The Dancing Plague

Trialicon.pngThe Dancing Plague
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The white dress, the shell crown, the stone scepter, the crystal shoes... Having acquired the four fae relics through considerable effort, you now stand ready to break the seal over Lyhe Ghiah and confront the Lightwarden of Il Mheg─the fallen faerie king, Titania. Yet even as you hunt the sin eater, you are in turn hunted by the forces of Eulmore, who have thrown all caution to the wind and march resolutely on the faerie kingdom...


1 to 8 players (2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 4 DPS)
Class: Disciples of War or Magic
※ Limited jobs can participate only in a preformed party meeting party size requirements or an unrestricted party, and if duty rules allow.
Level: 73 (Sync from 74)
※ While synced, all item stats are adjusted.
※ Role and item level restrictions are lifted for parties meeting minimum size requirements.


Additional Loot Rules Unavailable

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 4
Minimum Level: 73 (Sync from 74)
Time Limit: 60 Minutes Minutes
Unrestricted Party: Allowed
Echo Icon.png The Echo: Party wipe +10%
(Max 50%)
Unlock Quest: Acht-la Ormh Inn
Regular Duty: Trials: Shadowbringers
Duty Roulette: Trials
Type: Trial
Zone: The Dancing Plague (Zone)
Region: Norvrandt
Expansion: Shadowbringers
Background Music: What Angel Wakes Me

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Titania has 4 acts, during which she uses the following moves and mechanics.

Act 1

Attack Name Description
Bright Sabbath Moderate raidwide AoE damage.
Phantom Rune Creates an AoE centered on the boss in one of two shapes:
  • Donut: Massive AoE with the safe spot being just beneath the boss. AoE extends too far for max cast to be safe.
  • Circle: Large AoE under the boss, just move a few feet away to avoid.
Divination Rune Tankbuster. Wide frontal cone on the MT. Avoid standing in front.
Mist Rune Four water puddles will spawn in the center of the room. At least one player must stand in each puddle to prevent adds from spawning; you can tell it's done when the purple orbs finish moving around the puddle. Standing in the puddle grants Fire Resistance Up. Puddles necessary for Fire Rune.
Fire Rune Summons a Spirit of Flame which uses Flame Hammer.
Flame Hammer Obvious stack mechanic. Standing in a Mist Rune Puddle helps negate some of the damage and consumes the puddle.
Midsummer Night's Dream Used around ~75%. Signals the start of Phase 2.

Advice and Tips

  • Ensure the group is standing in a Mist Rune puddle during Fountain of Fire.
  • Don't stand in front unless you're the MT as Divination Rune can easily kill anyone else.

Act 2

Uses Bright Sabbath,

Attack Name Description
Growth Rune Summons a large 8-pointed star AoE in the center of the room. Each point of the star indicates the direction of an upcoming line AoE, so players need to avoid standing in the center or in the path of one of these AoEs. Stand between the line AoEs to avoid taking extra damage.
Frost Rune Summons a series of consecutive AoEs that will cover the entire room, starting with an AoE in the center. Move to the edges of the room, moving away from the most recently dropped AoEs, and then move to the center when that AoE goes off. Shortly after it does, players will be marked with Uplift. Spread out as the original icy AoEs go off to avoid dying to the moderate damage each of the purple AoEs do.
Uplift Marks multiple players with a large purple AoE circle. After a few seconds, giant spikes of earth will stab up through the ground and hit the player for moderate damage. Spread out and avoid standing with other players.

Advice and Tips

  • During Frost Rune, stand to the side of the second AoE circle and wait for the one in the center to go off. Then, move to the center and begin spreading out along the wall where the Frost Rune AoEs have gone off to spread the Uplift AoEs.
  • Stand near the edges of the arena during Growth Rune so you have time to move out of the way of the vines.
  • Moves to Act 3 around ~50%.

Act 3

The boss goes untargetable and summons three adds.

Attack Name Description
Titania's Power Boss Gauge. Increases the damage dealt by Being Mortal.
Scene 1 Spawns three adds: Puck, Peaseblossom, and Mustardseed. Players should bring Puck and Peaseblossom to stack on Mustardseed as the tree is immobile.
Scene 2 Upon killing the three adds from Scene 1, Titania will resurrect them in a much larger form along the edges of the arena where they were first summoned and can no longer be moved. Puck gains new abilities during this scene: Puck's Breath, Puck's Rebuke, and Puck's Caprice. Players can use the caster LB3 to hit all three adds at once if targeting the center of the room.
Puck Puck
  • Pummel: Tank buster
  • Gentle Breeze: Long line AoE directed at a random player.
  • Puck's Breath: obvious stack mechanic. Only used in Scene 2.
  • Puck's Rebuke: large circle AoE appears in the center, along with numerous tiny arrow markers pointing away from it. After a moment, puck slams his fist into the circle, killing anyone inside, and knocking back anyone else a small distance. Only used in Scene 2.
  • Puck's Caprice: arenawide AoE damage. Only used in Scene 2.
  • Peasebomb: Targets multiple players with large AoEs.
  • Hard Swipe: frontal cone AoE.
Mustardseed Also immobile in Scene 1.
  • Leafstorm: Triple conal AoE with small gaps between. Aimed at a random player.
Being Mortal Used after Puck, Peaseblossom, and Mustardseed are killed for the second time or when the Titania's Power gauge reaches 100%. Deals raidwide AoE damage dependent on the charge of the Titania's Power gauge.

Advice and Tips

  • During Scene 2, players can use the caster LB3 to hit all three adds at once if targeting the center of the room.
  • The adds in Scene 2 can continue using their abilities even once they are killed. Be prepared to dodge!

Act 4

Uses all abilities from Act 1 and Act 2 in addition to those below.

Attack Name Description
Flame Hammer If Flame Hammer lands on the grass instead of a puddle, the entire floor will burst into flame, applying a DoT to all players until the effect fades.

Advice and Tips

  • There will be two Growth Runes in play during this phase in opposite corners of the room. Stand close to one of them out of the way of its vines to make it easier to dodge the vines yourself. You can also stand in the middle as there will be two guaranteed triangles of safety between the vines that go through there.
  • After casting Fire Rune, the boss will follow up with a donut Phantom Rune during Flame Hammer. The edges of the puddle will be inside the safe area, so make sure you stand inside of them.
(Blue Mage Spell Acquisition)
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