Goblin Cup

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Goblin Cup  Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png
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Goblins fill these iron cups with rot-tea. It should probably be scoured before use.
Level 1
Item Level 1
Statistics & Bonuses:
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Stack Size 999
Sells for Unsellable
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Acquisition Edit Goblin Cup's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Goblin Cup's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Sold by Merchants (10)
Merchant Price
Rolanberry Field (14.2-12.6)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Tamamizu (28.4-15.1)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Scrip Exchange (Eulmore)
Eulmore Aetheryte Plaza (11.6-10.7)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Scrip Exchange (Idyllshire)
Idyllshire (5.7-7.0)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Scrip Exchange (Limsa Lominsa)
West Hawkers' Alley (6.0-11.9)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Scrip Exchange (Mor Dhona)
Revenant's Toll (22-6)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Scrip Exchange (Old Gridania)
Old Gridania (14.1-9.1)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Scrip Exchange (Rhalgr's Reach)
Rhalgr's Reach (9.9-12.5)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Scrip Exchange (The Crystarium)
The Baldaquin (9.8-8.5)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Scrip Exchange (Ul'dah)
Sapphire Avenue Exchange (14.2-10.8)
Goblin Cup
 x 1 for Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 25
Traded to: (1)
NPC Item
Grinmox Augmented Millkeep's Saw Icon.pngAugmented Millkeep's Saw
Grinmox Augmented Forgekeep's Hammer Icon.pngAugmented Forgekeep's Hammer
Grinmox Augmented Hammerkeep's Beetle Icon.pngAugmented Hammerkeep's Beetle
Grinmox Augmented Gemkeep's Mallet Icon.pngAugmented Gemkeep's Mallet
Grinmox Augmented Hidekeep's Knife Icon.pngAugmented Hidekeep's Knife
Grinmox Augmented Boltkeep's Needle Icon.pngAugmented Boltkeep's Needle
Grinmox Augmented Cauldronkeep's Alembic Icon.pngAugmented Cauldronkeep's Alembic
Grinmox Augmented Galleykeep's Frypan Icon.pngAugmented Galleykeep's Frypan
Grinmox Augmented Millkeep's Claw Hammer Icon.pngAugmented Millkeep's Claw Hammer
Grinmox Augmented Forgekeep's File Icon.pngAugmented Forgekeep's File
Grinmox Augmented Hammerkeep's Pliers Icon.pngAugmented Hammerkeep's Pliers
Grinmox Augmented Gemkeep's Grinding Wheel Icon.pngAugmented Gemkeep's Grinding Wheel
Grinmox Augmented Hidekeep's Awl Icon.pngAugmented Hidekeep's Awl
Grinmox Augmented Boltkeep's Spinning Wheel Icon.pngAugmented Boltkeep's Spinning Wheel
Grinmox Augmented Cauldronkeep's Mortar Icon.pngAugmented Cauldronkeep's Mortar
Grinmox Augmented Galleykeep's Culinary Knife Icon.pngAugmented Galleykeep's Culinary Knife
Grinmox Augmented Millkeep's Cap Icon.pngAugmented Millkeep's Cap
Grinmox Augmented Millkeep's Apron Icon.pngAugmented Millkeep's Apron
Grinmox Augmented Millkeep's Gloves Icon.pngAugmented Millkeep's Gloves
Grinmox Augmented Millkeep's Slops Icon.pngAugmented Millkeep's Slops
Grinmox Augmented Millkeep's Workboots Icon.pngAugmented Millkeep's Workboots
Grinmox Augmented Forgekeep's Goggles Icon.pngAugmented Forgekeep's Goggles
Grinmox Augmented Forgekeep's Redingote Icon.pngAugmented Forgekeep's Redingote
Grinmox Augmented Forgekeep's Gloves Icon.pngAugmented Forgekeep's Gloves
Grinmox Augmented Forgekeep's Slops Icon.pngAugmented Forgekeep's Slops
Grinmox Augmented Forgekeep's Sandals Icon.pngAugmented Forgekeep's Sandals
Grinmox Augmented Hammerkeep's Visor Icon.pngAugmented Hammerkeep's Visor
Grinmox Augmented Hammerkeep's Waist Apron Icon.pngAugmented Hammerkeep's Waist Apron
Grinmox Augmented Hammerkeep's Work Gloves Icon.pngAugmented Hammerkeep's Work Gloves
Grinmox Augmented Hammerkeep's Slops Icon.pngAugmented Hammerkeep's Slops
Grinmox Augmented Hammerkeep's Workboots Icon.pngAugmented Hammerkeep's Workboots
Grinmox Augmented Gemkeep's Coronal Icon.pngAugmented Gemkeep's Coronal
Grinmox Augmented Gemkeep's Gown Icon.pngAugmented Gemkeep's Gown
Grinmox Augmented Gemkeep's Chaplets Icon.pngAugmented Gemkeep's Chaplets
Grinmox Augmented Gemkeep's Trousers Icon.pngAugmented Gemkeep's Trousers
Grinmox Augmented Gemkeep's Sandals Icon.pngAugmented Gemkeep's Sandals
Grinmox Augmented Hidekeep's Cap Icon.pngAugmented Hidekeep's Cap
Grinmox Augmented Hidekeep's Apron Icon.pngAugmented Hidekeep's Apron
Grinmox Augmented Hidekeep's Gloves Icon.pngAugmented Hidekeep's Gloves
Grinmox Augmented Hidekeep's Trousers Icon.pngAugmented Hidekeep's Trousers
Grinmox Augmented Hidekeep's Workboots Icon.pngAugmented Hidekeep's Workboots
Grinmox Augmented Boltkeep's Gibus Icon.pngAugmented Boltkeep's Gibus
Grinmox Augmented Boltkeep's Dreadnought Icon.pngAugmented Boltkeep's Dreadnought
Grinmox Augmented Boltkeep's Gloves Icon.pngAugmented Boltkeep's Gloves
Grinmox Augmented Boltkeep's Slacks Icon.pngAugmented Boltkeep's Slacks
Grinmox Augmented Boltkeep's Top Boots Icon.pngAugmented Boltkeep's Top Boots
Grinmox Augmented Cauldronkeep's Spectacles Icon.pngAugmented Cauldronkeep's Spectacles
Grinmox Augmented Cauldronkeep's Overcoat Icon.pngAugmented Cauldronkeep's Overcoat
Grinmox Augmented Cauldronkeep's Gloves Icon.pngAugmented Cauldronkeep's Gloves
Grinmox Augmented Cauldronkeep's Longkilt Icon.pngAugmented Cauldronkeep's Longkilt
Grinmox Augmented Cauldronkeep's Jackboots Icon.pngAugmented Cauldronkeep's Jackboots
Grinmox Augmented Galleykeep's Toque Icon.pngAugmented Galleykeep's Toque
Grinmox Augmented Galleykeep's Whites Icon.pngAugmented Galleykeep's Whites
Grinmox Augmented Galleykeep's Gloves Icon.pngAugmented Galleykeep's Gloves
Grinmox Augmented Galleykeep's Trousers Icon.pngAugmented Galleykeep's Trousers
Grinmox Augmented Galleykeep's Top Boots Icon.pngAugmented Galleykeep's Top Boots
Grinmox Augmented Handmaster's Tool Belt Icon.pngAugmented Handmaster's Tool Belt
Grinmox Augmented Handmaster's Earrings Icon.pngAugmented Handmaster's Earrings
Grinmox Augmented Handmaster's Necklace Icon.pngAugmented Handmaster's Necklace
Grinmox Augmented Handmaster's Armillae Icon.pngAugmented Handmaster's Armillae
Grinmox Augmented Handmaster's Ring Icon.pngAugmented Handmaster's Ring
Grinmox Craftsman's Competence Materia IV Icon.pngCraftsman's Competence Materia IV
Grinmox Craftsman's Cunning Materia IV Icon.pngCraftsman's Cunning Materia IV
Grinmox Craftsman's Command Materia IV Icon.pngCraftsman's Command Materia IV

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