NPC Icon.pngLeviathan
  Monster / Primal / Male

Zone(s): Player7 Icon.pngThe Whorleater
Title: Lord of the Whorl
Lord of All Waters

Lord of all waters, revered by the ocean-dwelling Sahagin. Lurking in the lightless depths, Leviathan devours all that crosses his path. In ages past, seafaring folk believed that tidal waves were a sign of the great serpent's wrath, and they sought to appease him with living sacrifices.

The Sahagin called on the Lord of the Whorl when their spawning grounds were destroyed by the Calamity, praying for Leviathan's floods to cleanse the lands of western La Noscea and create a new haven for their offspring.

In the tales passed down from clutchfather to spawnling, it is told that all was once a parched wasteland devoid of ocean or sea. The gods saw how the star's denizens did thirst, and thus entreated Leviathan to cover the world with water. The Lord of the Whorl answered, laboring to bring forth mighty floods, but even as the hollows of the land filled up with seas, so were the last drops of his essence drained away. When they beheld their dying savior, the newly invigorated ocean-dwellers despaired at his fate, and at the cost of their own lives sought to stem his ebbing vitality.

His strength thus restored, Leviathan, mourning the sea creatures that had perished in his name, bestowed a divine boon upon those that remained. Certain of the fish underwent a transformation, gaining arms and legs and the gift of higher reason. Leviathan named these chosen few "Sahagin" and warned that the blessing of limbs carried with it a price: ever after must they return to the land to lay their eggs. Then did the deity unleash upon an island a crashing tidal wave, scouring away the unclean soil and preparing for his children their sacred spawning grounds. Though Leviathan soon vanished into the murky depths, the Sahagin have ever since shown their gratitude with yearly offerings of sacrifice.


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