NPC Icon.pngSlowfix Cointoss  Sidequest1 Icon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png
  Goblin / Male

Last Known Location:

The Dravanian Hinterlands - The Collectors' Quarter (x:17.4, y:9.8)
Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Idyllshire Aetheryte Plaza


Zone Sublocation Coordinates Map Patch
Idyllshire Idyllshire (x:7.6, y:6.6) Map 3.0
Cutscene (x:0.0, y:0.0) Map 3.4
The Dravanian Hinterlands The Collectors' Quarter (x:18, y:13.8) Map 3.0
The Dravanian Hinterlands The Collectors' Quarter (x:17.4, y:9.8) Map 3.0

Edit Slowfix's Biography
The founder of Idyllshire, Slowfix serves as a figurehead for the goblins of Idyllshire. He was once a wanderer who would pay for his travels through the collecting and refashioning of junk salvaged in the wild. During his roaming, he saw how folk lived within cities, and felt a strong draw towards the decidedly ungoblin-like lifestyle. Thus, once he had completed his pilgrimage, he began to search for a location where he could forge his own nation.

Slowfix's mask is made of dull bronze, and has been handed down through generations of his family. Now that he has seen forty-one winters, he is considering passing it on to his daughter, Roundrox, who has been slow to warm to the notion of donning her father's reeking namesake. Slowfix is also a master at goblin gambling games, and can be found throwing dice when no other matters require his attention.

Edit Slowfix's Notes
Notes: Last name is mentioned by Hildibrand during the A Gazebo to Call Our Own quest.

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