The weather of Eorzea is subject to change. Certain weather conditions mean different things in the game. Some examples are:

  • Fishing has many different kinds of fish which can only be caught during certain weather and Time of day. Raincaller (Rain), Son of Levin (Thunderstorms), and Olgoi-khorkhoi (Heat Wave) are some examples.
  • When one of the areas of The Black Shroud (excluding New and Old Gridania) shows as Tension icon.png (Tension) it means that Odin has spawned. As his FATE does not show up on the map or mini-map unless you are close to where it is currently spawned at, you'll need to thoroughly investigate to find him.
  • The Sightseeing Log has the biggest reliance upon what the current weather is, in addition to the Time of day.
  • Skywatchers can tell you the current and upcoming weather for any area.

Types of Weather[edit]

An icon will be displayed in the top-right corner of the mini-map to represent the current weather.

  • Each zone has a small set of possible weather conditions.
  • Some weather is unique to a zone (i.e.: Heat Waves in Southern Thanalan)
  • The weather has a chance to change at 12:00am, 8:00am, and 04:00pm Eorzean Time.
Name Effect
Blizzard Blizzard icon.png blizzardy
Clear Skies (formerly "Clear") Clear icon.png clear
Clouds (formerly "Overcast") Overcast icon.png clouds
Dust Storms Dust Storm icon.png dusty
Fog Fog icon.png foggy
Gales Gale icon.png gusty
Gloom Gloom icon.png gloomy
Heat Waves Heat Wave icon.png blistering
Rain Rain icon.png rainy
Name Effect
Sandstorms Sandstorm icon.png sandy
Showers Shower icon.png showery
Snow Snow icon.png snowy
Fair Skies (formerly "Sunshine") Fair icon.png fair skies
Thunder Thunder icon.png thundery
Thunderstorms Thunderstorm icon.png experiencing thunderstorms
Umbral Static Umbral Static icon.png experiencing umbral static
Umbral Wind Umbral Wind icon.png experiencing umbral wind
Wind Wind icon.png windy

Special Weather[edit]

The weather listed below is usually associated with a dungeon, section of a Raid, or Boss Fight in a Trial and do not appear in the outside world (with the exception of Tension, Hyperelectricity, Royal Levin and Everlasting Light.)

Name Effect (Location)
Auroras Aurora icon.png experiencing auroral activity (Unknown)
Core Radiation Core Radiation icon.png radioactive (Bahamut)
Darkness Darkness icon.png dark (dungeons)
Dimensional Disruption Dimensional Disruption icon.png extradimensional (The Interdimensional Rift/Omega)
Dragonstorm Dragonstorm icon.png unnaturally stormy (Nidhogg)
Eruptions Eruptions Icon.png erupting (Titan)
Everlasting Light Everlasting Light icon.png bright (Norvrand special weather)
Gales Gales (Howling Eye) icon.png gusty (Garuda)
Gloom Gloom (Thornmarch) icon.png gloomy (Good King Moggle Mog)
Heat Wave Heat Wave (Bowl of Embers) icon.png blistering (Ifrit)
Hot Spells Hot Spell icon.png hot (Unknown)
Hyperelectricity Hyperelectricity icon.png hyperelectric (Proto Ultima special weather)
Irradiance Aurora icon.png irradiant (Shiva)
Louring Louring icon.png loury (Ultimate Weapon)
Multiplicity Multiplicity icon.png experiencing multiplicity (Sephirot)
Oppression Oppression icon.png oppressive (The Singularity Reactor)
Rough Seas Rough Seas icon.png experiencing rough seas (Leviathan)
Royal Levin Royal Levin icon.png experiencing royal levin (Coeurlregina special weather)
Shelf Clouds Shelf Clouds icon.png unnaturally cloudy (Bismarck)
Smoke Smoke icon.png smoky (Ravana)
Storm Clouds Storm Clouds icon.png threatened by rain (Ramuh)
Tension Tension icon.png crackling with tension (Odin)
Umbral Turbulence Umbral Turbulence icon.png umbrally turbulent (Eureka Hydatos)
Umbral Flare Umbral Flare icon.png
Umbral Duststorm Umbral Duststorm icon.png
Umbral Levin Umbral Levin icon.png
Umbral Tempest Umbral Tempest icon.png

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