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Name Level Location Standard Rewards Bonus Reward Title
060958.png Unsafety Dance 
Heartbreak Holt (14.1-21.8)
&00000000000000010000001{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Unsafety Dance Eureka XP2,490 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png30 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x5 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x3  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png The Shadow over Anemos  &00000000000000020000002{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}The Shadow over Anemos Eureka XP3,312 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png33 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x6 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x6 The Prince of Anemos Icon.png  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Teles House 
The Orchard (26.0-26.8)
&00000000000000030000003{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Teles House Eureka XP4,351 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png36 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x7 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x9  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png The Swarm Never Sets 
The Orchard (17.2-23.9)
&00000000000000040000004{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}The Swarm Never Sets Eureka XP5,313 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png39 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x8 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x12 Emperor Hairpin Icon.png  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png One Missed Callisto 
The Orchard (27.8-23.3)
&00000000000000050000005{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}One Missed Callisto Eureka XP6,588 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png42 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x9 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x15  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png By Numbers 
The Orchard (23.2-22.7)
&00000000000000060000006{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}By Numbers Eureka XP7,225 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png45 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x10 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x18  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Disinherit the Wind 
The Orchard (19.1-19.6)
&00000000000000070000007{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Disinherit the Wind Eureka XP7,984 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png48 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x11 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x21  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Prove Your Amemettle 
Klauser's Peace (14.7-15.9)
&00000000000000080000008{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Prove Your Amemettle Eureka XP8,782 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png51 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x12 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x24  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Caym What May 
Klauser's Peace (12.6-12.4)
&00000000000000090000009{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Caym What May Eureka XP9,704 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png54 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x13 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x26  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png The Killing of a Sacred Bombadier  &000000000000001000000010{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}The Killing of a Sacred Bombadier Eureka XP10,772 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png60 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x14 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x28  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Short Serket 2  &000000000000001100000011{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Short Serket 2 Eureka XP11,304 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png66 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x15 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x30 Scorpion Harness Icon.png Wind-up Mithra Icon.png  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Don't Judge Me, Morbol  &000000000000001200000012{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Don't Judge Me, Morbol Eureka XP12,661 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png72 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x16 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x32  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png When You Ride Alone  &000000000000001300000013{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}When You Ride Alone Eureka XP14,244 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png78 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x17 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x34  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Sing, Muse 
The Anemos Seam (26.2-15.0)
&000000000000001400000014{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Sing, Muse Eureka XP15,089 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png84 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x18 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x36  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Simurghasbord 
The Anemos Seam (28.8-13.3)
&000000000000001500000015{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Simurghasbord Eureka XP17,127 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png90 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x19 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x38 Strider Boots Icon.png  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png To the Mat 
Uncanny Valley (35.2-19.7)
&000000000000001600000016{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}To the Mat Eureka XP18,382 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png96 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x20 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x40  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Wine and Honey 
Uncanny Valley (34.6-21.9)
&000000000000001700000017{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Wine and Honey Eureka XP22,059 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png102 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x21 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x43 Wind-up Fafnir Icon.png  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png I Amarok 
Newvoid (8.2-17.9)
&000000000000001800000018{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}I Amarok Eureka XP26,629 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png108 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x22 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x46  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Drama Lamashtu 
Newvoid (8.2-25.3)
&000000000000001900000019{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Drama Lamashtu Eureka XP34,412 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png114 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x23 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x48  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Down the Rabbit Hole 
Frozen Lake (18.2-26.9)
&000000000000002000000020{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Down the Rabbit Hole Eureka XP31,545 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png24 Zerolighticon.png None (0%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x2  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Eternity 
Frozen Lake (21-26)
&000000000000002000000020{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Eternity Eureka XP176,653 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png30 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (21%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x1 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x8 Yukinko Card Icon.png  Pagos Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png Lazy for You 
Nine Ivies (23-29)
&000000000000002000000020{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Lazy for You Expicon.png10,150 Caution Icon.png Gil Icon.png40 Flame Seal Icon.png115 Baby Bun Icon.png Hi-Potion Icon.png  Baby Bun Lazy Town
060958.png Wail in the Willows 
Newvoid (7.3-21.7)
&000000000000002000000020{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Wail in the Willows Eureka XP37,854 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png120 Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x25 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x50 Pazuzu's Feather Icon.png x3 Altar to Pazuzu Icon.png Pazuzu Card Icon.png  Anemos Lockbox
060958.png Cairn Blight 451  &000000000000002100000021{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Cairn Blight 451 Eureka XP216,904 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png36 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (22%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x2 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x9  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Ash the Magic Dragon  &000000000000002200000022{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Ash the Magic Dragon Eureka XP234,076 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png45 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (23.5%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x2 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x10  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Conqueror Worm  &000000000000002300000023{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Conqueror Worm Eureka XP260,995 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png51 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (26%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x3 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x12  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Melting Point  &000000000000002400000024{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Melting Point Eureka XP283,962 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png57 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (28%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x3 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x14  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png The Wobbler in Darkness  &000000000000002500000025{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}The Wobbler in Darkness Eureka XP330,732 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png63 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (33%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x4 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x16 Optical Hat Icon.png  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Does It Have to Be a Snowman 
Brushtip Gap (17.4-16.2)
&000000000000002600000026{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Does It Have to Be a Snowman Eureka XP350,370 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png69 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (35%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x4 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x18  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Disorder in the Court 
Hot Water (10.5-10.5)
&000000000000002700000027{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Disorder in the Court Eureka XP385,619 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png75 Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x5 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x20  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Cows for Concern 
Hot Water (10.0-18.2)
&000000000000002800000028{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Cows for Concern Eureka XP425,868 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png81 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (34%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x5 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x22  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Morte Arthro 
Hot Water (8.5-15.5)
&000000000000002900000029{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Morte Arthro Eureka XP456,160 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png87 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (36%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x6 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x24 Speed Belt Icon.png  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Brothers 
The Bull's Pen (14.0-18.5)
&000000000000003000000030{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Brothers Eureka XP506,495 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png93 Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x6 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x26  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Apocalypse Cow 
Agaric Rock (26.0-17.1)
&000000000000003100000031{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Apocalypse Cow Eureka XP564,380 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png99 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (45%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x7 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x28  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Curiouser and Curiouser 
Brushtip Gap (21.1-21.4)
&000000000000003100000031{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Curiouser and Curiouser Eureka XP217,069 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png30 Zerolighticon.png None (0%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x3  Pagos Lockbox
Map67 Icon.png Defending the Hive Part of a FATE chain &0000000000000032000000323/4Defending the Hive Expicon.png15,990 Gil Icon.png64 Flame Seal Icon.png184 [[]] Boughbury Burning
Map65 Icon.png It's Not Lupus 
Bloodshore (31-34)
&000000000000003200000032{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}It's Not Lupus Expicon.png19,987 Gil Icon.png64 Flame Seal Icon.png194 Smallshell Icon.png  Smallshell Full Remission
060958.png Third Impact 
Agaric Rock (31.4-19.0)
&000000000000003200000032{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Third Impact Eureka XP620,818 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png105 Brightlighticon.png Bright (50%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x7 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x30  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Eye of Horus 
The Mold Beds (25.5-20.2)
&000000000000003300000033{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Eye of Horus Eureka XP686,004 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png108 Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x8 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x32  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Eye Scream for Ice Cream 
Corse Rise (24.4-25.3)
&000000000000003400000034{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Eye Scream for Ice Cream Eureka XP750,569 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png111 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (45%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x8 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x34  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Cassie and the Copycats 
The Barren Arena (22.0-14.5)
&000000000000003500000035{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Cassie and the Copycats Eureka XP825,626 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png120 Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x9 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x40 Cassie Earring Icon.png  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Louhi on Ice 
Icebloom Cavern (35.7-18.7)
&000000000000003500000035{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Louhi on Ice Eureka XP825,626 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png120 Brightlighticon.png Bright (50%) Pagos Lockbox Icon.png x9 Pagos Crystal Icon.png x40 Louhi Card Icon.png Louhi's Ice Icon.png x2  Pagos Lockbox
060958.png Medias Res  &000000000000003500000035{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Medias Res Eureka XP2,408,075 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png30 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (17%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x1 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x8 Curative Logogram Icon.png x1  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png We're All Mad Here  &000000000000003500000035{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}We're All Mad Here Eureka XP344,010 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png24 Zerolighticon.png None (0%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x2  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png High Voltage (FATE)  &000000000000003600000036{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}High Voltage (FATE) Eureka XP2,648,883 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png36 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (19%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x2 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x9  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png On the Non-existent  &000000000000003700000037{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}On the Non-existent Eureka XP2,917,745 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png45 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (17.7%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x2 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x10 Inimical Logogram Icon.png x1  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Creepy Doll  &000000000000003800000038{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Creepy Doll Eureka XP3,215,355 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png51 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (19.13%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x3 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x12 Curative Logogram Icon.png x1 Calca Icon.png x1  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Quiet, Please  &000000000000003900000039{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Quiet, Please Eureka XP3,544,929 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png54 Brightlighticon.png Bright (71%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x3 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x14 Protective Logogram Icon.png  Pyros Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png The Eyes Have It (FATE) 
Whitebrim (15,19)
&000000000000003900000039{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}The Eyes Have It (FATE) Expicon.png40,500 Gil Icon.png78 Flame Seal Icon.png224 Pudgy Puk Icon.png Allagan Bronze Piece Icon.png x3 Mega-Potion Icon.png  Pudgy Puk On the Ropes
060958.png Up and Batym 
West Flamerock (17.9-14.3)
&000000000000004000000040{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Up and Batym Eureka XP3,910,057 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png63 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (19.5%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x4 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x16 Inimical Logogram Icon.png x1  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Rondo Aetolus 
West Flamerock (10.2-14.0)
&000000000000004100000041{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Rondo Aetolus Eureka XP4,314,747 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png69 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (21%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x4 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x18  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Scorchpion King 
West Flamerock (12.8-11.5)
&000000000000004200000042{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Scorchpion King Eureka XP4,763,481 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png75 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (23.67%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x5 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x20  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Burning Hunger 
West Flamerock (15.4-6.6)
&000000000000004300000043{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Burning Hunger Eureka XP5,261,265 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png81 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (21%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x5 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x22  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Dry Iris 
West Flamerock (21.5-11.9)
&000000000000004400000044{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Dry Iris Eureka XP5,813,698 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png87 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (23%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x6 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x24  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Thirty Whacks 
East Flamerock (22.0-7.9)
&000000000000004500000045{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Thirty Whacks Eureka XP6,243,413 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png93 Feeblelighticon.png Feeble (24.83%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x6 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x26 Lamebrix's Dice Icon.png x1  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Put Up Your Dux 
East Flamerock (27.0-9.1)
&000000000000004600000046{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Put Up Your Dux Eureka XP6,968,751 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png99 Brilliantlighticon.png Brilliant (104%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x7 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x28  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Uncommon Nonsense 
East Flamerock (24.9-10.9)
&000000000000004600000046{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Uncommon Nonsense Eureka XP918,149 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png30 Zerolighticon.png None (0%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x3  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png You Do Know Jack 
East Flamerock (30.0-11.6)
&000000000000004700000047{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}You Do Know Jack Eureka XP7,602,274 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png105 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (31.5%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x7 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x30 Wind-up Elvaan Icon.png x1  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png Mister Bright-eyes 
East Flamerock (31.6-14.9)
&000000000000004800000048{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Mister Bright-eyes Eureka XP8,565,229 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png108 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (25%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x8 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x32 Protective Logogram Icon.png  Pyros Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png Go, Go, Gorgimera  &000000000000004900000049{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Go, Go, Gorgimera Expicon.png53,287 Caution Icon.png Gil Icon.png98 Flame Seal Icon.png281 Infant Imp Icon.png  Infant Imp When the Going Gets Tough
060958.png Haunter of the Dark  &000000000000004900000049{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Haunter of the Dark Eureka XP9,224,093 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png111 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (27.25%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x8 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x34 Ying-Yang's Tissue Icon.png x1  Pyros Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png He Taketh It with His Eyes Part of a FATE chain &0000000000000050000000502/2He Taketh It with His Eyes Expicon.png37,200 Gil Icon.png100 Flame Seal Icon.png287 Behemoth Horn Icon.png x1 Behemoth Horn Icon.png x5  Behemoth Horn Locking Horns
060958.png Drink Me  &000000000000005000000050{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Drink Me Eureka XP2,536,625 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png30 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x3  Hydatos Lockbox
060958.png Heavens' Warg  &000000000000005000000050{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Heavens' Warg Eureka XP10,146,502 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png120 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (30.4%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x9 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x40 Skoll's Claw Icon.png x1  Pyros Lockbox
060958.png I Ink, Therefore I Am  &000000000000005000000050{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}I Ink, Therefore I Am Eureka XP11,161,152 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png63 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x4 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x5 Obscure Logogram Icon.png x1 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
060958.png Lost Epic  &000000000000005000000050{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Lost Epic Eureka XP10,146,502 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png120 Gentlelighticon.png Gentle (28%) Pyros Lockbox Icon.png x9 Pyros Crystal Icon.png x40 Penthesilea's Flame Icon.png x3 Penthesilea Card Icon.png  Pyros Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png Steel Reign 
Sorrel Haven  (14-18)
Sorrel Haven - Hopeseed Pond  (14-21)
Proud Creek - Gelmorra Ruins  (25-24)
Alder Springs  (16-27)
Proud Creek  (22-22)
Larkscall  (26-24, 26-21)
Nine Ivies  (23-30)
Lower Paths  (16-33)
Upper Paths  (20-20, 18-23)
Urth's Gift - Urth's Fount  (33-23)
&000000000000005000000050{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Steel Reign Expicon.png0 Caution Icon.png Gil Icon.png100 Flame Seal Icon.png287 Odin's Mantle Icon.png x1 Odin's Mantle Icon.png x5  Odin's Mantle Uncut
060958.png From Tusk till Dawn  &000000000000005100000051{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}From Tusk till Dawn Eureka XP12,277,267 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png69 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x4 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x5 Obscure Logogram Icon.png x1 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png We Fought a Dzu 
Red Rim (20-33)
&000000000000005100000051{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}We Fought a Dzu Expicon.png56,700 Gil Icon.png102 Flame Seal Icon.png293 Behemoth Earring Icon.png  Behemoth Earring A Day at the Dzu
Map65 Icon.png Long Live the Coeurl Part of a FATE chain &0000000000000052000000521/3Long Live the Coeurl Expicon.png47,520 Gil Icon.png104 Flame Seal Icon.png299 Coeurlregina Horn Icon.png x1  Coeurlregina Horn
060958.png Bullheaded Berserker  &000000000000005200000052{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Bullheaded Berserker Eureka XP13,529,549 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png75 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x5 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x6 Molech's Horn Icon.png x1 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
060958.png Mad, Bad, and Fabulous to Know  &000000000000005300000053{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Mad, Bad, and Fabulous to Know Eureka XP14,936,622 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png81 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x5 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x6 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png Special Tarasque Force  &000000000000005300000053{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Special Tarasque Force Expicon.png43,200 Gil Icon.png106 Flame Seal Icon.png304 Fat Chocobo Card Icon.png  Fat Chocobo Card Falling Down
060958.png Fearful Symmetry  &000000000000005400000054{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Fearful Symmetry Eureka XP16,519,904 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png87 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x6 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x7 Obscure Logogram Icon.png x1 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
060958.png Crawling Chaos 
&000000000000005500000055{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Crawling Chaos Eureka XP18,304,054 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png96 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x6 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x7 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
060958.png Duty-free  &000000000000005600000056{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Duty-free Eureka XP19,393,977 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png99 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x7 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x8 Goldemar's Horn Icon.png x1 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1 Dvergr Card Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png Vedrfolnir Devoteth 
Greensward (11-36)
&000000000000005600000056{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Vedrfolnir Devoteth Expicon.png50,872 Gil Icon.png112 Flame Seal Icon.png322 Ishgardian Half Barding Icon.png  Ishgardian Half Barding A Worthy Adversary
Map65 Icon.png Coeurls Chase Boys Part of a FATE chain
Chocobo Forest  (27-21)
Chocobo Forest  (37-27)
&0000000000000057000000572/3Coeurls Chase Boys Expicon.png57,600 Gil Icon.png114 Flame Seal Icon.png327 Coeurlregina Horn Icon.png x3  Coeurlregina Horn
060958.png Leukewarm Reception  &000000000000005700000057{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Leukewarm Reception Eureka XP21,566,102 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png105 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x7 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x8 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png On Dangerous Ground  &000000000000005700000057{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}On Dangerous Ground Expicon.png86,400 Gil Icon.png114 Flame Seal Icon.png327 Gold Rush Minecart Icon.png  Gold Rush Minecart Fantasy Islet
Map65 Icon.png Metal Gears Revengeance 2 Part of a FATE chain &0000000000000058000000583/3Metal Gears Revengeance 2 Expicon.png67,500 Caution Icon.png Gil Icon.png116 Flame Seal Icon.png333 Qiqirn Earring Icon.png  Qiqirn Earring Neverlasting Gobstopper
060958.png Robber Barong  &000000000000005800000058{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Robber Barong Eureka XP24,390,235 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png108 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x8 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x9 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png Prey Online 
The Habisphere  (38-18)
Alpha Quadrant  (6-20)
Beta Quadrant  (27-5)
&000000000000005900000059{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Prey Online Expicon.png97,200 Gil Icon.png118 Flame Seal Icon.png339 Proto Ultima Exoplating Icon.png x1 Proto Ultima Exoplating Icon.png x2 Proto Ultima Exoplating Icon.png x3  Proto Ultima Exoplating
060958.png Stone-cold Killer  &000000000000005900000059{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Stone-cold Killer Eureka XP25,699,605 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png114 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x8 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x9 Ceto's Claw Icon.png x1 Hydatos Cluster Icon.png x1  Hydatos Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png Coeurls Chase Boys Chase Coeurls Part of a FATE chain &0000000000000060000000603/3Coeurls Chase Boys Chase Coeurls Expicon.pngCaution Icon.png Gil Icon.png120 Flame Seal Icon.png345 Coeurlregina Horn Icon.png x5  Coeurlregina Horn Short-lived, the Queen
060958.png Crystalline Provenance  &000000000000006000000060{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Crystalline Provenance Eureka XP25,699,605 Allagan Tomestone of Genesis Icon.png120 Hydatos Lockbox Icon.png x9 Hydatos Crystal Icon.png x10 Crystalline Scale Icon.png x3 Provenance Watcher Card Icon.png  Hydatos Lockbox
Map65 Icon.png The Evil Seed 
Pike Falls (15.2-22.7)
&000000000000006100000061{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}The Evil Seed Expicon.pngCaution Icon.png Beyond the Wall Orchestrion Roll Icon.png  Beyond the Wall Orchestrion Roll Superseed
Map65 Icon.png Never Say Daimyo 
Rasen Kaikyo (17.5-9.2)
&000000000000006200000062{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Never Say Daimyo Expicon.png206,550 Gil Icon.png124 Flame Seal Icon.png356 Liquid Flame Orchestrion Roll Icon.png  Liquid Flame Orchestrion Roll Shucked, Not Stirred
Map65 Icon.png Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammoth 
The Sea of Blades (30.0-23.0)
&000000000000006500000065{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammoth Expicon.png233,887 Gil Icon.png130 Flame Seal Icon.png373 Mammoth Card Icon.png  Mammoth Card Tusk
Map65 Icon.png Curiosity Killed the Catfish 
Doma (Area) - Monzen (15.8-10.7)
&000000000000006700000067{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Curiosity Killed the Catfish Expicon.png420,187 Gil Icon.png134 Flame Seal Icon.png385 Kidomaru Icon.png x1  Kidomaru Maru Five
Map65 Icon.png Outfoxed  &000000000000006700000067{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Outfoxed Expicon.png201,690 Gil Icon.png134 Flame Seal Icon.png385 Sassho-seki Fragment Icon.png x1  Sassho-seki Fragment
Map65 Icon.png Rattle and Humbaba Part of a FATE chain
Wightrock - Goodblade (15.5-30.5)
&0000000000000068000000682/2Rattle and Humbaba Expicon.png261,225 Gil Icon.png136 Flame Seal Icon.png391 Ala Mhigan Barding Icon.png  Ala Mhigan Barding What You're Looking For
Map65 Icon.png Tall Tale 
Loch Seld (23.0-25.0)
&000000000000006900000069{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Tall Tale Expicon.png364,954Caution Icon.png Gil Icon.png138 Caution Icon.png Flame Seal Icon.png396 Caution Icon.png Phoebad Card Icon.png  Phoebad Card Slay Me a Mountain
Map65 Icon.png A Horse Outside  &000000000000007000000070{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}A Horse Outside Ixion Horn Icon.png x6 Ixion Horn Icon.png x3  Ixion Horn Ride On
Map65 Icon.png Foxy Lady  &000000000000007000000070{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Foxy Lady Expicon.png0 Gil Icon.png140 Flame Seal Icon.png402 Sassho-seki Fragment Icon.png x15 Sassho-seki Fragment Icon.png x9  Sassho-seki Fragment Naughty Girls Need Love, as Well

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