By Numbers

060958.png Lv. 6   By Numbers    30m
Zone: Eureka Anemos - The Orchard  (23.2-22.7)
A wicked puppetmaster's abrupt disappearance from this plane has left his insentient servant free to wreak whatever havoc its mechanical mind can muster.
Experience Tomestone
Eureka XP7,225 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png45
Conditional Reward
Anemos Lockbox Icon.png x10 Anemos Crystal Icon.png x18 
World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Othard
Region: ??? (Region)
Zone: Eureka Anemos
Area: The Orchard
Coordinates: 23.2-22.7
Level: 6
Type: Notorious Monster
Element: Lightning
Spawn Mob: Pneumaflayers