Hamujj Gah

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Warleader of the Brotherhood of Ash

Last Known Location:

Southern Thanalan - The Sepulchre (x:24, y:14.3)
Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Little Ala Mhigo

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The Brotherhood of Ash
Born in a clan known for its skilled soldiers, Hamujj excelled in the trials that earned him the warrior title "Gah." His tireless devotion to self-mastery is inspired by the teachings of Whiteknuckle Kerigg Roh, a legendary Amalj'aa fighter, and even at forty and eight summers, ever does he seek out mightier foes against which to hone his martial abilities. Appalled by the growing number of his kin who grovel at Ifrit's altars for undeserved power, Hamujj Gah distanced himself from the fanatical tribes. Like-minded soldiers followed in his wake, and under his command they founded the Brotherhood of Ash—a company of outcasts dedicated to upholding the traditional way of the warrior. The cowardly acts of the Flamefangs, a faction of Amalj'aa who kidnap the weak and defenseless to serve as sacrifices to the Lord of the Inferno, are particularly reviled by the Brotherhood.

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