Mob19 Icon.pngGarlemald  GEOGRAPHY

Garlemald is the capital of the Garlean Empire. Once a small city-state in the north of Ilsabard, the rise of magitek allowed them to consolidate the northern territories into one entity which has ever expanded outward in a brutal campaign of subjugation. [1] Initially a republic, the imperial capital was founded after the Garlean people were pushed to the northern reaches of the continent. For years, they repelled attacks by Hyuran nomads with the occasional aid of Roegadyn mercenaries. The rise of Solus zos Galvus and magitek alongside him saw the end of the republic and birth of the empire, as well as the annexation of two-thirds of the Three Great Continents under Garlean rule.
Landmass: Ilsabard
World: Hydaelyn
Aetheryte: None
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