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Affiliation: Scions of the Seventh Dawn

No doubt you're ripe to burst with questions, but have patience─all will be revealed in time.

Minfilia (birth-name Ascilia) is an Ala Mhigan Highlander Hyuran woman gifted with the Echo who acts as the antecedant of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and was formerly the antecedant of the Path of the Twelve.

Minfilia is described as a woman whose gentle eyes and caring demeanor conceal a steely determination. Amidst the chaos that reigns in the wake of the Calamity, Minfilia seeks to find a hero who will help usher in an era of enduring peace. She is said to harbor a keen interest in preternatural phenomena. [1]

Starts Quests (38)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
A Wild Rose by Any Other Name &000000000000001700000017&00000000000000080000008 7280 Main Scenario Quest
Life, Materia and Everything &000000000000001900000019&000000000000001500000015 7840 215 Main Scenario Quest
Sylph-management &000000000000002000000020&00000000000000010000001 8120 1245 Main Scenario Quest
Lord of the Inferno &000000000000002000000020&000000000000001600000016 8120 1245 Main Scenario Quest
A Hero in the Making &000000000000002000000020&000000000000001700000017 8120 968 Main Scenario Quest
Shadow of Darkness &000000000000002400000024&000000000000002100000021 9240 1201 Main Scenario Quest
Meeting with the Resistance &000000000000002600000026&000000000000002800000028 10150 Main Scenario Quest
Terror at Fallgourd &000000000000002700000027&000000000000003700000037 11520 1289 Main Scenario Quest
Wrath of the Titan &000000000000003000000030&000000000000004400000044 14820 Main Scenario Quest
The Black Wolf's Ultimatum &000000000000004600000046&0000000000000128000000128 25850 1808 Main Scenario Quest
Operation Archon &000000000000004900000049&0000000000000129000000129 28420 3463 Main Scenario Quest
A Recurring Problem &000000000000005000000050&00000000000000010000001 Chronicles of a New Era
The Price of Principles &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000137000000137 4800 939 Main Scenario Quest
Moving On &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000138000000138 4800 517 Main Scenario Quest
The Resolute &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000141000000141 4800 939 Main Scenario Quest
Laying the Foundation &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000142000000142 4800 Main Scenario Quest
The Gifted &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000152000000152 4800 1642 Main Scenario Quest
Build on the Stone &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000153000000153 4800 5000 Main Scenario Quest
Still Waters &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000154000000154 4800 1220 Main Scenario Quest
Full Belly, Happy Heart &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000163000000163 4800 658 Main Scenario Quest
The Sea Rises &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000165000000165 4800 1080 Main Scenario Quest
The Great Divide &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000173000000173 4800 658 Main Scenario Quest
Lord of Levin &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000178000000178 4800 574 Main Scenario Quest
A Hard Hapalit to Break &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000184000000184 4800 658 Main Scenario Quest
Heretical Harassment &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000188000000188 4800 433 Main Scenario Quest
Traitor in the Midst &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000191000000191 4800 901 Main Scenario Quest
A Simple Plan &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000204000000204 4800 658 Main Scenario Quest
The Instruments of Our Deliverance &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000205000000205 4800 3108 Main Scenario Quest
The Reason Roaille &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000208000000208 4800 2000 Main Scenario Quest
Good Intentions &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000210000000210 4800 802 Main Scenario Quest
In Memory of Moenbryda &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000217000000217 4800 5000 Main Scenario Quest
Mask of Grief &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000218000000218 4800 659 Main Scenario Quest
Volunteer Dragonslayers &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000222000000222 4800 901 Main Scenario Quest
Administrative Decision &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000225000000225 4800 517 Main Scenario Quest
An Unexpected Ambition &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000226000000226 4800 961 Main Scenario Quest
Where We Are Needed &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000228000000228 4800 1351 Main Scenario Quest
A Time to Every Purpose &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000230000000230 4800 877 Main Scenario Quest
Come, but Not Gone &000000000000005000000050&0000000000000231000000231 4800 869 Main Scenario Quest
Involved in Quests (25)
Pre-Calamity Involvement (4)
Member of Organization(s) (2)

Additional Dialogue
During The Sea Rises, in the Command Room
There may not be a better chance to learn the true nature of the Echo. I cannot well allow the opportunity to pass me by.
Full Biography Map79 Icon.png
The Parade Incident of 1562

In the year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era, a young Minfilia (then known as Ascilia) and her father Warburton visited Ul'dah to attend a festival, seeing a parade and fireworks. While there, the beautiful miqo'te songstress F'lhaminn gave Ascilia a basket of white and red flowers, telling her to give one to every festival-goer she could.

During the parade, disaster struck when a chained goobbue broke free of its bonds and went on a rampage in the city. Ascilia was nearly trampled underfoot, but Warburton intervened and saved his daughter’s life.

Warburton was hospitalized in Frondale's Phrontistery for several days. Ascilia knew no one in the city and her father was her only family. She began speaking with a bard named Thancred, finding out the location of Corguevais, the thaumaturge responsible for keeping the goobbue chained.

Ascilia went looking for Corguevais, attempting to travel to Black Brush only to collapse from fatigue upon arrival. Corguevais found her and tended to her, but Ascilia began voice her anger with the thaumaturge as soon as she awoke. Thancred appeared, explaining the situation to Corguevais before escorting Ascilia back to the Phrontistery.

Corguevais came to visit Ascilia and her father later on, the girl having calmed down somewhat and showing no overt animosity towards the thaumaturge. However, her father Warburton succumbed to his wounds and passed away. F'lhaminn took it upon herself to take care of the burial costs of Warburton’s funerary rites and brought Ascilia under her care.

Later, Corguevais brought Ascilia out into Thanalan with him to reveal that some of the most influential people in Ul'dah—F'lhaminn included—were truly to blame for the incident at the festival. F'lhaminn caught up with the two, but did not deny the claim. She and her companions did not wish for anyone to get hurt, but merely to create a diversion. Distraught, Ascilia tried to follow Corguevais, who left in apparent contempt.

At Arrzaneth Ossuary, Ascilia met with Niellefresne, one of F'lhaminn’s group who wished to revive Warburton using necromancy. A robed man approached the duo, slashing Nillefresne with a sword and killing him.

It is said that Minfilia is a survivor of the Battle of Silvertear Skies, which may explain her and her father's presence in Ul'dah at that time.

The Waning of the Sixth Sun

By 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era, Ascilia had taken on the identity of Minfilia to protect her true identity. Between that time, she founded an underground organization dedicated to researching the nature and origin of the Echo.

Known as the Path of the Twelve, they operated discreetly from the Waking Sands, located in the Merchant Wards of Ul'dah. The Path of the Twelve worked diligently to enlist and educate adventurers, or "walkers", who had woken to this mysterious power.

The Warrior of Light came to Minfilia in the Waking Sands after recognizing the Echo awakening within them, having witnessed visions of events that occurred ten years prior without realizing it. Within her office, the Hall of the First Step, she explained the nature of the Echo to the adventurer and invited them to join her on the Path.

Not long after, the Garleans began an incursion into the Sylphlands. Several sylphs came to the Waking Sands in search of aid, and Minfilia agreed to assist them. She dispatched the adventurer and their companion to Moonspore Grove to assess the situation and gather information for the rescue party.

The Ashcrown Consortium, an organization focused on the trade of crystals that acted as an intermediary between the beast tribes and men, began to undergo a shortage of supplies due to beast tribes increasingly refusing all trade with Eorzea. As the Consortium shared a common goal with the Path—peace in Eorzea—Minfilia sent the adventurer to assist them in the Peasants Ward of Gridania. The issue stemmed from the beast tribes growing more violent, hoarding crystals to summon primals.

After Garlean airships began raining imperial linkpearls upon the city-states, Minfilia spoke regarding the development. The Garlean message accused the beast tribes of plotting to call forth their "eikons" and lay waste to Eorzea; to submit to imperial rule would grant Eorzea the protection of the Empire provided they take up arms against the beast tribes.

Minfilia chose not to act on supposition and also proclaimed that, in the eyes of Garleans, those with the Echo—those capable of understanding the languages of the beast tribes—were the same as the beast tribes themselves.

Calming her followers, Minfilia urged the walkers not to lose direction and remain united, even if branded heathens by the Empire. Because the Path was not an army, however, she was unwilling to fight her enemies, choosing words over swords. Her desire was to collaborate with the beast tribes instead, standing together against Garlemald.

The adventurer and their companion returned from the Bowl of Embers, where they witnessed the amalj’aa summon the primal Ifrit. Unable to be Tempered by the Lord of the Inferno, they spoke to Minfilia of how the Paragons warned him of the "Godless blessed". Minfilia believed that the Echo might stem from the blessing of a specific deity.

Though the Echo, a plea for aid came to members of the Path, which turned out to come from the Ala Mhigan Resistance. The members of the Resistance came to the Waking Sands in search of the Path’s aid to make a bold strike against Garlemald by stealing one of their airships at Silvertear Falls and using it to drive the Empire from Ala Mhigo.

Minfilia advised that this was not the first time that the Resistance had attempted such a daring plan and that previous attempts ended in failure, costing many lives in the process. While she admired their good intentions, Minfilia felt the Resistance members were at the mercy of their emotions, following them to their own demise.

The adventurer’s Path companion, who had lost someone dear attempting to make it beyond the Wall into Ala Mhigo, sympathized with the Resistance. Minfilia advised them not to rush into things, citing the Empire’s power, but ultimately allowed the adventurer and their companion to make the decision themselves.

Upon returning from the mission, having failed with the Resistance members wiped out by Gaius van Baelsar, Minfilia stated to the adventurer that only once Eorzea could find someone or something that would allow it to match the Empire’s strength would they be able to withstand them, musing that they might have a chance if only the city-states and beast tribes would set their differences aside.

Shortly before the Battle of Carteneau, Minfilia met Louisoix Leveilleur in person for the first time. It was then that the Archon entrusted her to lead the Circle of Knowing in case he did not return from his mission to summon the Twelve and halt Dalamud's descent. [2]

A Realm Reborn

After the primal Bahamut laid waste to much of Eorzea in the Calamity, Minfilia merged the Circle of Knowing with the Path of the Twelve to form the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, a name chosen to reflect their desire to end the Seventh Umbral Era and usher in the Seventh Astral Era.

Relocating the Waking Sands to Vesper Bay, Minfilia enshrined Louisoix's staff Tupsimati in the Solar, her office in the building. The Scions attempted to remain an underground operation, though their existence was described as the worst-kept secret in Eorzea. Their mission was to combat the threat posed by the Primals, as the Grand Companies had focused all their efforts to rebuilding in the wake of the Calamity.

Around the fifth year of the Seventh Umbral Era, Minfilia commissions Thancred to Ul'dah, Yda and Papalymo to Gridania, and Y'shtola to Limsa Lominsa to monitor aetheric disturbances. New adventurers gifted with the Echo encounter them and, eventually, the Scions contact these adventurers to recruit them.

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Minfilia sends adventurers to Eastern Thanalan, where they survive capture by the Amalj'aa and defeat Ifrit. Next, they journey to the East Shroud to befriend the Sylphs of Little Solace. At her behest, adventurers seek out signs of the Ascians, eventually encountering them in Haukke Manor. After that, they head to La Noscea to face the primal Titan.

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  • Before the Calamity, Minfilia was the leader of the Path of the Twelve.
  • Earlier in life, Minfilia went by the name of Ascilia. Minfilia is a pseudonym.
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  2. Tales from the Calamity: The Walker’s Path

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