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Guide:Steel Reign

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This guide is for the Level 50 FATE Steel Reign, through which adventurers can challenge the elder primal Odin. Despite the event level, that of Odin himself varies. If Odin is defeated, he will be one level higher the next time he spawns; if the FATE is failed, he will be one level lower. The fight is vastly more demanding than regular FATEs and should not be challenged alone. Successful completion of Steel Reign will yield tokens called Odin's Mantles (one for silver, five for gold) that can be exchanged for Odin's armor, helm and sword, as well as chocobo barding modeled after his steed, Sleipnir—all of which cost five mantles each. Additionally, four mantles are used in the recipe for the housing trophy furniture Dark Divinity Falleth, though the Blacksmith crafting the item must win the mantles personally. Interestingly, Odin will occasionally take the appearance of one of the server's adventurers, whose name will appear as a tag next to his own. The player in question is the one who got the final hit on Odin and killed him.

Locating Steel Reign[edit]

After a maintenance, a 72 hour window is opened during which Odin can spawn at any time. After this first FATE ends, the window restarts, but the first 36 hours are a "cooldown" during which he will not appear; this process repeats until the next maintenance occurs. Adding to the challenge, Steel Reign has twelve possible spawn points across all four areas of The Black Shroud, and it will only appear on the minimap. When the event begins, the weather in The Shroud (except for New and Old Gridania) will change to Tension icon.png (Tension), which is not to be confused with Fog icon.png (Fog); the location of the FATE must then be sought out manually as it does not show up on the main map until you get close enough.

Fighting Odin[edit]

Odin should not be engaged until a number of players have arrived, as his attacks do considerable damage and he is likely to wipe a small group with ease. It is advisable to spend this time building a party. Chances are you're going to die, and a solo player will likely not be raised in a timely manner (if they are raised at all). Building a party also allows contribution scores to be pooled and grants the use of a limit break, which will be crucial for the end of this fight.

Once enough people have gathered, tanks may engage while Odin is surrounded and zerged down. Preventing him from excessively moving or changing direction will alleviate the death toll; kiting, especially, makes the fight much more chaotic. Though which of his abilities are tied to which effects is information not yet obtained by this guide (list below), Odin will continually deal area of effect damage and apply debuffs throughout the fight, including slow, vulnerability up, petrification, bind, and damage-over-time; dodging is advised.

One particular move that should be swiftly dealt with is Gungnir. Odin will thrust a spear into the air that is targeted on a single player. Where it lands, a large area will be bound and debuffed until the spear is destroyed. The bind can be cleansed off of your party members, allowing them to damage the Gungnir, as well. Eliminating Gungnirs from the field is an important part of the fight, especially if you'd rather not risk getting near Odin himself.

When he reaches about 5% HP, Odin will stop moving and begin to cast Zantetsuken. If this thirty second cast completes, the FATE will fail and all players within it will be instantly killed. Any player with an offensive Limit Break should attempt to use it, as the cast may be interrupted or the user killed; the caster limit break is less powerful, but it beats not using it at all.

Odin's Abilities to be Defined and Verified