NPC Icon.pngWheiskaet Rysswoerdsyn  Sidequest1 Icon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png

Zone(s): Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore - Costa del Sol (32-30)
Affiliation: Limsa Lominsa

"The world has ever been full of brave souls eager to give their lives for a righteous cause, but all too few capable of making a difference with their sacrifice."

A former captain of the Company of Heroes, Wheiskaet counts defeating Titan and Leviathan amongst the many achievements of his forty-six years. Though a grievous battle wound would hasten his retirement from the sellsword life, his ability to wield a blade has not dimmed in the days since. When his company was disbanded, the Sea Wolf took on a new contract, and now he and his remaining men serve as guards to Gegeruju, a wealthy merchant who owns the beaches of Bloodshore.

Starts Quests (6)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Nix That &000000000000003000000030&000000000000004800000048 14820 1615 Main Scenario Quest
A Modest Proposal &000000000000003000000030&000000000000004900000049 14820 Main Scenario Quest
The Things We Do for Cheese &000000000000003200000032&000000000000005700000057 15990 3802 Main Scenario Quest
What Do You Mean You Forgot the Wine &000000000000003200000032&000000000000005800000058 15990 Main Scenario Quest
A Final Ignominy &000000000000003300000033&000000000000006600000066 16380 1461 Main Scenario Quest
As You Wish &000000000000003300000033&000000000000006800000068 16380 1377 Main Scenario Quest
Involved in Quests (18)
Member of Organization(s) (1)

His name means "Soft Shadow, Son of Giant Word".
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