NPC Icon.pngSolkzagyl Keltnaglsyn  Sidequest3 Icon.png

Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngCentral Thanalan - Black Brush  (23-22)
Mob14 Icon.pngCoerthas Western Highlands - Twinpools - Banepool (31-5)
Affiliation: Ul'dah
Occupation: Paladin
Title: Solkzagyl the Loyal

Former captain of the Sultansworn, Solkzagyl aspired to paladinhood that he might honor his grandfather, Caerkympf, a pirate whose life took a profound turn after he was saved from drowning off the coast of Thanalan. Trained in swordplay since childhood by his grandsire, Solkzagyl easily earned a place in the Sultansworn, where he soon distinguished himself with his formidable skill at arms. He gained the captaincy at the tender age of twenty and two—a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that in Ul'dah, his Sea Wolf kin were rare and often of ill-repute. For three decades did Solkzagyl lead his shining order, ever losing ground against the growing influence of the Monetarists, until one day he—along with the sacred blade, Oathkeeper—simply vanished.

Gallant Armor: A silver armor of the Sultansworn, the kingsguard of Ul'dah. No sultan wins the people's love by surrounding himself with guards clad in heavy plate—but no sultan survives his subjects by surrounding himself in guards clad in silks. An armorers' craft is the art of making beautiful what is brutal, tenacious what is gracious. Only those who ascend to paladin standing may reap the reward.

This NPC is found in multiple locations. The map below shows where the NPC is first encountered.

Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Body Type Adult
(~87.4 inches)
Muscle Tone
Jaw Option 1
Eye Shape Option 1
Iris Size Small
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 1
Nose Option 3
Mouth Option 4
Facial Features/Tattoos/Ear Clasp/Face Paint

Involved in Quests (2)
Member of Organization(s) (1)

  • Solkzagyl's name means "Blessed Tail, Son of Cold Nail". His father was Keltnagl Caerkympfsyn, "Cold Nail, Son of Sad Champion."
  • Solkzagyl is 54 years old.
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