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NPC Icon.pngRavana  Sidequest3 Icon.png
Lord of the Hive / Wrath of the Colony

Last Known Location:

Sacrificial Chamber
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Though scholars are eager to research the society and religion of the Gnath, repeated attempts to interact with the hostile Onemind have yielded little insight. As such, the manner in which the Gnath perceive Ravana's existence is poorly understood.

One theologian writes, "A hive of shared consciousness instinctively aspires to an image of singular perfection, and it is likely that this ideal is seen projected onto the incarnation of their deity. Ravana is an invincible warrior god, his four shining blades slicing through dragonscale with contemptuous ease as he soars freely through the air on glittering wings. What more perfect ideal could the Gnath ask for to champion the defense and expansion of their territory?"

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