NPC Icon.pngIfrit  Sidequest3 Icon.png
  Monster / Primal / Male

Zone(s): Player7 Icon.pngBowl of Embers
Title: Lord of the Inferno

"Gather round, now, and learn you of the fiery god of the Amalj'aa. A demon wreathed in ever-shrieking flames, Ifrit's breath sears with furnace heat. His blistering talons turn iron to slag, His smoldering horns char the heavens, and those who oppose his all-consuming rage perish screaming in a hell of primal fire." — Amalj'aa Folktale

When the Amalj'aa summoned the Lord of the Inferno, their ritual prayers were suffused with a fanatical desire to crush the forces of Ul'dah and reclaim their holy lands. Scholars speculate that the rampaging Ifrit and his inexhaustible wrath is concentrated spiritual fervor made manifest.

The creation myth of the Amalj'aa holds that, in the beginning, there was only Ifrit. The world he spawned was filled with beasts bereft of reason or intellect, each fighting an endless, mindless battle for survival. But there was one race of great lizards whose ferocity so pleased the Lord of the Inferno that he bequeathed unto them flickering motes shared from his own primordial flame.

This sacred fire took purchase in the lizards' souls, burning away frailty and weakness, and from the ashes of their transformation stepped the first warriors of the Amalj'aa. Seven males and seven females there were, and from their joining were born seven tribes. It is told that the tribes ranged far and wide, and ruled all that walked or crawled upon the land.

Known in the present day as Zanr'ak, the place where Ifrit is said to have blessed the Amalj'aa ancestors has been a site of enduring conflict down through the centuries. Once Belah'dia and now Ul'dah, the lizard-like beastmen will make a foe of any who infringe upon the blasted territory they believe kissed by the holy flames of their god.

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