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  Monster / Primal
Title: The Dark Divinity

A primal entity of enigmatic origin, Odin wanders the paths of the Black Shroud astride his great steed, Sleipnir. With the murder of Lady Urth the foremost among his long list of vile deeds, ancient scriptures paint the Dark Divinity as a demonic villain that appeared during the reign of the Allagan Empire. The being who now stalks Gridania's forests has done little to dispel that notion, cleaving in twain all that venture within reach of his blade. There are those, however, who claim that it is the search for Lady Urth, and not a taste for slaughter, which drives Odin in his endless hunt.

A careful study by Seedseer O-App-Pesi and others has revealed that the sword itself—the Zantetsuken—is the primal's true vessel, and by enthralling whosoever takes up its hilt is the Dark Divinity reborn time and time again. Prominent theologians have begun to advocate the idea that the blade was, in fact, the primal champion of Urth's followers, a weapon imbued with godly strength that it might strike off the fetters of Allagan tyranny.

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