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Full Active Time Events - or F.A.T.E. for short - are open-world battles and tasks of various sorts that occur spontaneously in various locations throughout Eorzea. They can happen at any time and everyone in the vicinity of a FATE can participate in them automatically. Everyone is able to cooperate to complete the FATE's objectives.

Each FATE has a level assigned to it. If your level is too far below the assigned level, your contribution to the battle will be weighed less heavily. If your level is more than 5 levels above the assigned level, you will not be able to participate unless you click the provided Level Sync button to reduce your level to 5 levels above.

A small number of FATEs have rewards other than experience points or grand company seals - see FATE Rewards for a listing.

By Level

Levels 0-9 Levels 10-19 Levels 20-29
Levels 30-39 Levels 40-49 Levels 50-59 Levels 60-69

Special Areas

Diadem: Level 60 Eureka (Elemental Levels): 1-20 20-35 35-50 50-60

By Type

Notorious Monster Slay Enemies Defense Gather Items
Escort Chase Quest Event

By Location

La Noscea
Eastern La Noscea
Lower La Noscea
Middle La Noscea
Outer La Noscea
Upper La Noscea
Western La Noscea
Central Thanalan
Eastern Thanalan
Northern Thanalan
Southern Thanalan
Western Thanalan
The Black Shroud
Central Shroud
East Shroud
North Shroud
South Shroud

Coerthas Central Highlands
Coerthas Western Highlands
Abalathia's Spine
The Sea of Clouds
Azys Lla
The Diadem
The Dravanian Forelands
The Dravanian Hinterlands
The Churning Mists

Mor Dhona
Mor Dhona
The Azim Steppe
The Ruby Sea
Gyr Abania
The Fringes
The Lochs
The Peaks


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