NPC Icon.pngQuquruka Tataruka  Sidequest3 Icon.png
  Lalafell / Dunesfolk / Male

Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngSouthern Thanalan - The Red Labyrinth - Nald's Reflection (12-22)
Affiliation: Ul'dah
Occupation: Black Mage
Title: Master Ququruka

In his youth, Ququruka was an accomplished thaumaturge who, in his insatiable thirst for arcane knowledge, turned his hand to the forbidden art of black magic. His research was painstakingly slow until he encountered three beastmen who shared his all-consuming obsession. Combining their efforts, they pieces together broken secrets and prepared a ritual by which black magic could be fully restored to the world. In his prideful arrogance, however, Ququruka altered the rite with his own incantations. His meddling disrupted their tenuous command over the chaotic aether, unleashing energies that tore his beastman friends apart, and reformed them into a singular abomination.

Overcome by horror and remorse, Ququruka returned to Ul'dah, and convinced the authorities to confine him to the Marasaja Pit—the sultanate's deepest of dungeons. There would he lose himself in meditation for a hundred years, until one worthy of donning the black appeared—a successor who could undo the dark deeds he had committed in the name of glory.

Wizard's Attire: A raiment of the black mage. Resplendent after two thousand years, this garb from the Fifth Astral Era is shot through with hex-spun mythril. Such innovations give away this seemingly innocent piece of clothing as the invest for summoning creatures from the void—that otherworldly plane which makes sport of the sanity of man.

Stardust Rod: A sorcerous staff crafted in the Fifth Astral Era by Shatotto, thaumaturge of black repute. Fashioned from the remnants of a star ripped from its course by destructive magic, her Stardust Rods enjoy the highest regard from the worst sort of people. Death's Handmaiden was one of Shatotto's epithets, and despite the ravages of age, her relics live up to their dark reputation.

Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Body Type Adult
(~36.2 inches)
Jaw Option 2
Eye Shape Option 3
Iris Size Large
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 2
Nose Option 3
Ear Shape Option 1
Mouth Option 4
Ear Length





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