierce his rage.
You know of what happened next. I used the last of my strength to send you and your companions outside of time, and then prepared to meet my end.

Little choice remained to me. I used the last of my strength to entrust our hope unto the future, and prepared to meet my end.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
As you have no doubt surmised, I did not perish. When the cage built from the essences of the Twelve was destroyed, the sky was filled with a colossal cloud of aether…

This drifting energy responded to the prayers of those fighting below─and my own desperate wish that the dying realm be saved─by infusing me with the power of a primal.

I became the immortal Phoenix, ancient symbol of rebirth.

Rising into the sky, I struck Bahamut with all my newfound strength. The blow shattered his earthly form, and a shower of aether rained down upon the land.

Thus began the rejuvenation of Eorzea.
Believing the deed done, I relinquished my hold on that staggering energy, desirous that it should return to the realm without delay.

But I had not reckoned on Bahamut’s tenacious will. Even as he teetered upon the cusp of oblivion, the dragon reached out to claim me.

Alas, within my fast fading form, enough remained of the Phoenix’s energy to offer Bahamut a hold, and he dragged me along in his wake.
And thus began your existence as the elder primal’s thrall.
I cannot help but wonder at his will to survive… Though he was all but obliterated, Bahamut found a way to seize the power you surrendered.
That would explain how part of his physical form survived to be entombed underground.
’Twould also explain why Eorzea was so terribly warped. Even as the land sought to restore itself, the returning flow of aether was cut off.
Very good. When his grip on existence was once again secured, Bahamut did not cease his feast until he had consumed every last mote of aether that yet floated in the air.
And still he was not fully restored…
You must remember that by this time, much of the freed aether had already returned to the land. That which remained was not sufficient to reconstruct so massive a form in its entirety.

But there did not need to be─not for a being sustained by the marvels of Allagan technology.

As long as some piece of Bahamut persists, the coils will seek it out and continue their regenerative task.

The fragments of Dalamud appear motionless from the surface, but deep beneath the ground they had been searching…tunnelling through rock and soil towards their escaped prisoner.

And, as you have observed for yourselves, they found his heart.
Warrior of Light, heed me. You must put a stop to Bahamut’s regeneration.

Whether it be for man or for dragonkind, the question of justice is irrelevant. The elder primal will leave naught but a smoldering wasteland for both his children and ours.

I beg you to defend Eorzea─as you always have, and as I always knew you would.

I beg you to defend Eorzea, and guide its people to the future they yet struggle to find.

This portal will take you to the final internment hulk. ‘Tis time for the tale of Bahamut and his part in the Calamity to come to an end!
Alphinaud, Alisaie. Pray come closer.

Your hopes and dreams must no longer be an extension of mine. You must needs find your own reason to fight for this realm─your own meaning in this sea of chaos.

Will you do that for me?
Of course, Grandfather. I have already made it my mission to see this newborn Eorzea survive and flourish.
Alisaie. While I was yet in thrall to Bahamut, you spoke of my faith in man’s strength. Know that your words reached me, imprisoned though my soul still was.

So forceful was your conviction, I wonder if that belief has not become your own. Perhaps, after all your anger and sorrow was spent, you found something greater within you.

See this fight to its culmination. ‘Tis also your strength in which I have faith.
Thank you…for everything… Pray take your rest, Grandfather… You deserve it.
There are records of an art that allow one to summon the power of a primal from the essence of its demise.

And though I am no true primal, all that I have left, I give to you.

Alphianud. Alisaie. My darling grandchildren. May light’s blessings ever keep and protect you.
Come, Warrior of Light. Our task remains undone!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
'Twas a long and arduous road, but at last we reach its end.

Farewell, Bahamut. I banish you back to the aether!

He is not yet whole! I did not think him capable...
Ugh... Alisaie! ALISAIE!
I had thought it finally over...

We'll not survive another blast!

No... Is this how I honor my promise to Grandfather?
You must needs find your own reason to fight for this realm─your own meaning in this sea of chaos. Will you do that for me?
I will, Grandfather. In fact, I believe I already have.

That reason has been with me all along, guiding me─Eorzea's blade of Light, shearing through the endless shrouds of darkness...

I have been shown the miraculous feats of which we are all capable. Of which I am capable.

Bahamut! You have wreaked enough havoc!

I will not let your wrathful fires consume all that we know and love!

How long I have waited to hear you say that! You have found your resolve at last!

Let me join my strength to yours.

In this place, in this moment, our purpose has become one!
For the future of Eorzea!
This last task is yours, Warrior of Light! You must destroy Bahamut's crystal core!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
You did it!

But one task remains...

With this last coil disabled, there shall be naught left to bind Bahamut to this world. His beloved children will finally know peace...
'Tis done. He is truly gone.
You knew, didn't you? You knew what Grandfather had become.
I...was not certain. But from all I had gleaned, it seemed a distinct possibility. ---- The scene people describe of the Battle of Carteneau was one of unimaginable devastation. And 'tis through the combined prayers of the desperate─and an abundant source of aether─that primals are born. I merely put two and two together.
And you consider that a sufficient explanation?

Well, however you stumbled across your theory, 'twas this revelation that made you wary of my attachment to Grandfather.

You feared that in my obsession, I would fall under his primal sway. Is that why you decided to join us? To pull me back should I show signs of wavering?
Pray forgive me, Sister. I wished only to protect you. Yet I see now that I needn't have doubted the strength of your conviction.
May I ask you a question? What do you now intend to do with the truth you have uncovered?
Which particular truth was that, Brother? The fact that desperate prayer gave rise to the primal Phoenix? That this new god was responsible for setting Eorzea on the path to rebirth?
Should such a tale become common knowledge, people would soon offer up their prayers in earnest─they would beseech Phoenix to complete the healing that was begun.
Yet as you and I know all too well, the very act of calling forth this savior would do more harm to the land than good.

We cannot encourage such worship for this very reason. Were Grandfather forced to return as an aether-draining primal, 'twould undo all that he had worked to protect.

Your abiding love for him was the key that unlocked the truth of the Calamity.

But keys may also serve to seal doors that were best left unopened.

Let your love now guide your actions, and lock away deep inside the fate of both Grandfather and Bahamut.
Fear not, Alphinaud─I understand what must be done.

The realm need not know the truth for it to be saved.

That the elder primal is banished, to return no more...that is enough.

Let us make our way back to the surface. Poor Urianger must be beside himself with worry!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
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