NPC Icon.pngBrithael Spade  Sidequest1 Icon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png
  Hyur / Midlander / Male
Zone(s): Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks - Naldiq & Vymelli's  (10-14)
Mob14 Icon.pngKugane - Pier 2 - Shiokaze Hostelry (9.6-9.8)
Affiliation: Limsa Lominsa
Occupation: BlacksmithGuildmaster
Title: Forgemaster

"Friends'll betray ye, lovers'll leave ye, but yer hammer'll never do ye wrong."

The young forgemaster of Naldiq & Vymelli's, Brithael was thrust into his position by other smiths who had no love of administrative work. Possessed of a strong sense of duty, the Midlander has put his best foot forward in fulfilling his responsibilities with—more or less—a smile on his face. The thirty-year-old also enjoys his ale a little too much, and can oft be found deep in his cups at the Drowning Wench.

Starts Quests (17)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
My First Cross-pein Hammer &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000020000002 150 Class Quest
Hammer Time &00000000000000050000005&00000000000000030000003 1148 194 Class Quest
Riveting Ramblings &000000000000001000000010&00000000000000040000004 5899 289 Class Quest
The Business of Blacksmithing &000000000000001500000015&00000000000000050000005 15120 382 Class Quest
By the Sweat of Your Brow &000000000000002000000020&00000000000000060000006 28420 470 Class Quest
True as Steel &000000000000002500000025&00000000000000070000007 47600 557 Class Quest
As Iron Sharpens Iron &000000000000003000000030&00000000000000080000008 81510 639 Class Quest
Set Faezahr to Stun &000000000000003500000035&00000000000000090000009 117260 Class Quest
Forging Ahead &000000000000004000000040&000000000000001000000010 163415 Class Quest
Beauty and the Bardiche &000000000000004500000045&000000000000001100000011 204930 Class Quest
Waiting in the Winglet &000000000000005000000050&000000000000001200000012 432000 Class Quest
Forging Northwards &000000000000005000000050&000000000000001300000013 88800 none Class Quest
A Missive from the Far East &000000000000006000000060&000000000000001800000018 451980 615 Class Quest
The Client is King &000000000000006300000063&000000000000001900000019 1725300 804 Class Quest
Blood Ties &000000000000006500000065&000000000000002000000020 2079000 821 Class Quest
The Missing Piece &000000000000006800000068&000000000000002100000021 2902500 988 Class Quest
The Final Face-off &000000000000007000000070&000000000000002200000022 Class Quest
Involved in Quests (12)

Additional Dialogue
Welcome, welcome! What brings ye to the Blacksmiths' Guild?
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