Question mark stub.pngIfrit  BossIcon.pngZoneicon.pngMob14 Icon.pngTrialicon.png
Level Range 20-??
HP Range 297,436-334,804
"Gather round, now, and learn you of the fiery god of the Amalj'aa. A demon wreathed in ever-shrieking flames, Ifrit's breath sears with furnace heat. His blistering talons turn iron to slag, His smoldering horns char the heavens, and those who oppose his all-consuming rage perish screaming in a hell of primal fire." — Amalj'aa Folktale

When the Amalj'aa summoned the Lord of the Inferno, their ritual prayers were suffused with a fanatical desire to crush the forces of Ul'dah and reclaim their holy lands. Scholars speculate that the rampaging Ifrit and his inexhaustible wrath is concentrated spiritual fervor made manifest.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Bowl of Embers
  Questinvolvementicon.pngIfrit Ain't BrokeIfrit Bleeds We Can Kill ItLord of the Inferno
 ?? Aggressive.png
Quests (3)
Name Level Starter Type
Ifrit Ain't Broke &000000000000005000000050 Urianger Chronicles of a New Era
Lord of the Inferno &000000000000002000000020 Minfilia Main Scenario Quest
Primal Focus &000000000000005000000050 Laraina Chronicles of a New Era
Trials (3)
Name Minimum Level
The Bowl of Embers (Extreme) 50
The Bowl of Embers (Hard) 50
The Bowl of Embers (Trial) 20
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