A Room Without Books

Map64 Icon.png Lv. 59   A Room Without Books    15m
Zone: Azys Lla - Delta Quadrant  (13-29)
Extensive manipulation of not only the body, but the mind, has left most of the Allagans' creations soulless horrors who only act upon instinct. The Meracydian amphiptere will simply kill without thought as to why it does so, death being the only cure to its disease.
Experience Gil Seals
Expicon.png38,880 Gil Icon.png118 Flame Seal Icon.png339
World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Aldenard
Region: Abalathia's Spine
Zone: Azys Lla
Area: Delta Quadrant
Coordinates: 13-29
Level: 59
Type: Slay Enemies