NPC Icon.pngO-App-Pesi  Sidequest3 Icon.png
  Padjal / Male
Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngSouth Shroud - Silent Arbor - Quarrymill (25-20)
Mob14 Icon.pngSouth Shroud - Urth's Gift - Urth's Fount (33-23)
Affiliation: Gridania

"Being a servant of the forest, naught would delight me more than to see all living beings abiding with one another in harmony."

A Hearer, Brother O-App-Pesi was given to the care of Stillglade Fane in accordance with ancient law. There, Brother E-Sumi-Yan raised him, and instructed him in the ways of conjury and communing with the elementals. O-App-Pesi's talents grew mightily, so much so that scholars believe he could have been Seedseer in another age. In this one, however, the birth of Kan-E-Senna precluded that possibility.

With a passion for the written word, O-App-Pesi has knowledge of legend, folklore, and all manner of history. Indeed, few are as well versed in the ancient Allagan Empire. Since the recent passing of his thirty-sixth nameday, he has been entrusted with dispelling Odin, the Dark Divinity who has roamed the Black Shroud since the Calamity.

Involved in Quests (2)
Pre-Calamity Involvement (2)
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Additional Dialogue
Be safe, adventurer. If the Dark Divinity truly rides anew, dark days are upon our realm indeed...
Pre-Calamity Dialogue
Greetings, friend. I am O-App-Pesi, of the conjurers.
The Empire's assaults grow ever more frequent and vicious. To make matters worse, it would seem they have established a new stronghold in Mor Dhona. With the enemy so close at hand, there is no hope of raising the Irmin Hedge.
In the absence of such a barrier, we are left no recourse but to put down whatever manner of fiend breaks through by force of arms alone. Those able to fight must do so.
As with all padjal, the leading vowel indicates he is male, "O-App" is his forename and "Pesi" is the surname.
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