Mob19 Icon.pngRatatoskr  HISTORICAL FIGURE

"The way to peace is paved with understanding. We must not cling to our secrets so tightly!"
Ratatoskr was a wanderer and the bearer of dragon's songs, traveling from one corner of the world to the other, carrying tidings amongst her siblings. Of the first brood, she was perhaps the most curious, and worked passionately to establish a lasting peace with man. Alas, she did not fathom the depths of mortals' avarice, and rashly revealed to King Thordan the secret of the wyrms' power. Emboldened, the regent would ultimately betray Ratatoskr's trust and slay the wyrm for her eyes and the strength they might provide.

Her remaining brood can still be seen soaring through the skies, the wanderlust of their progenitor flowing strong through their veins.
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
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