NPC Icon.pngZurvan
  Monster / Primal / Male

Zone(s): Player7 Icon.pngContainment Bay Z1T9 (Zone)
Title: Zurvan the Demon

"I am come to mete out justice. To bestow the blessings of victory unending. I am Zurvan. He who standeth above all other gods. He who shall bring slaughter and ruin!"

Called forth by a Meracydian race of centaurs, this deity is believed to command the boundless expanse of eternity and thus stand above all other gods in existence. Charged with the punishment of wicked divinities, Zurvan is also the embodiment of victory over injustice. The eikon's nightmarish aspect reflects the terrible inevitability of his triumph, and records describe the "Demon" striding into battle girded head to foot in armor formed of unshifting flame.

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