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The Gift of Eternity

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   The Gift of Eternity

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Falkbryda: Western La Noscea - Skull Valley - Camp Skull Valley (x:22.8, y:22.7)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Aleport

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png50Scouts in DistressMainquest1 Icon.png Scouts in Distress (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Hero's Bracelet of Casting
Hero's Bracelet of Healing
Allagan Silver Piece
Allagan Silver Piece
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Falkbryda awaits the commencement of the operation with barely concealed rage.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Go through the first checkpoint and defeat any Sahagin that appear.
  • Go through the second checkpoint and defeat any Sahagin that appear.
  • Go through the final checkpoint and defeat any Sahagin that appear. 0/3
  • Rejoin Y'shtola.
  • Speak with Merlwyb at the Sapsa Spawning Grounds.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png50Into the Heart of the WhorlMainquest1 Icon.png Into the Heart of the Whorl (Level 50)

  • Falkbryda awaits the commencement of the operation with barely concealed rage.
  • Having made her final assessment of the situation, Merlwyb gives the order for the operation to commence. According to the scout you rescued, the summoning ritual is being held at the beastman aetheryte situated deep within the Sapsa Spawning Grounds. Accompany Y'shtola into the Sahagin lair, and fight your way to the aetheryte.
  • Upon passing the first checkpoint, you are assailed by Sahagin guards, whom you swiftly vanquish. Make haste now for the next checkpoint.
  • You have made your way through the next checkpoint, dispatching the Sahagin that barred your way. Make haste now for the final checkpoint.
  • Leaving a river of Sahagin blood in your wake, you have made it through the final checkpoint. Continue on and rejoin Y'shtola.
  • Despite your best efforts, the summoning ritual is completed and Leviathan is come once more. But no sooner did the primal manifest than he bent his course for the open sea. Her voice laden with dread, Merlwyb expresses her fear that Leviathan means to unleash a tidal wave. Speak with her again, that you might better understand the impending danger.
  • According to Merlwyb, the destructive potential of Leviathan's tidal wave far surpasses anything that occurs in nature. If the primal is not stopped, whole settlements will be laid waste. But with the Lord of the Whorl already far out to sea, how can such a disaster be prevented?

Thrice-damned fishback bastards... I'll kill them slowly and then chase their rotten souls through all seven hells!
Peace, Commander. We are here for a purpose─and vengeance is not it. I want your mind on the task at hand, savvy?
M-My apologies, Admiral. You may count on me to keep a clear head.
Good. According to our sole surviving scout, the Sahagin and their thralls have already begun to amass at the aetheryte in the depths of Sapsa. If we are to act, it must be now.
The men are ready. We but await your orders, Admiral. As predicted, the Sahagin have tightened security in and around the spawning grounds. A frontal assault is like to be met with fierce resistance.
Ah, but we are not so artless as that, Commander. We shall divide our forces and strike them hard and fast at key locations. Remember: our ultimate objective is to take the Sapsa aetheryte and eliminate the Sahagin priest presiding over the summoning─we are not here to kill them all.

The Maelstrom shall engage and distract the Sahagin's legion of drowned pirates at the Serpent's Tongue. Commander, you have charge over this effort.

Be mindful that the lay of the land there is devilish for attacking forces. Let the Foreign Levy spearhead the assault, and have subsequent units fan out to cover their flanks.

At the selfsame moment, a diversionary squadron formed of galleons from the Crimson Fleet shall harry the enemy from offshore.
In like wise, we Scions shall form smaller units in hopes of confusing the Sahagin defensive effort.

Forename and Y'shtola, the two of you are to make your way to the site of the summoning ritual.

The Admiral's diversions should serve to thin the enemy's defenses, rendering your path less perilous.

A small party, I believe, should be able to win through without drawing unwarranted attention.
Thancred and Yugiri, your mission is to lure as many Sahagin as possible out of the spawning grounds.
Having done so, take to your heels and circle 'round to join the infiltration unit of Y'shtola and Forename.
When all has been set in motion, I myself shall cut a path to the aetheryte, accompanied by Lady Minfilia, as was agreed.
Well, don't let me keep you, friends! ...TO BATTLE!
...When last did we fight side by side, Forename? Too long ago, I warrant. But come, let us away!
To get to the fishbacks' aetheryte, ye'll need to fight yer way through three checkpoints in all. No small task, that...but at least ye won't have so many drowned pirate curs to worry about. Me an' the lads'll be keepin' 'em niiice an' busy for ye!
The summoning ritual is taking place at the beastman aetherite deep within. Thither we must go.

Obstructing our way is a multitude of checkpoints. It would be well advised to dispatch as many enemies as possible along the way, that we might avoid later interference.

Let us take separate routes and merge before the aetherite, the better to confuse the enemy sentinels.
Shelfscale Guard
Pshhh! Intrudersss!
Shelfspine Guard
You shall not passssss!
Summon reinforcementsss!
Shelfclaw Guard
You will pay with your livesss!
Drowned Swordsman
For Lord Leviathan!
Pray do not concern yourself─'twas but a glancing blow. Come, the aetheryte is close at hand─let us press on!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Damn them... They have made thralls of soldiers and civilians both...
Did I miss much?

So that is how you fight in the Far East? Mental note: pick no quarrel with Domans.

But seriously: if I am to keep up, I must needs forsake elegance for efficiency.
To the aetheryte!
You'll forgive me my lateness.
I've been something of a liability of late, I know. 'Tis high time I set about making amends.

Pshhh! Long have you shriveled shhhorewalkers tormented our kind!

But no more! Your time is at an end!

You shall perish with sssalt in your wounds and sssea in your lungs!

Lord of the Whorl, hearken to our plea!

Lord of the Whorl, deliver us from our misery!
Do you feel that?
I know this sensation... It's the Echo.
Pshhh! Sssuch power! It is... transcendent!
Seven hells...
Pshhhahahahahahaaa! Ssstrike me down if you will! It is futile! I have massstered the gift! I am... eternal!

O mighty Leviathan, ruler of the ssseas, born of waters primordial! I offer unto You this frail fleshhh, that You might grant Your faithful servants deliverance!

I beseech You! Come forth!
Die, damn you!
Foolishhh shorewalker! You cannot kill that which is eternal!
Heavens forfend...
Damn it all!
Pshhh!? My being...ebbs away... B-But it should by rightsss be infinite!
Am I not... immortal? Curse you, Emissary! You promised me...everlasting... Pshhh...
Wh-Where did he go!?
What say you? Nary a single ship!? Hells take that sea demon!

Gather the survivors and get to shore. Leave the wrecks for the pirates.

Leviathan wastes no time. The diversionary squadron is lost.

For a mercy, 'twould seem the primal now makes for open sea. But why does he not press his advantage? Unless...

Gods save us, he means to unleash a tidal wave!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Understand─I speak of no normal wall of water. That which Leviathan makes ready to conjure carries more destructive power than aught seen in nature.
...Enough to raze entire coastal settlements, if his last attempt is any guide. We cannot suffer history to be repeated...yet how in the seven hells are we to prevent it?
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